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“Dear Gabriel, thank you for providing John with some very interesting and insightful French lessons. John has been most impressed with your approach, as have we.”

Mrs Y, GCSE French tuition

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  • 7+/8+

  • English

  • French

  • History

  • Italian

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2016, University of Oxford, BA French & Italian (1st)

2011, Winchester College, Cambridge Pre-U: French (D1), English (D1), History (D2)

2010, AS-level Classics: A

2009,  IGCSEs 10A* (French, Italian, English, Maths, Chemistry Physics, Biology, Latin, Ancient Greek, ICT)

About Me

I am a specialist in exam preparation work across a range of levels from 7+ to A Level and my specialist subjects are French and Italian. In addition, I also tutor 7+, 11+, English, History, Latin and University personal statement/interview preparation. In addition to my tutoring experience, I have extensive practical experience of using French: I have spent considerable time in France, where I both worked in a school near Toulouse, and in a business role in Paris where much of my work involved complex interpreting and translation work.

I always tailor my lessons to the needs of the student because all students are different. There are four main things which I always try to bring to build into my sessions. Firstly, my approach is interactive – it is vital to be engaging. Furthermore it is thorough, making sure nothing is covered in too little detail – for example using spot vocab tests of 3 or 4 words we’ve recently learnt to reinforce them when doing languages. Next, I encourage students to reach answers to complex questions themselves, steering them but encouraging independence of thought – this is particularly relevant to older students. Finally, I always emphasize trying to make learning enjoyable. I have loved my subjects throughout my academic career and try to transfer this enjoyment to my students, because it is the best way to learn. Students approaching exams often feel a great deal of pressure. As a tutor, I help students combat this by building their knowledge and, just as importantly, their confidence.

Recent tuition


Recently I completed a residential placement with a family abroad, teaching their son (non-English native) English and arithmetic with a view to eventual 9+ entry into English education. We did a range of reading from Oxford Reading Tree and exercises from Schofield and Sims in maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. His family were delighted with his progress and feel he is well-set to achieve his long-term goals.


At this age group I have worked several students towards their ISEB English pre-tests, both of whom are targeting prestigious London schools. I have done this both online and in person, and work hard to prepare my students for the online nature of these tests and the challenges these present. I have also worked with beginners in French and Latin, one of whom went on to take Latin at A-level such was his enthusiasm for the subject!


 I have prepared students for Eton, Winchester, St. Mary’s Calne and Tonbridge school entrance/scholarship exams in French, English, History and Latin. All students whom I have tutored who have sat their exams have been successful in their goals. These students have two boys who found languages and essay writing particularly difficult. We worked on the fundamentals of French grammar and built up the solid foundation which they both felt they lacked from school. Both went on to their target schools.

I have completed a residential placement with a family targeting St Mary’s Calne for their daughter. She found Latin structure particularly challenging, but with focused work she made enormous improvement and is well prepared for her final academic year in prep school.

I am currently working online with a student in Asia who is working towards the Winchester Scholarship exams. I am assisting him with his preparation in English and History, two subjects which he enjoys but which are not taught to the same standard as maths/sciences in his native country.


I work with students towards GCSEs across exam boards in French, Italian and English.

One boy whom I am preparing for Edexcel English and French has seen significant uplift in school marks, taking him from near the bottom to the top of his class in both subjects. We have covered the full range of GCSE-level language topics and grammatical structures in French and his enjoyment of the subject has increased exponentially. In English we have focused on comprehension exercises, developing the analytical skills which he needs.

I assist two AQA English pupils, focusing on comprehension and creative/essay writing approaches. Both find comprehension particularly challenging: we have worked on articulating responses clearly targeted on the question and winning the marks at stake.

I tutor a boy sitting CIE French at the end of this year. Taking a topical approach, we cover each of the 4 key skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in our lessons. His improvement has been marked and he is well on course to achieve an A* grade.

A-level/University preparation

Recently I have begun working with a student looking to take AQA French at the end of the year. French has been a problematic subject for him in the past and I am looking forward to helping him towards this crucial exam. I have conducted Intensive interview preparation for universities including Oxbridge, and personal statement review and improvement for students applying to university, including pro-bono work in schools in London.

For two non-native students doing humanities degrees at London universities I have assisted with essay technique. This involved a challenging range of essays and was particularly rewarding work – both students made significant improvement.

Hobbies and Interests

I love most sports, especially football, rugby and tennis, and read widely in my free time. When I get the chance I also love to travel.

Client Testimonials

“Dear Gabriel, thank you for providing John with some very interesting and insightful French lessons. John has been most impressed with your approach, as have we.”

“Dear Gabriel, thank you so much. Max has been working really well and his French teacher is delighted with the progress he made over the holidays with you.”

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