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"Thank you so much! You have helped me massively in preparation for the exam and I will try my best tomorrow!"

A, GCSE English Language and Literature student

  • Classical Civilisation

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • History of Art

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Academic History

Graduate Diploma, History of Art, Courtauld Institute of Art London, Distinction

MSc History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, St Cross College, University of Oxford, Merit

BA English Language and Literature, Magdalen College, University of Oxford, 2i (Firsts in all Exams)

AS & A Levels: South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, Salisbury  – English Literature (A*), History (A* ), Classical Civilisation (A*), French (B), EPQ (A*)

GCSEs: Rookwood School, Andover – English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), French (A*), History (A*),  Geography (A*), Science (A*), Additional Science (A*), Maths (A), Further Maths (A), German (A), ICT (A)

About Me

My approach to tutoring is to prioritise the student and understand how they learn best, and design my lessons with that individual client accordingly. My lessons are often engaging, with lots of verbal and written engagement from the student (on our shared Zoom screen, if online). I ask them what they feel are their strengths/weaknesses, and what they want to work on – I believe it’s important that the student understands why they’re having a tutoring lesson and that they feel productive from these lessons. I use their syllabus at school as a starting point to build from, and bring in wider material from English Language and Literature to inspire them beyond the classroom.

Recent tuition

English Language

I tutored V, a 1o year old Russian student, in English Language. We worked together over a four month period for his entrance exam into an international school in Switzerland. I taught him English grammar, vocabulary, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehension, and creative writing. V was a keen student who wanted to get into this new school but struggled to focus on the task at hand. I tutored him two mornings a week with engaging, interactive lessons and checked in with him often to see how he felt; we divided our lessons with five minute breaks. He was accepted into his school of choice and I have since given him more tutorials during his holidays.

English Literature

I tutored S, a 16 year old student for a three month period, during her summer holidays before joining Stonar. S was a very intelligent student but lacked a great deal of confidence to voice her interpretations of a text. I worked to encourage her and build up her self-belief not only about there being “no silly questions” but also about her own perception and good analytical mind. S has since been thoroughly enjoying Stonar and producing exceptional English Literature essays.

English Language and Literature – OCR and iGCSE

I tutor A (16 years old) in English Language and Literature for his GCSEs. We have worked on this subject during his school holidays and half terms over the past year. A is a clever and driven student who wants to do his very best, and expand what “his best” means. We usually have 1-2 lessons a week, either 1 or 1.5 hours.

English Language and Literature GCSE

I tutored Z in GCSE English Language and Literature revision during his summer holidays. Z was a clever STEM student who initially did not want to learn English and didn’t see the point. He seemed very pessimistic about schooling, although he wanted to do well. His main problem area was keeping a positive attitude. I helped him work through this by remaining patience and positive, and letting him voice his concerns and talking through them rationally. I also taught him to see the “point” and beauty of English Literature. He went from producing quite basic, low grade essays and analysis to high marking and impressive exam scripts.

English Language

I tutored N, a  28 year old Japanese student for five months, from her arrival into the UK to her application. N was a keen student who wanted to study in the UK but struggled with learning English. So I tutored her two-three times a week with tailored and constructive lessons and helped her pick up English vocabulary, and learn the grammar rules. She was accepted into Oxford Brookes to read psychology.


I love reading, of course! Plays, poetries, novels, short stories, non-fiction. And writing – I’m a freelance culture and nature writer, doing writing for galleries, artists, and other publishing houses. I also act (screen & stage) and enjoy visiting the theatre (and watching films) as these teach me a lot about the literature I love and the characters I get to meet. Sport is also important – team and individual sports – as these are important to stay healthy, learn teamwork and coordination, and learn about yourself under pressure and how to be kind to yourself in competitive environments. And all the other usual things – cooking, music, etc. From these hobbies, I understand that a healthy lifestyle is not all work and no play, so I empathise with my students!


“Thank you so much! You have helped me massively in preparation for the exam and I will try my best tomorrow!”

A, GCSE English Language and Literature student

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