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“Having been predicted a C at GCSE by a previous teacher, Gavin, along with a new teacher, helped me to achieve an A* (Edexcel board). Gavin was very supportive and understanding: he gave me detailed knowledge that helped build a better understanding overall. He was kind, patient and helped me greatly with exam technique. Thank you so much Gavin.”

GCSE History Tuition

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Academic History

2018 – 2020 University of Oxford MSt in Literature and Arts

2014 – 2015 University of Cambridge MPhil in Modern European History

2011 – 2014 Birkbeck, University of London BA History (First Class Honours)

About Me

I am an empathetic and enthusiastic tutor with over 2000 hours of experience. Furthermore, as part of my commitment to the tutoring profession, I am an active member of its regulatory body, the Tutor’s Association. Parents have consistently commented on my ability to inspire and build excellent rapport with their children. In all my tutorials, I endeavour to find a balance between developing exam proficiency and cultural literacy. In our rapidly developing world, it is incumbent on educators to ensure that a liberal education does not fall by the wayside.

Subjects Currently Taught:

10+ Examinations: English, Mathematics and Reasoning

11+ Examinations: English, Mathematics and Reasoning

13+ Examinations: English, History, Religious Studies, Mathematics and Reasoning

GCSE: English Language, English Literature, History and Religious Studies

A-Level: English Literature, History and Politics

Recent tuition

I have provided some examples of my most recent tuition below.

Common Entrance

11+ / 13+ Students have gained offers from the following schools: Alleyn’s School (11+, 13+), City of London Boys’ School (13+), City of London Girls’ School (11+), Dulwich College (13+), Epsom College (11+), Emanuel School (11+), Forest School (11+), Godolphin and Latymer School (11+), Ibstock Place (13+), James Allen’s Girls School (11+), Latymer Upper School (11+), Mill Hill School (13+), Putney High School (11+), St Paul’s School (13+), Streatham High and Clapham High School (11+), Trinity School (11+ & 13+) , University College School (13+), Westminster School (13+) and Whitgift School (13+).

In addition, I have extensive experience preparing Year 6 students for the Independent Schools Examinations Board Pre-Test.

Public Examinations

GCSE/IGCSE – I have tutored numerous students for English Language, English Literature and History. My experience has covered both the Edexcel and CIE exam boards. One student, who was originally struggling with IGCSE History, was given a Senior School Award for his ‘excellent analysis’ in History and he subsequently followed this with an A* on results day. Several of my students have obtained A*s in IGCSE/ GCSE History. Others have also obtained excellent grades in both English Language and Literature.

I also tutored a student in the weeks before his exams in IGCSE English Language, Literature and History. This was aimed at helping him secure the top grades by advising him on how to enhance his written work. Furthermore, I provided him with advice by phone on the day before each exam on technique. He obtained an A* in IGCSE History and was 1% away from a 9 in English Language and 4% away from a 9 in English Literature. In our last correspondence, he was intending to appeal his marks.

I am currently providing a long-term tuition programme for a student in IGCSE English Language, English Literature and History. This has involved strategies to develop his writing in a manner that adheres to the assessment criteria and to clarify his expression. More generally, he is also being taught the complex rules of English spelling, punctuation and grammar; not only as preparation for public examinations but to ensure he has a strong foundation for whatever profession he goes into. Over the last two months, his teachers have commented on noticeable improvement in meeting the assessment criteria.

A-Level – Tutored students in English Literature, History and Politics for various exam boards. Recently, a studied of mine obtained an A in OCR A-Level History, which his school was not expecting.

Hobbies and Interests

– I am particularly interested in acting, especially in its comic and improvised forms, and will continue to take part in live performances.

– I enjoy music a great deal and have performed on the guitar to an audience at a public house.

– Recently, I have developed an interest in French cuisine after my course at Cordon Bleu and plan to develops my culinary skills through practice and reading of books such as Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking and Harry McGee’s scientific work on cooking.

– For many years, I have had a fascination with Chinese Martial Arts. I have been involved with Shaolin Fists and Kung Fu and have assisted their Lion and Dragon Dance troupe on numerous occasions.

– From a young age, I have been a keen poet and have submitted my works to the National Poetry Competition in past years.

– Learning about the Michel Thomas Method has inspired me to learn a number of languages and I someday hope to teach GCSE French. In the Summer of 2015, I attended the Institute of French near Nice for an immersion course.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for all the time and attention you’ve given R. It has made such a difference in his attitude and what an achievement this year was.  He has changed in so many wonderful ways under your instruction. No other teacher has ever invested so much time in him, and I am truly grateful.” (11+ / 13+ Tuition)

“The sessions have been great. Gavin is very knowledgeable and has prepared C. well. ” (11+ Tuition)

“Just letting you know that J. has been invited for an interview at Alleyn’s – we’re delighted! … J. was offered a place Alleyn’s last Friday, and we accepted. Many thanks again for all your help!!” (13+ Tuition)

“We are extremely grateful to you for having tutored A. through this phase. He has understood and acquired a wide variety of learning techniques for both Maths and English. Your patience and focus has helped A. grow confident in his mannerisms and shows in his school results as well. Please count on us to provide the best of references, should the same be required. We will surely be in touch with you next year as, our younger son, embarks on a similar journey.” (11+ Tuition)

“Having been predicted a C at GCSE by a previous teacher, Gavin, along with a new teacher, helped me to achieve an A* (Edexcel board). Gavin was very supportive and understanding: he gave me detailed knowledge that helped build a better understanding overall. He was kind, patient and helped me greatly with exam technique. Thank you so much Gavin.”

“He got an A in History!! Thank you so much for all your efforts.” (IGCSE History)

“Just to say thanks for your help – R. got his A stars! Thanks again.” (IGCSE History)

“Gavin was a great help to me. An invaluable help in organizing and sorting through the truly intimidating amounts of research and information required for A-Level History. Without him, I may not have gotten into my first choice university. I highly recommend his services.”

“Thank you for your hard work and amazing support to B. I want you to know that his improvement in History as a subject has been the direct result of your work with him. Thank you so much.” (A-Level History)

“I am more than happy to recommend Gavin as an English tutor. He worked with our Year 10 son to sure up his writing skills, both in line with the English curriculum and across humanities subjects. Gavin was able to improve our son’s vocabulary and draw out a more substantial understanding of the GCSE English set texts. Most importantly, our son was happy to spend the lesson time with Gavin and responded well to his input” (GCSE English Language and Literature)

“The paper went really well this morning. Thank you so much for your help and that last minute phone call: it really helped me secure those extra mark … I received an A* in History.” (IGCSE History)

“We just heard on Friday and are really pleased. Thanks so much for all your help, particularly with S’s maths – it was invaluable.” (13+ Tuition)

“Thanks for recommending Gavin. He was a fantastic tutor for both my kids. His calm approach was certainly appreciated by both, and I have no doubt that the work they did with him has been of great benefit. Gavin is very personable and easy to have in the house and the kids seemed to be very happy in his company, which is key.” (13+ and 11+ Tuition)

“Gavin was perfect and I would definitely recommend him. R. has said that he teaches better methods than he learns at school, and he has really gained confidence. R.s words were that Gavin was very informative and helpful. R. enjoyed the classes, and I noticed a huge improvement in Raul in a short time. Gavin communicated via email and Whatsapp with me and R.’s tutor in Malaysia so even before class he had an idea about R.’s personality, strengths and weaknesses; I felt that was excellent” (8+ Tuition)

“Gavin was a great tutor and managed to engage L. well and encourage him beyond his age bracket. L. wrote a lovely note for Gavin’s last session and did ask if he would see Gavin again so suffice to say I think he enjoyed the tutoring. We would highly recommend Gavin and should we need tuition in future we would be happy to have Gavin again. Gavin was a great role model for L. who is much more confident about writing and in his maths.” (7+ Tuition)

“F’s mother was really pleased and remarked that everything went well… F. was very positive and said Gavin was helpful” (ISEB Pre-Test)

“Gavin is perfect for J. in every way and we are all making progress with Gavin’s help towards getting J. to where he needs to be. I met with J.’s teacher’s yesterday. She said how much his writing had come along! I read a sample too and I must say, the thinking has vastly improved. Many thanks!” (Year 6 Primary Tuition)

“O. really enjoyed the session with Gavin who was far more inspiring than his current teacher!” (13+ History)

“Gavin is a very organised tutor and very determined to get results. He is patient and always brings new ideas when teaching my daughter.” (A-Level English Literature and History)

“J. is really enjoying things, and they’ve been very impressed with you – good work!” (Year 3 English and Maths)

“J. says your sessions are really helping him – thank you!” (Year 11 IGCSE English Literature

“D. thoroughly enjoyed it. Gavin is a nice gentleman who always knows exactly what he’s talking about, and there were never any problems” (Year 6 Primary Tuition)

“Gavin gave a very good lesson, with some nice prepared worksheets. There were plenty of exercises and a good amount of input from J. Gavin was very friendly and conversational, communicated clearly and made nice use of hints to elicit answers from J. instead of outright giving him the answer. Overall a great lesson!” (An observed tutorial)

“Gavin has recently taken part in the Future Frontiers programme, during which he was responsible for delivering 8 career coaching sessions to a Year 10 student at a school in South West London. As team leader, I worked closely with Gavin and observed his sessions. He built very good rapport with his assigned student right from the beginning. He attended every session and gave the student valuable advice on his career choices and academic performance. During the last two weeks of the programme, Gavin was required to book two interviews with professionals of his student’s top two career choices. He handled this task brilliantly and delivered the sessions as expected. Overall, his student, myself and Future Frontiers were pleased with Gavin’s performance as a coach. I would recommend him without hesitation.” (Tutoring in careers advice with a Teach First sponsored charity

“He is very interactive and passionate about English.” (Tutorfair interview of Year 9 Lambeth Academy students)

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  • Fully Vetted