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Emma S

"Emma is a strong professional who has a very pleasant client manner and easily gains the confidence of the student. She is punctual and does not rush off at the end of the lesson but rather takes the time to share her observations on progress with us, the parents."

Psychology Tuition

  • A Level

  • Biology

  • Psychology

  • Undergraduate Level

Academic History

University of Bristol, Experimental Psychology, 2.1 BSc Hons

Sevenoaks School, Kent – Academic Scholar (13+)

International Baccalaureate: Higher Level – Biology (7), Latin (6), English (5). Lower Level – Maths (6), Psychology (7), Art (7). Bonus Points (2) – A in Extended Essay

GCSES: English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Maths (A), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), German (A*), Latin (A*), Art (A*)

GCSE (taken a year early): French (A*)

About Me

I have extensive experience completing over 2000 hours of tuition, either one-to-one or within a school setting, working with a diverse range of children. My specialist subjects are Psychology and Biology A Level and Psychology at University level. I believe that I possess the necessary qualities to be a productive and effective tutor. I understand the importance of identifying the exact needs and goals of the child, and providing a tailored approach to cater to these. I also recognise the importance of patience and encouragement in order to promote their own personal growth. I have seven brothers and sisters, and thus have established excellent communication skills, and feel at ease interacting with children of all ages. Furthermore throughout my Psychology degree, specific modules focused on Child Psychology and the way in which children learn to read, write and communicate effectively. I feel that the knowledge I have learnt from this supports my ability to improve a child’s own personal development and ensure that they are given the best support possible to fulfil their capabilities.

Recent tuition

What follows is a selection of past clients, representative of my experience.

Psychology (all AQA A Level syllabus, unless otherwise stated)

January 2024 – Present: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A level examinations (Student attends St Johns Leatherhead)

January 2024 – Present: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A level examinations (Student attends Fulham Boys Academy)

March 2023 – Present: Three intensive sessions per week to prepare student for A level resits (Student attended Francis Holland)

September 2022 – Present: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A level examinations (Student attends The Harrodian)

September 2022 – June 2023: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for OCR A level examinations (Student attends Queensgate)

September 2022 – Present: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for AS level examinations (Student attends Francis Holland)

September 2022 – June 2023: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A Level examinations (Student attends Francis Holland)

April 2022 – June 2023: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A level examinations in the summer of 2023, assisting with UCAS statement (Student attends Haileybury)

January 2022 – June 2023: Due to personal circumstances student taken out of school – intensive sessions throughout the week, focusing on his exam techniques and key areas in preparation for his A-Level in May/June 2023 (Student attended MPW, prior to this Cranleigh)

April 2022 – June 2022: Intensive weekly sessions to prepare student for A level examinations (Student attends Francis Holland) – achieved A

Sept 2022 – December 2022: Assisted student with UCAS statement for Cambridge application & interviews – awarded unconditional offer

Hobbies and Interests 

I would consider myself to be an outgoing and confident person, who enjoys spending time with both family and friends. Throughout school and university I have volunteered for a range of both local and international projects, and am now looking forward to volunteering with children in London. I am passionate about travelling, and exploring different cultures around the world, specifically South East Asia. I am also very creative, and interested in the Arts, and throughly enjoy visiting art galleries and exhibitions in London and beyond. I play range of team sports recreationally from hockey to netball, and like to cycle, swim, or even just get outside and get some fresh air!

Client Testimonials

“I admire Emma as she has a determination for her students to succeed which I think reflects on her passion for the subject. I understand her to be very good with teenagers and relatable, and builds a strong rapport with her students. She is playful and fun to be with. I have every reason to recommend her and she works well alone with the student and methodically through the work. My daughter has very much enjoyed working with Emma and respects her. I have always left Emma to work with my daughter and she has been very responsible and yet happy to talk to me anytime.”

Parent of A Level Psychology (AQA) Student, Francis Holland Sloane Square, 2023

“Emma has helped me so much over the past two years on my AQA A level Psychology studies. She is extremely flexible in lesson planning, always making the classes specific to what I want to do, even if I decide on a topic on the day of our lesson. Often we will apply knowledge into discussing practice paper questions which I find most useful as Emma gives me the tools to feel more confident in test taking. She knows the specification inside and out and gives me so many useful tips on key terms and techniques that aren’t mentioned in my school classes which always help me to get the extra marks I find that my peers are often missing.”

A-Level Psychology (AQA) Student, Francis Holland Sloane Square, 2022

“Emma has tutored my 17 year old daughter for her Psychology AQA A-level as well as the writing of her UCAS personal statement and EPQ paper. She began working with my daughter in the summer of 2021 in which time I have seen my daughter’s confidence in Psychology grow and she enjoys her sessions with Emma who is able to engage her in a way unfortunately her school teachers have been unable to do. My daughter’s writing has also improved as a result of Emma’s support in writing her statement & EPQ, both of which have received positive feedback. I would recommend Emma to help with other students also undertaking their A-levels and would happily arrange for Emma to continue to provide sessions with my daughter once she goes to University to continue with Psychology should the need be there.”

Parent of A Level Psychology (AQA) Student, London day school, 2021

“Emma was a great tutor when helping me revise for my psychology A-level whilst I was in sixth form and now at university. She helped me organise and create detailed structured notes which as a result aided my understanding of the course. We also practiced 16 marker essays regularly which I found really helpful as this was one of my weakest areas, especially the AO3 aspect. She assisted me with my UCAS personal statement, and I received all 5 offers from my chosen universities. Although Covid-19 restrictions prevented me from taking my A level exams I obtained an A grade in psychology and secured a place at my first choice university, Exeter. Whilst at Exeter I experienced numerous challenges, especially given that teaching was all online for my first year. Emma has helped me to improve structuring essays and navigate the challenges of essay-writing at university compared to school!”

University of Exeter Psychology and A Level Psychology (AQA) student, 2021-Present

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