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Emma P

“A quick note to let you know that my son succeeded in getting an A* in Latin [GCSE] - in large measure to your advice and instruction. Many thanks for all your help.”

Mr S, GCSE Latin Tuition

  • Ancient Greek

  • Classics

  • Latin

  • Philosophy

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2014 – Graduate Diploma in Law (Distinction), City University

2012 – DPhil, Classics, University College, Oxford

2007 –  MSt, Classics (Distinction), Corpus Christi College, Oxford

2006 – BA (Hons), (double First), Classics, St John’s College, Oxford

About Me

I am an enthusiastic teacher with a love of learning and excellent communication skills, and enjoy helping students of all ages to get to grips with a subject and make real progress. I have been tutoring for Simply Learning Tuition since 2012, and have a wide range of experience in school and university teaching with children aged 8-24. I specialise in teaching Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, and Philosophy.

I am experienced in university interview preparation, as well as in the Oxford and Warwick admissions processes. I am familiar with the ingredients which make for an excellent application and performance on the day for any academic entrance competition.

My approach to teaching is to engage on a personal level with each student, in order to best understand their needs, interests, and learning methods. I try to design my lessons in a way which will appeal to their individual character and spark their intellectual interest.

Recent tuition

I have provided some examples of my tutoring experience below.

From Jan 2017 until the present I have been teaching at two highly academic, independent secondary schools in London – first at a boys’ school, and now at a girls’ school.I have experience tutoring Pre-U, GCSE. iGCSE and Common Entrance ISEB 13+ Latin; Philosophy for Cambridge entrance; Latin and Greek for Cambridge entrance.

Recent successes include:

Worked for 4 months with an IB student from Hong Kong at Sevenoaks on her application to read Classics at Cambridge, and interview preparation. She was offered a place.

Worked for 6 months on Latin and Greek with a student in the Russian school system applying for

Sixth-Form entrance at Winchester. He won the only scholarship available at sixth-form level.

Worked with a student applying for Classics at Oxbridge for the second time round to improve his interview technique and translation skills – he achieved a place at his chosen college

Helped a student struggling with Latin A level to increase her grade from B to A.

Worked for 6 months with a student at Westminster on his Latin and Greek Pre-Us. He achieved a distinction on both papers.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading, writing, travelling, learning languages, and playing chamber music.

Client Testimonials

– “Emma is one of my best tutors. She has a powerful intellect and is able to work effectively with students of all ages. She is particularly skilled at the art of questioning and always gets the best out of the students. She is also reliable, consistent and very personable.”

– “[My daughter] particularly commented that her Latin Teacher was exceptionally good and thought her to have excellent teaching skills which she appreciated.”

– “A quick note to let you know that [my son] succeeded in getting an A* in Latin [GCSE] – thanks in large measure to your advice and instruction. Many thanks for all your help.”

– “Many thanks indeed for acting as [my student]’s supervisor for his project. It is very good of you

to have given your time in helping him, and I know that he has been very appreciative of your guidance. The current version of his [advanced sixth-form] project gained a mark of 83%.”

– “Thank you for all your help on my research essay, I greatly appreciate the feedback you gave me, and it was a pleasure working with you.”

– “Hi Emma good results. [My daughter got] As in Latin and Greek…Thank you for all your help.”

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