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“Mr Ewan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gave me, he makes the sessions effective, engaging and fun, he explains things really well and I am able to adapt easily thanks to him. With his help I was able to take my work to the next level. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor!”

Ali, A Level Maths Tuition

  • 13 +

  • A Level

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • SEN

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2017-2018, Institute of Education, Secondary PGCE, Physics with Mathematics

2011-2015, University of York, MPhys Experimental Physics (1st)

2009-2011, Poynton High School, A Level Chemistry (A), Maths (A), Physics (A)

About Me

I am a qualified teacher and specialise in teaching Maths and Science up to A Level.

I think the best thing about tutoring is the one-to-one nature. I really enjoy getting to know students, as this, aids both the tutor and the student. In getting to know students, I have been able to learn how to style complex subject matter in a way which makes it far easier for the student to understand. In building a strong rapport with students I find they are far more engaged in lessons, as they are being taught by a tutor who is approachable, and someone who understands them. As well as my communication skills, I get to know my students on a meticulous level. I generally have a spreadsheet highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, which both the student and I are always aware of, so students are aware of what we have covered and what we will be looking at next.

My own strong academic performance has stood me in good stead for tutoring. I achieved three As at A Level in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, and an AS Level in Drama. I then achieved a First in an integrated master’s degree (MPhys) in Experimental Physics. Having this subject knowledge really helps on all levels of tutoring, because I then have the ability to stretch students even at A Level, but also break down the content to rectify the misconceptions they may have.

I completed my PGCE in Science (Physics with Maths) in 2018 from the UCL Institute of Education. I taught both Science and Maths at a range of schools, from ages of 11 up to 18. After graduating from my PGCE I taught at a school in south London, including experience of teaching many students with special educational needs or with English as an additional language.

This teaching experience, as well as my experience in tutoring one-to-one, has really helped me in ensuring my students progress as much as possible. I have extensive knowledge of the curriculum from KS3 – A Level, and I am meticulous in identifying student’s weaker areas to then bridge these gaps. I am a very able communicator and I am used to explaining difficult topics to students and make it relatable to them. That being said, I believe that students should be able to do as much of the work as possible, as no student wants to listen to a long explanation!

Recent tuition

I have been teaching for over two years and have over 100 hours of tuition experience. Please see a snapshot of my experience below.

13+ Eton Kings Scholarship

Hugo is a bright and conscientious young man, who is quite strong at maths, but finds the longer problem-solving questions set by Eton quite difficult, and sometimes can grow frustrated when he cannot complete them. We have been working weekly for the last few months, where I have helped Hugo refine his approach to these questions. His confidence has really grown and he recently got the top mark in his scholarship exam at school.

13+ Entrance Exam Maths and Science Merchant Taylors (SEN)

Austin is in year 8 of school having had to repeat a year due to ill health. On top of this he also has some special educational needs which means he struggles to reach his full potential when completing exams. This means he has become quite disenfranchised with his studies. So far, he has really enjoyed the sessions, and as he is quite technically minded, I always frame big questions for him that really gets him motivated. His enjoyment in the subject has coincided with his grades improving!

GCSE Maths (Edexcel) and Physics (AQA)

Clyde is in Year 11 and has struggled to adapt to working independently. He does not find Maths too much of an issue but has been finding Physics more difficult to understand and has been avoiding it. We have been rotating between the two subjects, with the emphasis on addressing the areas he is weaker at. He has gradually been improving on his and has become better at independent studying.

GCSE Chemistry

I have been working with two siblings, Elliot and his younger sister Lilla, having previously taught Lilla’s twin brother for 13+. Elliot is in year 11 and is a few months from exams, and has recently got fairly disappointing mock results. I have started tutoring him since this point, and it has been very important to go back to basics to give Elliot a big confidence boost. Elliot and I have created a revision schedule together, to allow Elliot to make his workload more manageable. Lilla is just starting GCSE chemistry and is struggling so far, so it is important to allow her the time to process any new content she has learned at school with myself. I break content down for her to make it easy to understand and then I allow Lilla the time to ask any questions on the content, with time for her to practise.

16+ Sevenoaks Entrance exam

I started tutoring twins Yash and Utkarsh in September, and with not a lot of time spent until their entrance exam 6 weeks later. In the time I was working with them I prepared them for the content they had not yet covered at school that may come up on the entrance exam, as well as content they had covered but struggled with. When I started tutoring the boys, they had recently completed a mock Physics test. Utkarsh had got 30% and Yash 50%. After two weeks of tutoring, the boy’s grades increased to 70% and 80%!

Maths (Edexcel) and Physics (OCR A) A Level

Ali struggled with the transition from GCSEs (where he did them in Nigeria), to his A levels where he is taking at MPW. We have been working on a range of maths and Physics topics, which are very new to Ali, like differentiation in maths, and difficult force questions in Physics. He has recently taken a maths mock, with one coming up shortly for Physics. He has gone up from a C to an A, and I am sure he will have made similar progress in Physics!

Hobbies and Interests

I am learning Spanish in my free time, which I enjoy as I still love learning myself! I also believe in giving back to others so I also fundraise for as well as being the Treasurer of the registered charity India Direct. As well as this, I try and keep active as possible by playing rugby and running.

 Client Testimonials 

“Mr Ewan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gave me, he makes the sessions effective, engaging and fun, he explains things really well and I am able to adapt easily thanks to him. With his help I was able to take my work to the next level. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor!”

Ali, A level Student

“Ewan has a secure knowledge of the subject which helps him to maintain pupils’ interest in the subject and adequately address misconceptions.”

PGCE tutor

“Ewan is excellent at making and maintaining positive relationships with students, and this helps his students make exceptional progress”

PGCE tutor


  • Qualified Teacher