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"Grace did an outstanding job in guiding my daughter across all her art course work and keeping her engaged and motivated. Grace's gentle and knowledgeable approach, making suggestions and allowing for my daughter’s own creativity to come through and develop, was impressive."

Parent of GCSE Fine Art student

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Academic History

History and Russian, University College London, 2.1

Diploma in Fashion Design, Copenhagen Fashion and Design Academy, Distinction

A Levels: English Literature (A), History (A), Classical Civilisation (A), Fine Art (B)

GCSEs: English Language, English Literature, French, Spanish, History, Religious Education, ICT, Double Science Award (A*s) Fine Art, Mathematics (As)

About Me

Having grown up and been educated in England and later having lived and worked as a teacher and tutor across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, I feel that I am uniquely placed to support varied student backgrounds and meet their precise learning needs across History, English and Art.

Building a rapport with my students is always my first priority so that they can trust me to help them and feel at ease in my classes. My teaching style is responsive and intuitive; from SEN to accelerated learning, I know each student requires a tailored approach. For some students that might mean interactive learning with lessons broken down into their smallest components and a lot of switching between tasks. For others it has meant highly focused and intellectually challenging assignments.

My strength is my creativity as well as my breadth of knowledge, both of which allow me to be extremely flexible and pivot around the changing needs of my students moment to moment. Beyond that my cultural fluency is tremendously helpful; by understanding their educational and cultural background I can see how that might impact how they access learning and adapt accordingly.

Recent tuition

Year 2 Maths and English

A had recently moved to the UK from Russia and when speaking would mix English and Russian. He was behind in both Maths and English, testing at Year 1 level initially with particular issues in handwriting and spelling in English and measuring and geometry in Maths. With a mixture of educational play and traditional learning we were able to make great progress together in both subjects and he is now testing at the top of his year group. By switching between the two I was able to maintain his concentration and by emphasising play he was able to enjoy his classes.

Year 4 ESL and English Language and Literature

I tutored G while he attended an international school in St Petersburg, Russia. He had mild dyslexia and when reading aloud would guess and use words that he knew already to avoid reading the text. To help with this I assigned him books with ‘nonsense’ words in so that he would need to sound the letters out. This greatly improved both his reading skills and his confidence.

Year 1 Maths

I tutored these twins after a school move within the UK. F found time telling and weeks and months challenging while O really struggled with multiplication and division. I taught them together so initially it was difficult to keep them both occupied and maintain their confidence in spite of their different abilities. By turning topics into games and capitalising on their competitive spirit I was able to motivate both of them. They both made great improvements and were able to help one other.

11+ English

I’ve been teaching M for the last year and a half, preparing him for his 11+ exam (English) and entrance to High school. He found comprehension particularly challenging especially when having to make informed guesses rather than invent or pick directly from the text. M is very creative and has an excellent vocabulary so we have used storytelling exercises as a way to encourage him. Having worked very hard and done really well on his 11+ he got into a highly competitive state school (Haggerston).

Year 5 English Language and Literature

I’ve been working with T (Ecole Francaise Jacques Prevert) for the last term helping him with his English (year 5, year 4 level). Since moving to London from France, T has been struggling to adapt to British English conventions. Handwriting is especially challenging for him as he has mild SEN needs and some behavioural issues. I’ve learnt that a calm, patient approach slows him down and allows him to engage at his own pace. We move between small tasks and make sure to include things he is good at to build confidence and engagement. He has already improved and I will continue to work with him in year 6.

Year 9 English Language and Literature with SEN

I homeschooled C (formerly Halcyon) in English Language and Literature with SEN (ADHD and ASD) He was technically in year 9 but was very behind and I helped him catch up from year 2 level in some areas to year 9 over the period of two terms. The biggest challenge was getting him to pay attention, having really lost interest at his last school. We went very slowly and built his confidence by starting him with work in areas that he is good at before challenging him further once we’d built a rapport. C went from almost non-verbal to chatty and engaged and made great academic strides both in his attention span and his knowledge and skills. He is now back in mainstream school (Acland Burghley) studying at his age level with some SEN assistance.

GCSE Fine Art

I tutored A (Francis Holland) in GCSE Fine Art (OCR) for the last year of her GCSEs. A’s main challenge was keeping on top of the workload having been quite far behind and not particularly enjoying the subject. I helped her to identify artists whose work she really appreciates and encouraged her to make work that centres her strengths; sense of colour, composition and photography. It was great to see her engage more with the subject as a result of this. She achieved a 7 in her mock and was predicted a 9 for her final exam. I’ll be continuing to work with her next year as she starts A level Fine Art having previously been disinterested in continuing with the subject.

IGCSE English Language and Literature

I tutored C at Francis Holland for her Cambridge IGCSEs in English Language and Literature. Although her understanding of non-fiction texts was strong, she struggled with inferring information in fiction texts and especially poetry. We worked on how to analyse literary techniques to find meaning in fiction texts, and how to structure responses to longer questions. I included lots of exam practice and would switch between questions C found easier and those she struggled with in order to keep her confidence up. In the end, she secured a grade 8 having been predicted a 6.

GCSE English Language and Literature

A was at Haggerston School, taking GCSE English Language and Literature. He was very imaginative and really enjoyed the creative aspect of the subject. However, it was hard to keep his interpretations grounded in the text and he struggled with a tendency to make his answers too speculative. I first worked with him on analysing non-fiction texts to make sure his analysis was really tight before transferring those skills over to fiction. Having been predicted a 6, he achieved a 7 in his final exams.

IGCSE History

I assisted A (Cheltenham College) with intensive History revision online, (IGCSE Edexcel) covering most of his subject matter together. He had good material retention but had missed some school and therefore needed to catch up in certain areas. In terms of skills he was able to improve his analysis of sources and use his knowledge to inform more complex arguments. I helped him by quizzing him on the material, putting the areas he found confusing in context and helping him plan and write practise exam answers. He is now predicted an 8.

A Level Mentoring (Autism and ADHD)

I have been acting as a mentor for D, an A level art student, for the last year. She has Autism and ADHD and struggles to manage her workload and plan her studies. I have been working with her alongside her class teacher to develop strategies to keep on top of her work and complete it to a high standard. With my guidance, she has successfully completed her coursework essay and met all of her deadlines, including for art work and sketchbook annotation, which shows a significant and highly encouraging improvement.

A Level History

C (Lionheart Education) was an accelerated learning student who I taught the entire A level history syllabus (AQA) to, over the course of the last academic year. This meant we had to be extremely focused and work through material very rapidly. C’s main issues were coping with the time constraint and her ability to identify themes especially with the scale of her coursework essay. We worked on this with clear goals for each week and repeated essay planning. Her initial coursework grade was 38/40 which I expect to be upheld by moderation. She is predicted an A overall with places at QMUL and Northeastern University, pending her results.

A Level History

J (Lionheart Education) was also my History A level student for the last academic year (AQA) but required a completely different approach. They have ADHD among some other challenges and came to Lionheart having found mainstream school unable to meet their needs. J’s main issues were concentration and attendance. Having not done GCSE history there were also some gaps in their analysis skills. We worked on slowly increasing their attention span by gradually lengthening tasks. J is now returning to mainstream school (Hampstead Fine Arts) having greatly improved in confidence, concentration and ability.

A Level English Language and Literature

I worked with C for nearly two years, assisting her with her English Language and Literature A Levels after a school move that she found challenging. She was testing at B/C level when we began working together and ended up with two As. She found Shakespeare’s The Tempest particularly challenging to decipher so we worked on unpacking imagery and simplifying the core story before adding detail back in. With the language component, she struggled with comparing and contrasting texts, especially identifying themes and developing arguments. We worked on recognising language techniques, and using them to better her analysis and improve her writing.


When I’m not teaching I can be found at my art studio; I’m a practising artist with a background in textile and fashion design now making larger scale objects and installations. I’m currently working on a research project about Celtic crafts which I’m really enjoying as it lets me combine my love of art and history. My other interests include food, film, literature, dance and travel; I’ve lived and worked in Russia, Lebanon and Denmark. I really enjoy immersing myself in other cultures and learning from their different approaches to life and society. I’m also a new but enthusiastic gardener; I volunteer at a local garden where we build planters among other things from recycled wood and grow food for the community. I’m currently also improving my home garden with mixed success.


“Grace homeschooled my son C in English language and literature. We had taken him out of school following advice from them that he needed one-on-one tuition having fallen behind. We requested that C not be made aware of his SEN diagnoses or learning level and Grace carefully and discreetly worked around this. When they began working together C was completely disengaged and disheartened. With time and effort he relaxed and it was great to see him begin to enjoy lessons and be himself. Grace’s patience and kindness helped him to regain confidence and “come back” from a really difficult time in his life. With her support and teachings he made great academic improvement, moving up several year groups, and he has now rejoined mainstream school at his age level with some SEN support.”

Parent of Year 9 SEN English Language and Literature student

“It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Grace. Grace tutored my daughter in Fine Art during her Art GCSE achieving an excellent mark at the end of it. Grace did an outstanding job in guiding my daughter across all her art course work and keeping her engaged and motivated. Grace’s gentle and knowledgeable approach, making suggestions and allowing for my daughter’s own creativity to come through and develop, was impressive. We look forward to carrying on working with her over A Level Art course.”

Parent of GCSE Fine Art student

“Grace has been a really great teacher for me and managed to get me through my entire A level course in just a year. She helped me with anxiety and doubt which I struggled with a lot over the year, especially with my coursework. With her help I managed to get through it and am really pleased with my final coursework essay. She also gave me really helpful feedback and pushed me when I needed it. I would really recommend her as a teacher.”

A Level History (Adult student)

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