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"George’s personality and ability mean that in a way he’s more like a coach, inspiring self-belief rather than purely imparting knowledge and technique."

Parent of English and History GCSE student

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Academic History

2006 – 2008 Drama Centre London BA in Acting (1st Class)

2002 – 2006 Edinburgh University MA in German and European History (2:1)

1997 – 2001 Eton College, Windsor A Levels: History (A) German (B) Economics (B)

GCSEs: German (A*) English (A*) English Literature (A*) Science: Single Award (A*) History (A) Maths (A) Geography (A) Latin (A) French (A) Science: Biology (A)

About Me

My specialist subjects are English (Key Stage 2 to 4), German (GCSE), History (GCSE and A-Level), Common Entrance (all subjects) and Acting (BA).

Having first started working with children as a mentor in 2013, I am well equipped to be a tutor. As well as schoolwork, I helped with sports, transport, food and hobbies. Experience as a mentor gave me a good understanding of each child’s needs which goes beyond simply the academic. I have worked with pupils of varying abilities and who studied at different stages, from Common Entrance to GCSE level. As well as providing the highest standard of teaching, my background in wider childcare equips me to maximise not only results but also each student’s enjoyment and confidence in their work.

Achieving a place in the top third of my Common Entrance exam to Eton, I am keenly aware of the standards that need to be met at this level. My former employer describes me as “approachable, encouraging and engaging”, with tutorial sessions which are “nicely placed and well structured”. I love both the German language and German culture, having lived in Berlin for a year during my Masters. I believe clear structure and goals are critical but at the same time, as my former employer puts it, “appreciate that pushing too hard would simply undermine further learning”, and understand the balance between “humour and rigour”.

I trained at the prestigious Drama Centre London and have worked professionally at The Royal National Theatre and Hampstead Theatre. My training in acting gives me a solid foundation to engage with children’s imagination, humour and self-confidence. I have tutored aspiring drama school students and working actors alike in techniques which work across all areas of this field.

Overall I aim to balance the highest standards of rigorous, structured teaching with encouragement, humour and empathy.

Recent Tuition

I have tutored a variety of students. Please see below for a snapshot of my experience:

13+ Eton Common Entrance

I supported Ryuichi with all of his 13+ subjects ahead of his exams for Eton College. He received a Strong Pass and the family were delighted.

13+ Eton interview preparation and advice

I had a single session with M to help him prepare for his Eton interviews ahead of his assessment day. As an old Etonian myself I also helped to give M an idea of the school culture and ethos, to help him have confidence in knowing what to expect.

English (Key Stage 2-4)

For three years I have taught English to students based in Hong Kong, Singapore and China with the aim to achieve places at top American Universities.

GCSE German (AQA) (oral and written) and History (AQA) (Highgate School)

I worked for three years building up Matthew’s confidence and ability, especially as the exams drew near. His German form tutor informed the parents “Matthew pulled a remarkable performance out of the bag in his German oral today. I would estimate that it was at least 2 grades better than the mock in December. He’d really worked hard on it, and his delivery was spot on!”

Home schooling and Mentoring (age 14-16)

I home schooled M for 3 years, teaching him English and History GCSE single-handedly. M has severe anxiety issues around school, suffering from ADHD, tics and avoidance. Together M and I gently built up a good rapport together, and his confidence grew and grew. Key to this was my experience as a ‘big brother’ style mentor to two other families over a number of years and exploring other activities besides just studying, such as museum visits, walks, playing sports or whichever hobby the child enjoyed. My aim is always to create mutual respect and, ultimately, trust.

A-Level History (AQA)

I supported a student throughout her entire History A-level. We worked together on exam technique and structuring answers, as well as going through her topics.

Undergraduate Acting, LAMDA

I worked with Sanne for a year during his LAMDA, BA 2 Year Acting Course. We covered interview technique, audition practice and preparation. He went on to receive a successful pass.

Public Speaking support

I have worked with many students online in a one-to-one capacity supporting them in public speaking, all with great success.

Mentoring and study support

I worked with three siblings aged 9-14 as a mentor and study support figure. Together we went on trips to museums and galleries, and I would help them by supervising their homework. The youngest brother was on the spectrum, and I took extra care to adapt my teaching to suit his learning style and be sensitive of his needs.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m passionate about film and theatre. I also greatly enjoy travelling to world cities and exploring nature. Cooking and reading are passions and I regularly swim and go jogging.

Client Testimonials

“Dear George. Exam result came and Ryuichi got STRONG PASS. I am so happy it is over!!”

Parent of Eton College Common Entrance Exam student

“George has been teaching my son English for two years. He is a very personal, kind and engaging tutor with high standards. Under his teaching and support, my son has been improved so much. He is grade 5 now, but his school teachers told me that his writing level is up to Grade 7. My son really enjoys his teaching. I am very grateful for his help. “

Parent from Singapore (English)

“My son Matthew achieved an A in GCSE German, thanks largely to the tutoring assistance he received from George. George tutored Matthew in our north London home in the weeks leading up to his GCSE oral and written examinations. Approachable, encouraging and engaging, George was able to quickly pinpoint Matthew’s strengths and his weaknesses.  George built Matthew’s confidence and undertook repetition of linguistic elements that proved to be key on the exams, particularly on the oral test. He gently corrected errors and rewarded competent work with warm praise. George balanced humour and rigour in the tutor sessions, which were nicely paced and well structured. George knew when to refocus Matthew’s attention after an already tiring day in school. And he had the sense to appreciate when pushing too hard would simply undermine further learning. Matthew is not naturally academic, but he enjoyed working with George, who is both knowledgeable and likeable. From my perspective, George was trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to have around the house. Immediately after the spoken examination, we received an email from my son’s German teacher, via his form tutor. I would recommend George without hesitation to work as a tutor in German at the GCSE level.”

Parent of German GCSE student

“I wholeheartedly recommend George to any parent looking for a highly capable, reliable, caring, thoughtful tutor. George’s personality and ability mean that in a way he’s more like a coach, inspiring self-belief rather than purely imparting knowledge and technique. George worked with our son Macsen, teaching him History and English. Macsen had a variety of barriers to learning including ADHD, tics, avoidance and anxiety. George worked with Macs during a period of homeschooling, without judgement but with patience, pacing the work in such a way to keep Macs on track. We were all delighted when Macs passed his History and English GCSE (with merit), and I have no doubt that George was instrumental in Macsen’s achievement.”

Parent of History and English GCSE student

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