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"You have been so helpful and instrumental in A’s success. He has really enjoyed his time with you. Thank you so much. No doubt we will be in touch again for some consolidation lessons before he starts the new term."

Parent, 13+ English, History and Philosophy

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  • Theology

Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND

Year 5 & 6 Class Teacher at Devonshire Hill Primary School 2017  (2018)

Postgraduate (2014): PGCE – University College London

Undergraduate (2013): Theology – University of Oxford: 2:1

A Levels (Eton College): English Literature A*, Religious Studies A*, History A, Latin A

GCSEs (Eton College): English Literature A*, English Language A*, Religious Studies A*, History A*, Drama A*, Latin A*, Greek A*, French A*, Maths A, Biology A

About Me

I like my sessions to mirror a classroom environment, allowing time for teacher modelling, student trial and constructive feedback / next steps. I am always interested in learning what a student knows at the start of a session and gauging how their understanding has developed during the lesson. I want to instil confidence in my pupils so that they can tackle the question(s) that face them independently and – as such – I am always aiming to give them the tools too succeed on their own.

I specialise in English and Theology, I also teach Latin and Ancient Greek as well as provide entrance exam preparation and Oxford university application support.

Recent tuition

Schools I have prepared students for include Eton College, Harrow, St Paul’s, Harrodian, Westminster and many more.

11+ Interview Skills, Eton

Working with MH on developing his interview skills during a three month period. To begin with, MH found it hard to conduct himself in an interview scenario, often giving abrupt and dispassionate answers. We spent time working on approaching questions as a platform for sharing interests and knowledge, with the result that MH was offered a place at Eton.

13+ Scholarship: English, History and Philosophy

I worked with AD for seven months in preparation for scholarship entrance to Harrow School. Though bright and curious, AD’s essays initially lacked ‘punch’. We practised unpicking and analysing questions to maximise the efficacy of his arguments, with AD winning the English prize for his essay writing in his entrance examinations.

13+ English, Latin and Greek

I worked with EM in the lead up to his Common Entrance exams, focussing on English, Latin and Greek. In his Classics studies, EM needed a methodology for translations and tips for learning vocabulary. In writing, EM had brilliant ideas, but – initially – found it hard to structure these. We worked on both elements for the best part of two years, with EM coming top of CE entrants to Harrow.

13+ Latin

Working with AJ on finding an interest and enjoyment for Latin. To begin with, AJ was reluctant to study Latin and was wary of extra sessions. A large part of the brief was to uncover ways of making the subject fun and interesting for a pupil who was close to giving it up. Through gameplay and building confidence with a clear methodology, AJ turned his relationship with Latin around, taking CE Level 3.

GCSE Latin

I worked with FK in preparation for the GCSE Latin exam, mainly focussing on Latin Language. Practising grammar, syntax and translation with an analytical methodology, FK achieved a grade 9 in his GCSE paper.

A Level Religious Studies (OCR)

Student FF was home-schooled on a temporary basis for two months. He required help with Religious Studies (OCR) and – in particular – essay writing. To begin with, FF’s essays were too descriptive and weren’t targeted enough towards the question. We worked on an extended essay about disembodied existence, considering views from Swinburne and Davies. FF needed to present two different arguments (one for, one against) and come to a conclusion based on weighing up the evidence. Through both content-based sessions and work on essay technique, FF was able to improve on his essay considerably during the time I spent with him.

A Level Religious Studies and Philosophy

I taught student NT a Philosophy and Theology module over the Spring and Summer terms. NT was inquisitive, thoughtful and had a natural propensity for Philosophy. He thought through issues carefully and was always willing to consider multiple perspectives before reaching his own conclusion. He was engaging and considered in debate and I greatly enjoyed discussing topics ranging from logic and reasoning to utilitarianism with him. NT was able to express himself well on paper, too, and – throughout the module – he completed a number of assignments to a high level, including a presentation on the ethics of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and an essay on the life and philosophy of Cicero.

Hobbies and Interests

Away from the classroom/tutorial sessions, I am a keen sportsman with a passion for cricket and golf. On the golf course – in particular – I enjoy the challenge of competing both against fellow players, the course and myself! I love spending time practising and (hopefully!) improving, as well as spending time playing with friends and family. I also love to read up on the origins of words and phrases, often influenced by the Ancient Greeks. I have authored and self-published a collection of Greek myths – Tales from Troy – aimed at re-telling these stories in fun and accessible verse.


Parent, 13+ English, History and Philosophy

“You have been so helpful and instrumental in A’s success. He has really enjoyed his time with you. Thank you so much. No doubt we will be in touch again for some consolidation lessons before he starts the new term.”

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