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"Federica is the best tutor I have ever had. I reached out to Federica to help me with my final undergraduate year of UCL. I went from a student scoring an average of 2.2 to a first class student due to Federica's help."

Piri, Undergraduate Geography Tuition

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Academic History

Hertford College, Oxford University, UK


B.A. (Hons.) Geography (Double First)

– The course bridges the arts, social and natural sciences, providing a broad education and addressing pressing issues.

– Final Dissertation published as part of a study led by Dr P.Bull on new applications of pollen analysis in Forensics. Extended Essay on particle persistence used as part of court trial for Crown vs. Barri and Hyatt. Won Shell Prize for Best Fieldwork in Geography (2006)

International School of Milan, Italy                                                                                          1998-2005

– International Baccalaureate 45/45 (top mark world-wide): English (7/7), Italian (7/7), Mathematics (7/7), German (7/7), Geography (7/7), Ecosystems and Societies (7/7), Theory of Knowledge and Dissertation (3/3)

– IGCSE: English (A*A*), Mathematics (A*), Italian (A*), Science (Dual Award) (A*A*),  ,History (A*), Art (A*), German (A*), Geography (A*)

– International School Prize for Academic Achievement (2005). Commendations for Academic Achievement in : Ecosystems and Society; English; Geography; German;  Italian; Mathematics (2005)

– International School of Milan Best Student in the Year 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002

About Me

I specialise in Geography and Italian and also teach History, English Literature, History of Art.

I am a Tutor specialising in the humanities with a very strong academic background, having graduated  Oxford University with a Double First degree in Geography, after obtaining a 45/45 International Baccalaureate high-school qualification (one of only 18 students in the world to achieve this result in 2005).

I have successfully tutored students aged 11-18 in core humanistic subjects (English Literature, Geography, History, History of Art), allowing them to achieve outstanding results in GCSE, A-level and IB. I always strive for academic excellence, being convinced that a love of learning can be fostered in any student. With Geography in particular, I encourage students to view the subject in the context of their own day-to-day experience so as to establish an understanding and appreciation of the topic beyond the scope of the textbook. After all, it is easy to  remember and appreciate a  case study if it is based on a recent newspaper article that sparked one’s own interest!

I have also tutored mature students wishing to learn Italian – I am fully bilingual and have held conversational classes and have taught Italian literature, as well as simple grammar.

Having successfully graduated from Oxford University, I can guide students wishing to apply to Oxbridge through their choice of University, College, drafting of their Personal Statement and Interview process.

I can assist University students reading Geography with essay-writing, providing guidance and an effective sounding board for theories and ideas. As an Undergraduate I had several pieces of work used for publications, and I won the Oxford University Shell Prize for coursework- I am therefore happy to support students having to produce original essays and research.

Recent Tuition

I have tutored a variety of students, please see below for a snapshot of my experience:

Undergraduate Geography

– A University level Geography student about to sit Finals needing a final push. I particularly assisted the student with regards to general exam technique; understanding of the general literature and currents of thought around the topic of migration in light of current political developments; course-work polishing pre-submission. The student needed a sounding-board against which to test his arguments and ideas, and general help in organizing them to form a compelling dialectic.

– I worked with Paloma, who was writing her dissertation on Super-Gentrification. She was deleted to receive a First.

IB Geography

– I worked with this student, who was homeschooled, through her IB Geography. She was awarded the highest mark possible in IB, a 7.

IB Extended Essay – Geography

– I worked with Jay on his Extended Essay, which was based on the Urban regeneration of Stratford. While we are still waiting for the results, I am confident he will excel. I have worked with 5 other students on their IB Extended Essays, and all have done very well.

A-Level Geography

– An A-level high-performing Geography student wanting to ensure an A* result. The student requested specific support with regards to Unit 4 of the EdExcel Geography course. The Unit requires students to carry out independent research on a topic of choice, which in her case was Development. Given her obvious abilities, my role consisted in getting the student to think beyond the curriculum and at university level, so as to provide her with the tools to be able to introduce complex ideas within her essays, thus ensuring a top grade.

16+ Geography

– I have worked with 2 students in preparation for the competitive 16+ exams. One was aiming for Cheltenham Ladies’ College, and the other for Godolphin. We worked hard at ensuring that both of the students’ levels were being pushed for the exams, and used materials and past examples from the schools to guide the fine tuning of their exam techniques.

GCSE Geography

– A GCSE student seeking weekly support with her Geography course for the duration of the summer and for her final year. I like to show students that Geography is not a sterile subject covered in a textbook- rather it is all around us. I encouraged the student to see the Geographical side of her summer holidays (a trip to Dorset can be illuminating when it comes to understanding rock formation!) so that she would develop a genuine interest and appreciation for the subject, rather than seeing her course as something to be endured. The student and her parents particularly appreciated my approach, and asked me to support her with her English Literature course also.

Adult Italian

-A mature student wishing to learn Italian to converse with her Roman husband in his native language. The sessions were subdivided between Grammar, following the Espresso course, and Conversation, using techniques aimed at enhancing the breadth of her vocabulary and self-confidence.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about literature, art and – being Italian- good food!

I dedicate my spare  time to travelling and have visited more than 70 countries so far- next on my list are Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. I love seeing “Geography in action”!

Client Testimonials

“Federica is the best tutor I have ever had.

I reached out to Federica to help me with my final undergraduate year of UCL. I went from a student scoring an average of 2.2 to a first class student due to Federica s help.

Federica’s knowledge of academic content is of a substantial range and the extent of Federica s academic know-how meant that she was able to assist me in obtaining a first class even for niche and specific modules.

Beyond Federica’s evident academic capabilities and know-how, Federica proved to be a passionate tutor that genuinely cared about me getting a good grade. She went above and beyond to ensure so.

I cannot recommend Federica enough and am happy to provide any more detail on my wonderful experience with Federica on request.” Piri Amalan

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