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"Gervase tutored for me for six months whilst I prepared for my History A-level resits. He helped me with my essay technique and with understanding some of the themes of the period I was studying. I really enjoyed my lessons with him and my grades improved significantly as a result of my time with him. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor to others!"

A Level History Tuition

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Academic History

2017, City University London, MSc Behavioural Economics

2008-2011, University of Oxford, BA Modern History (2:1)

2002-2007, Marlborough College, A Levels Mathematic A, Further Mathematics A, History A

About Me

I started tutoring in 2012, and specialise in History, maths and English as a foreign language tuition.

My approach to tutoring is to adapt my style to suit the needs of the child, and to bring in a wide range of tools and techniques that are tailored to the learning style of the student. I like to make lessons as engaging as possible through the use of kinaesthetic exercises, quizzes and games. I aim to structure my classes clearly with a clear goal, explanation, game or exercise, practise and review, although I adapt this to the needs of the student.

I am a good tutor firstly because I am a good listener and work at building rapport with students. This means I am able to tailor exercises to suit their interests and learning needs and can make our lessons fun and motivating. I am also flexible and teach to the student’s strengths and am ready to switch track and adopt a different approach if another is not working for a student. I am highly organised and so clearly prepare my lessons. Finally, I help students progress by setting clear goals, jointly with them, that are realistic and achievable and help us to track progress together.

Recent tuition

I have 100 hours of tuition experience, with students from GCSE to A Level. Please find a selection of my tuition experience below.

GCSE History (OCR)

Jack was at Westminster school and was hoping to study History at A-level but this meant he needed to achieve an A grade at GCSE and was currently at predicted a B. Speaking to him I discovered that he struggled with source work and although he wrote adequate essay questions he struggled to reach the top grades. We looked at source questions together and I taught him mnemonics to remember how to analyse each source. We talked at length about each period he was studying and I encouraged him to think more deeply about the causes of different events, which helped him add more nuanced analysis to his essay questions. Jack eventually got an A* and went on to study History at A-level.

GCSE Maths (AQA)

Charlotte was getting low scores in her maths classes and struggled to stay focussed in class, while often not handing in her homework in time. From talking with her, I understood that she was scared of doing badly and so often put off her maths homework. To help make maths more enjoyable I used a resource called ‘Kahoot’ to turn her homework into a quiz which we did each week and she loved. We would even do quizzes of the past weeks lessons, which she said helped her focus more in the lessons. Through our six months working together, maths went from her worst subject to one of her favourites.

GCSE Maths (OCR)

Adam found GCSE Mathematics very challenging and in particular struggled with probability, statistics and ratios. He said he found his school lessons ‘boring’ and ‘pointless’. He enjoyed sports and playing cards so I taught him about probability and statistics using real-life examples of sports games results and the likelihood of different outcomes in card games. Adam improved from a predicted C grade to an eventual A grade in his GCSE maths exam over six months.

A Level History (Edexcel)

Gavin was studying A-level History at St Paul’s and his teacher felt he was on course for a C or B grade. Although he enjoyed and was interested in History, his grades for homework were consistently poor. Through talking with Gavin I came to understand that his knowledge of the periods he was studying was good but he struggled to write clear essays. I taught him about how to structure essays and we practised writing essay plans under timed conditions. Gavin’s grades started to improve and he achieved an A grade in his final A-level exams following nine months working together.

English as a Foreign Language

Coralina was learning English as a foreign language in Lima, Peru. She had been studying it for twelve months but still struggled to hold full conversations in English and was nervous about speaking. To overcome her fear of speaking, we practised talking about her day for each lesson and then moved on to talking about what she thought of her friends or her favourite subject. Every lesson I would introduce a new grammar topic based on any mistakes she made in the previous lesson. After three months together Coralina was confident enough to go on a date with an Englishman.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring I enjoy reading about and discussing politics, because I am passionate about improving the world. I also enjoy team sports like football and touch rugby because I love the camaraderie of playing games together. Finally, outside of work I am a volunteer mentor, which I enjoy because it is rewarding to see my mentees progress over time and I like giving something back to people who are less privileged than me.

Client Testimonials

“Gervase tutored for me for six months whilst I prepared for my History A-level resits. He helped me with my essay technique and with understanding some of the themes of the period I was studying. I really enjoyed my lessons with him and my grades improved significantly as a result of my time with him. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor to others!” A Level History student

“Gervase tutored me maths when I was preparing for my GCSEs. I had found maths really challenging and struggled with things like probability, statistics and ratios. I was starting to give up a bit on it. With Gervase we used sports examples and results and played games to learn about probability and statistics. This made it seem a bit more relevant and useful. Before I started with Gervase I had been predicted a C grade but managed to get an A at GCSE eventually. Gervase is a really nice and I really enjoyed learning with him.” GCSE Maths student

“I was preparing for GCSE exams and Maths was my last favourite subject. I found it really difficult to concentrate during class. Gervase listened to me and then found ways to make maths a bit more interesting. We did quizzes for homework and tried to get a new high score each week. After a few months I really started to improve and no longer dreaded Maths lessons like I had before.” GCSE Maths student

“I was studying at Westminster school and needed to get at least an A in my A-level to get into my first-choice university. Maths was not my favourite subject and I had been languishing at a predicted low B grade. Gervase and I focussed on the modules I was struggling with: Stats and Core 4. He made some pretty tricky concepts a lot more manageable. In the end I got the A and got into the University I had hoped to. I would recommend Gervase as a tutor to anyone having a tough time with Maths!” A-Level Maths student

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