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Farah E

"Farah is an excellent tutor. Apart from being organised and punctual she is very up to speed with what the curriculum requires and coaching the children to reach their full potential."

Parent of Y9 and Y11 students

  • 11+

  • English

  • GCSE

  • IB


  • Maths

Academic History

UCL (present): Social Justice and Education BSc, not completed, but distinction in all graded work so far.

Sheffield Hallam University (TeachFirst) (2016): PGCE with QTS (no grading)

University of York (2014): Economics BSc, 2:1

A Levels: Highgate School (2011): Economics (A), English Lit (A), Maths (B)

GCSEs: St James Independent School (2009): 4 A*s (English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, French) and 5 A*s (Maths, English Language, Latin, History, Drama)

About Me

I have over six years full time Mathematics teaching experience at KS2 to KS5 and over ten years tuition experience at KS1 to KS5. This includes all areas of 11+, and Mathematics GCSE and IB SL. I also have specific experience with the IGCSE programme having taught in an international school for three years. My most recent cohort of IGCSE students all met or exceeded predictions with all top set students achieving A/A* and all middle set achieving B/A/A*. Students and parents often remark that my approachable and patient nature makes students feel safe and confident to be themselves and flourish. I primarily offer online tuition, but would consider some in-person roles within London. My remote lesson format is very successful. I use a software that acts as an interactive whiteboard, so the student can see the lesson and tasks, as well as a window with me on the camera. I am highly experienced in working with a range of Special Educational Needs (SEN). I have a strong track record of creating bespoke provisions that meet each individual student’s needs and goals.

Recent tuition

11+ English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning

I worked for four primary aged students on 11+ in Lagos, Nigeria. They attended boarding schools in the UK and were home in Nigeria for the holidays. Their parents wanted me to support them with general 11+ preparation. This tuition programme was designed as a ‘booster’ course, taking place over a week. Since the ages and abilities varied, I differentiated the lesson plans accordingly, and always included puzzles and challenges that were accessible for all levels. A particular highlight was using song lyrics to create our own verbal reasoning questions.

11+ and City of London entrance exam (mostly English)

I worked with CL over a two year period. He had ADHD and English was his second language. He was high-performing in Mathematics, but struggled in the other areas of 11+, especially English. He was applying for various London independent schools, with City of London School as his first choice. I adapted lessons to allow for breaks, and different formats of learning. I included videos, games and informal learning methods to keep him engaged. Over time, he benefited from the routines I put in place and made significant progress in his reading and inference skills. I used the Bond 11+ resources, and began with ages 8-9. Soon enough, he accelerated to his own age group and managed to perform very well at this level. He gained entry into City of London School for boys.

Year 7 Maths and English

I tutored SP for one year, beginning in Year 6 and helping her transition to Year 7. She lacked confidence in all subject areas. She was a fantastic footballer, so I incorporated a lot of football content into the lessons, and helped her channel that same confidence from the pitch, into her work. The main target was to ensure that she secured the Year 6 skills in order to start confidently in Year 7. For English, this involved working on vocabulary and grammar, as well as comprehension and inference. For maths, the main areas we worked on were times tables, written and mental methods for arithmetic, and proportion. I incorporated games to make the learning fun and accessible. SP’s confidence and trust grew from session to session, along with her effort and attainment grades in her school report cards.

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics

I was HM’s school Mathematics teacher for two years, but when I left the school his parent expressed that my lessons had a hugely positive impact on him, and requested that I continue to teach him privately, which I gladly accepted. He was a high ability student, with mathematical fluency, but struggled with reasoning and problem solving. His complacency and over-confidence prevented him from being a thorough and reflective learner. I worked with him for two further years, up to his IGCSE, focussing reasoning and problem solving. I used metacognitive practices to prompt him to think about his methods, and what they link to, rather than to perform them in a rote manner. This also allowed us to get into more sophisticated problems such as proving theorems, which in turn cultivated his enthusiasm and thorough approach to learning, something he had lacked previously. He made huge progress in the time I taught him, and ultimately gained 91% (A*) for his final grade.

Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics

I worked with LR for just under a year in preparation for her IGCSE. She struggled with confidence in Mathematics, having consistently been placed in bottom sets. So, building a trusting environment where she felt safe to make mistakes was key. When I started working with her, she was working at a grade 3, and had significant gaps in her knowledge. I deployed a range of strategies to assess her learning and diagnose her needs, and then created a robust plan covering all the topics and exam skills needed. For example, I noticed that she was able to factorise quadratics with ease, but struggled to identify the questions where this skill was required, and what to do with the solutions. She made a huge transformation in her confidence in the time I worked with her, and ultimately achieved a 7, which was one grade higher than her goal.

Hobbies and Interests

I always need a creative outlet, so I do a lot of painting as well as digital art using a software on my iPad. I am very active, and often compete in 10k and 15k runs. Not sure if I’m quite ready for a marathon yet though! I enjoy the discipline and routine this offers me, and it allows me to explore the beautiful Epping Forest which is right by where I live. I am a big animal lover, and have a one-eyed cat who I adopted in Istanbul, where I lived for four years.


“Farah has been a maths tutor to my two sons for the last 3 years. Prior to that she taught my elder son maths at school. Farah is an excellent tutor. Apart from being organised and punctual she is very up to speed with what the curriculum requires and coaching the children to reach their full potential. As an example, my elder son achieved 91% in his IGCSE maths one year early. Her lesson planning is great but she is also flexible and will adjust the sessions according to what my sons feel they need help with that week. Any agency and family will be so very lucky to have her on board.”

Parent of two of my tutees (Y9 and Y11 Mathematics)

“As soon as I heard about the teachers day, I couldn’t think about anyone but you. I’ve started IGCSE Maths last year with absolute fear, during an unprecedented time, but now I enjoy maths so much that I study and teach it. All of this was a result of your good humour and sympathy last year – it could have been a disaster for me: I just started doing maths in English, new school new language etc, but instead it was one of the most joyful memories I ever had. I hope, one day all of us, whether those in our class, whether those in the other classes, those who left, those who graduated etc and lastly, I myself, can show our absolute appreciation for your massive efforts as a teacher.”

One of my former school students, who I also did private tuition with (Y11 Mathematics)

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