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“Georgia has been really helpful in my Sociology A-Level because I find it difficult to understand what we get taught in class and put it into exam questions and answers. She has helped me understand the course really well and makes links between the units, I am getting much better marks and feedback.”

Clio, A Level Sociology Tuition

  • A Level

  • Anthropology

  • GCSE

  • Geography

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Sociology

  • Study Skills

Academic History

LSE, PhD Sociology (ongoing)

LSE, MSc Sociology (Distinction, ranked first of 177 students)

LSE, BA Social Anthropology (1st class)

St Paul’s Girls’ School, A-Levels: A in Geography, History, French and Art (A* not available at the time)

St Paul’s Girls’ School, GCSE: A*s in Geography, English Literature and Language, French, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Art, A in History

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2012. I support students in a number of subjects including; Sociology, Geography, Anthropology and general Study Skills.

My main aims are to help students enjoy their subjects, achieve their goals, and overcome any difficulties they may have in their learning process. It is such a thrill to see students succeed and see the confidence this brings them. I understand that every person is different, so it is crucial to uncover how each student learns best and tailor the sessions accordingly, and to work with any issues that may be stopping them from reaching their potential. For example, are they more visual or auditory? Do they struggle with memorising information or analysing it? Students who have a kinaesthetic learning style or struggle with concentration often respond well to mapping concepts on to space. In a couple of cases I have found doing this while taking a walk has been particularly helpful to aiding their recall of the material. I also find it is very important to make the material as interesting as possible, and the sessions as fun and varied as can be! We always remember things best when we find meaning or amusement in them, and I want my students to be able to look forward to our time together as much as I do.

My twenties were not the most straight-forward, nor what I had planned! During the first year of my undergrad studying Social Anthropology at the LSE I got a brain injury which resulted in neurovascular problems. It made me very unwell for 9 years, and I struggled with extreme fatigue, nausea, memory issues and brain fog. I felt like I wouldn’t ever achieve anything I wanted. When I could, I continued studying part-time, and with lots of extensions and support from the university. That experience has made me particularly keen to help other students succeed, and to teach them techniques I learnt myself about studying efficiently for maximum gain. I have also found a considerable number of my students have struggled with neurodiversity issues, low self-confidence, depression, and anxiety. It is a real pleasure to help them achieve success according to their individual needs, especially given my own experience with ill health in the past.

Recent tuition

I work both as a private tutor and as a class teacher at London School of Economics (LSE) and, to date, I have over 500 hours of experience, supporting students from Key Stage 3 through to Undergraduate Level. I very much look forward to helping more students in the future. This is a sample of my most recent tutoring:

GCSE Geography (Edexcel)

Alex has a great grasp of the course and is lucky to have such a good memory! He does, however, struggle with concentration and confidence because of his learning difficulties and bullying in school, and this has meant his grades have been dropping. Although his GCSE exam is not until next year, we make sure that we cover the material in fresh ways to keep it interesting, especially by playing games, so that when the exam does come around, he is well prepared, and his confidence is at a high.

GCSE and A-Level Geography

I particularly enjoy teaching A level and GCSE Geography because a little help can go a very long way. Students tend to be overwhelmed by the amount to learn, and it’s common for them to like either the Human or Physical modules, but not the other. Working on memory techniques and tailoring the learning approach to their personality hugely increases their marks and their enjoyment of the course.

A-Level Geography (AQA)

Emma wasn’t enjoying her geography A level, and was getting Ds in her mocks and coursework, which was making her even less motivated. She couldn’t understand why, if she was putting in the hours into homework and making revision notes, her marks were not getting higher. We worked together on a number of aspects, notably making sure she really understands the material so that it’s easier to memorise, developing new techniques for processing and revising the material, and looking through her answers to exam questions and sample papers to improve her application of the information. We’ve found that her tried and tested way of taking notes wasn’t working well enough for her because she’s a visual and auditory learner and have switched to a range of visual methods which has made it a lot easier for her to process. As with a number of my students, she finds that talking through the material with me, rather than learning off the board or from the book, is hugely helpful in understanding and recalling it, and making the links across the course which is so important in the synoptic module (which teachers often have little time to prepare students for). Her marks have significantly improved, as has her motivation and her feeling of preparedness for the exams in summer.

A-Level Sociology

In a similar way to Geography, the amount of material, names and dates to be learnt at Sociology A-Level can be daunting for students. They can also be frustrated by complicated terms or concepts or fail to see how the course relates to the everyday issues it is supposed to explain. This often means they have lost the interest that encouraged them to take the subject in the first place. Talking through the issues to rediscover relevance and intrigue, and dispel any fears over terminology, is very helpful for understanding and motivation, and develops the analytical skills which are so necessary for the exam. Memory techniques are also vital in grasping all those names, dates and movements!

A-Level Sociology (AQA)

Fatima had stopped working on her Sociology A-Level and was skipping class because she didn’t enjoy the material nor understand it and felt like it was a lost cause. Even though there was a lot to catch up on, we’ve made great progress by talking through the issues on the syllabus, making them relevant and interesting, and using memory techniques to record authors and dates. She’s a kinaesthetic learner, so we’ve switched to techniques that suit her, and often take walks while discussing new concepts so that she can map them onto different spaces. She’s now finding it’s one of her favourite subjects and doesn’t dread the upcoming exam as she did before.

Undergraduate Sociology and Social Anthropology

At university level I teach classes at the LSE in the Sociology Department, and tutor students in Sociology and Social Anthropology at four Russell Group universities. At this level it’s important to foster a strong understanding of the core concepts on the course, while encouraging the student’s individuality and interests to flourish. Many students feel intimidated by the material, the coursework or the exams which can be easily overcome by learning the ins and outs of the degree system and boosting class work and thus their confidence.

Undergraduate Social Anthropology, Russell Group university (SEN Dyslexia)

Sarah was struggling in her Social Anthropology degree and was considering dropping out after her first year. Her dyslexia, anxiety and low self-confidence meant she was getting grades in the 40-55 range. After working together, she learnt how to better grasp the material, improve her memory for the exams, structure her essays, and to cut down on a sense of it being overwhelming by studying efficiently. At the end of two years together, I was thrilled when she graduated with a high 2:1 and Firsts in several modules.

Undergraduate Study Skills for Sociology and university entrance (SEN ADD)

I first started working with Tom on his application to university – how to choose which university and courses and prepare his application. During his first year in Sociology, we worked to improve his confidence in public speaking for presentations and how to write academic essays. His ADD caused him to struggle with concentration and to become frustrated, so we tailored his sessions to maximize his learning capability and enjoyment. He is now getting Firsts in all his essays and has improved his confidence immensely.

Hobbies and Interests

My interests include Formula 1, Art and Tennis.

Client Testimonials

“Georgia has been really helpful in my Sociology A-Level because I find it difficult to understand what we get taught in class and put it into exam questions and answers. She has helped me understand the course really well and makes links between the units, I am getting much better marks and feedback.”

Clio, Sociology Student.

“I’ve had Georgia as a tutor since August last year. I feel much more confident and prepare for my exam. She’s very friendly and informal and has helped me to understand the material much better than before.”

Caitlin, Geography Student)

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