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"Emma is an strong professional who has a very pleasant client manner and easily gains the confidence of the student. She is punctual and does not rush off at the end of the lesson but rather takes the time to share her observations on progress with us, the parents. I would be happy to recommend her for similar tutoring work."

Mr Hampstead, Psychology Tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • English

  • Latin

  • Maths

  • Psychology

Academic History

2008-2011 University of Bristol, Experimental Psychology, 2.1 BSc Hons

2002-2007 Sevenoaks School, Kent – Academic Scholar (13+)

International Baccalaureate: Higher Level – Biology (7), Latin (6), English (5). Lower Level – Maths (6), Psychology (7), Art (7). Bonus Points (2) – A in Extended Essay

GCSES (2005): English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Maths (A), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology(A*), German (A*), Latin (A*), Art (A*)

GCSE (2004): French (A*)

About Me

I have been providing private tuition for over three years and have worked with a diverse range of children attending leading independent schools. My specialist subjects are Latin, English and Psychology and I also have built up substantial experience with 7+, 8+ and children working towards their 11+ and Common Entrance subjects, Maths and Psychology.

On a personal level I believe I possess the necessary qualities to be a productive and effective tutor. I understand the importance of identifying the exact needs and goals of the child, and providing a tailored approach to cater to these. I also recognise the importance of patience and encouragement in order to promote their own personal growth. I have seven brothers and sisters (aged between 18-28), and thus have established excellent communication skills, and feel at ease interacting with children of all ages. Furthermore throughout my degree specific modules focused on child psychology and the way in which children learn to read, write and communicate effectively. I feel that the knowledge I have learnt from this supports my ability to improve a child’s own personal development and ensure that they are given the best support possible.

Recent tuition

I have completed over 350 hours of one-to-one tuition with pupils of diverse ages, needs and abilities. What follows is a selection of past clients, representative of my experience.

Tutoring Experience:


September 2013 – Jan 2015

Weekly Maths, English & French (7+) placement

September 2013 – 2014

Weekly Maths and English (6+) placement in preparation for Bute House entry examination


June 2015

Maths & English preparation for 8+ assessments (London schools)


September 2013 – Present  Weekly Maths, English, French, Geography, History & Science for girl now aged 10 (began tutoring her aged 7) at Francis Holland in preparation for 11+ (targeting St Pauls, City of London & Godolphin & Latymer)

June  – September 2013       Weekly Latin placement: 10 yrs, daily sessions mastering the basics of this subject in preparation for Downe House

July 2013       2-week placement tutoring English, Maths, Science, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (9yrs

May 2013       Blythe Hall Revision Courses: Maths (10 yrs) for boy at Horris Hill Prep School in prep for 11+

September – July 2006 Classroom Assistant at local primary school

Assisting children aged 10 yrs with English, Maths and Sciences in preparation for 11+

Common Entrance (13+)

November 2015 – Present

Math, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (13+) intensive online sessions in preparation for 13+ entrance to London schools

September 2013

Maths & English (13+) intensive daily sessions in preparation for school pre-tests at Beneden School and Wycombe Abbey

February 2012 – June 2013

Weekly Latin, Science, History & Religious Studies, established a tailored programme for exam revision and preparation for examinations to UCS & Dulwich College


October 2016 – Present

Intensive IGCSE Biology Tuition to prepare her for mock examinations & sixth form entry to London schools

January – June 2014

Tutored weekly sessions in Art & History to 15 yr old in preparation for her examinations in June

March 2013

Blythe Hall Revision Course: intensively tutored German, History, & Maths in preparation for his mock GCSE examinations

January – July 2008

Tutored range of GCSE subjects, mainly focusing on Geography, History & French, assisting with coursework and in preparation for his end of year examination

A Level

January 2016

IB Psychology tuition, assisting her with her IA and coursework techniques

December 2016

Intensive AS Level Biology sessions for two weeks to prepare the student for upcoming mock examinations

December 2016

Intensive A Level Psychology sessions focusing on her exam techniques and key areas in preparation for upcoming mock examinations

September 2014 – 2015

Tutored weekly sessions in Art, mainly focusing on her coursework and building up a portfolio

January – June 2014

IB Biology: Assisted a girl with her Biology coursework & exam preparation

April 2013

AS Level Psychology tuition: intensive daily sessions for girl at Haberdashers’ Aske’s in preparation for mock examinations

March 2013

Blythe Hall Revision Course: Intensive daily sessions in Maths AS Level modules

Residential Placements

November 2016

Intensive week placement in Istanbul, Turkey: Maths, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning for Turkish family (ages 11 & 12)

The objectives of the children were to prepare them for entrance examinations to London schools, with a prime focus on exam technique. Now continuing the placement with online tuition. This placement has now continued with weekly online sessions to both children in preparation for their entrance exams in January and February.

April 2013 – June 2013

Daily tutoring placement: Maths, English & all Sciences for American family (ages 8, 13, & 15)

The objectives of the youngest child, Sara, were to focus on Maths and English and keep in line with the American curriculum

Tutored the thirteen-year-old boy Michael Maths, English and Science and he achieved an A grade average for the term

Tutored the fifteen-year-old boy Matthew Maths, English and Science, keeping up to date with a range of weekly assignments and projects and he achieved an A grade average for the term.


May 2015

Assisted 19 year old girl with UCAS Psychology application to Universities in UK

January 2014 – Present

Voluntarily tutor lunchtime maths sessions fortnightly at Hague School in Tower Hamlets (7-10 yrs)

July 2012

Tutored a female Brazilian adult specifically written English essay writing skills

September 2006 – April 2007

VSU for an after school children’s club

Taught both educational and creative activities

Hobbies and Interests 

I would consider myself to be an outgoing and confident person, who enjoys spending time with both family and friends. Throughout school and university I have volunteered for a range of both local and international projects, and am now looking forward to volunteering with children in London. I am passionate about traveling, and exploring different cultures around the world, specifically South East Asia. I  am also very creative, and interested in the Arts, and throughly enjoy visiting art galleries and exhibitions in London and beyond. I play range of team sports recreationally from hockey to netball, and like to cycle, swim, or even just get outside and get some fresh air!

Client Testimonials

“Emma is an strong professional who has a very pleasant client manner and easily gains the confidence of the student. She is punctual and does not rush off at the end of the lesson but rather takes the time to share her observations on progress with us, the parents.  I would be happy to recommend her for similar tutoring work.” Mr H, Hampstead

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