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Felicity D

"Felicity tutored my daughter for 11+ English papers (as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning). It was a steep hill to climb as she had received no preparation at school even in the basics. My daughter's reading and writing levels improved fast and she exceeded our expectations in the exams. She really enjoyed the lessons with Felicity, who was endlessly patient and full of great tips and encouragement - a very lovely tutor!"

Bella, Parent of daughter at Salusbury Primary, English 11+

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  • Early Years

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Academic History

2023: Completed SLT Foundation Training in SEND.
Durham University (Modern European Languages BA) 2:1 French and Spanish (majoring in literature)
Bradfield College, Berkshire (A Levels): French B, English A, Drama A
St George’s Ascot, Berkshire (GCSEs): English Lit A, English Lang, A, Maths B, Sciences, B, History A. French A*, Spanish A*, Art A, Drama A*
Oxford House College, Barcelona (TESOL Trinity College)  TEFL diploma
Université Blaise Pascal (Clermont-II), Clermont Ferrand, France (Erasmus Scholarship)
Diploma in Acting, Drama Studio London
Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) A2, Cervantes Institute

About Me

My specialist subjects are:

English 11+/Common Entrance
French 11+/Common Entrance, GCSE, IB, A Level, SAT, University
Spanish GCSE, A Level
Drama and Acting (Lamda)

An inspiring, friendly and dedicated tri-lingual tutor; I’ve been a professional tutor for over ten years and I am passionate about the subjects I teach. I teach students in the UK, Europe, Japan, America, Australia, China, Malaysia and Russia, so I am very experienced in both face to face and online tuition via Zoom, Bramble and Skype. I also work in expanding the emotional intelligence of a student, as well as confidence-building in individuals; helping students understand what is unique to them whilst making sure they don’t go into interviews sounding like they’ve been prepped. I have written articles and books on learning French for GCSE and have followed an online diploma course, with the University of Lancaster, on teaching children with dyslexia. I have also run confidence coaching workshops for students and as a workshop facilitator, I have trained Officers at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in communication skills and worked as a vocal coach for trainee teachers at Teach First.

I believe in unlocking a student’s potential, helping them access the subject and adjusting each class to their needs. Every child learns differently, so I adapt my teaching style to the individual: creativity is paramount. I believe that confidence is the key to understanding a language, and understanding a language helps the memory for learning. I currently teach English from Year 2 through to GCSE, and regularly keep up to date with the changes to Entrance Exams. My classes are energetic and good fun; this is key to engaging a student and keeping them interested. I work through the foundations of English, and Maths for the younger years, covering grammar and sentence structure to figurative language, poetry, creative writing and comprehension.
My French language exam guides are available online and in Waterstones.

Recent tuition

I have been tutoring French, Spanish, and English (11+ to university) for 12 years.

Entrance Exam Experience
7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ Common Entrance and Scholarship (English incl. VR, French and Spanish), exams taken when moving schools, Interview Preparation for secondary school.

University Entrance Experience
Personal statements, USA SAT preparation in French and Spanish. Oxbridge French exams with a successful track record.

Classroom and School Experience
Former Programme Manager and Volunteer Tutor for the Tutorfair Foundation – managed a programme of volunteers at Pimlico Academy in the French, Spanish, Art and Drama departments. Worked as a weekly volunteer Teaching Assistant in the French and Spanish departments of Pimlico Academy for year 10 and 11 students. During the pandemic, I was a volunteer French tutor for Regent High School. I have homeschooled many students in French and Spanish GCSE and A Level. I have also homeschooled a year 9 boy across all his core subjects. As a trained TEFL teacher, I have taught in summer schools and the Oxford TEFL centre in Barcelona.

Exam Boards
IB, Pre-U, SAT, Edexcel GCSE and IGCSE, AQA and CIE

SEN Experience
I have worked with children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, sensory disorder, PTSD, alienation disorder and regularly speak to Educational Psychologists and school teachers for best practice.

11+ and Common Entrance: Godolphin & Latymer ~ Bradfield ~ Charterhouse ~ North London Collegiate ~ Eton ~ Harrow ~ South Hampstead High School ~ JAGS ~ Benenden ~ASL ~ Wimbledon High ~ Kings College Wimbledon ~ Wellington ~ Westminster ~ St Paul’s Girls’ & Boys’ School ~ City of London Girls’ and Boys’ School ~ Francis Holland ~ Holland Park ~ Putney High ~ Latymer Upper ~ North London Collegiate ~ Lambrook ~ Wycombe Abbey ~ St Catherine’s Bramley.
Change of Schools: Hampstead Fine Arts ~ Harrodian ~ Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill ~ St Paul’s Girls’ School~ Westminster ~ Aiglon ~ Eton ~ Halcyon International School.
Universities: Parsons ~ Princeton ~ Edinburgh University ~ Oxford University.


Ms R Jones, Deputy Head of Pimlico Academy, French

“Felicity joins my Year 11 bottom set every week and supports identified students to work with in class on the tasks set. More recently she has adopted the C/D borderline group to work with each lesson. The students love working with her and have welcomed her support from the first moment she walked into the room. They are quite a shy group who lack confidence and she has managed to bring out the drive and motivation in them to work hard and achieve. Even at the end of her first lesson, the boys she worked with held back at the end of the lesson to say thank-you and how much they’d really appreciated her support. Felicity’s background in drama means that she has a very strong presence in the classroom as well as imaginative and fun ways of teaching new areas of language. She has a very positive and motivating personality and has an outstanding level of French language. She is utterly professional, reliable and communicates throughout the week with me to see what more she can do. She’d make an outstanding teacher and her work with us makes a huge difference.”

Linda, Parent of daughter at St Marylebone School, French

“Felicity breezed into our lives and totally transformed my daughters fear and trepidation of her forthcoming French GCSE into one of calm confidence. From day one, through her infectious humour, warmth and energy, she brought the language alive. She began by going back to the basics with Millie and little by little through reinforcement and encouragement, began to build her understanding and with it her confidence. Felicity was totally conversant with the requirements of the GCSE and prepared Millie thoroughly for each stage of her coursework as well as her final exam. The A grade Millie achieved was a testament to this. Whilst the GCSE result was fantastic, what we really valued was Felicity’s ability to bring a sense of calm and order during a very stressful academic year. She helped Millie with general study skills and many of her methods Millie was able to employ in other areas of her studies. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a very special lady.”

Anabella, Parent of daughter at St Nicholas Prep, English 11+

“Felicity was able to capture my daughter’s attention and bring the best out in her. Felicity was always punctual and dedicated to my daughter, and she honestly cared for her development. My daughter was able to use that positive energy towards her concentration and commitment to learning. Felicity’s cheerful personality and teaching manner is truly invaluable, and I would recommend her to any family looking to improve their child’s skills in reading comprehension, grammar, and writing.”

Ann, Parent of son at Wetherby, French Common Entrance

“Felicity hugely helped my son with his French Common Entrance in 4 months. She hugely improved his written and spoken French and his comprehension. His accent which had been fine became impeccable. Felicity was able to pin point his weaknesses and improve them hugely, giving him confidence and excellent study techniques. He achieved an A- in CE, and French became one of his strengths as opposed to one of his weaknesses. My son also really enjoyed his sessions with Felicity’s who managed to make them fun. They had a good time together. She is a fantastic teacher, who manages to make studying French enjoyable!”

Nicky, Parent of daughter at Tudor Hall, Spanish GCSE

“Felicity taught my daughter Spanish after she had failed her mock GCSE exam. If anyone could get her through the GCSE it it was Felicity. Jessica loved the lessons with her. Felicity is a vibrant and fun teacher with innovative methods to keep the students engaged and motivated. She went from hating Spanish to wishing she had had lessons form Felicity earlier as she may have chosen the A Level. She looked forward to the lessons with relish and I heard laughter throughout. She became so focussed and did revision everyday unprompted by me. We were very grateful.”

Bella, Parent of daughter at Salusbury Primary, English 11+

“Felicity tutored my daughter for 11+ English papers (as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning). It was a steep hill to climb as she had received no preparation at school even in the basics. My daughter’s reading and writing levels improved fast and she exceeded our expectations in the exams. She really enjoyed the lessons with Felicity, who was endlessly patient and full of great tips and encouragement – a very lovely tutor!”

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