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Emma A

"Emma was a positive and encouraging influence and I enjoyed our sessions together.”

GCSE English Tuition

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

UCL, MA in Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties

Goldsmiths College, PGCE (Secondary, Humanities) at  Goldsmiths College

Certificate in  Assessing Dyslexia  Diagnosis and Support for adults.  Language and Literacy unit at South Bank University

Certificate Literacy Level 4 for Adults at Croydon College

Certificate in English Language Teaching (International House)

Sussex University, BA Applied Psychology and  Community Studies Studies (2:2)

Graveney 6th Form, A-Levels: Politics (A), English Literature (A), History (C)

Graveney School,  9 GCSEs, (A*-C)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2009. I specialise in tutoring English and Humanities, also providing support to students with SEN. I am a qualified teacher with QTS  with over 20 years of classroom experience.

My approach is student-centred, where I focus on the needs and aspirations of the student, as well as curriculum demands. I like to gain a picture of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, learning styles and beliefs at the beginning of the tutoring period by using a brief questionnaire. I create resources and a lesson plan with objectives that correspond with the student’s learning style and pace of learning to assist in their progress.

I understand barriers that students may experience, whether that may be a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia, ADHD or ASD, or other needs such as English as a Second Language. It is important to maintain the balance of working to the student’s needs and styles as well as achieving academic goals and developing skills. My students make progress by me outlining what the curriculum or assignment requires, what exam questions are really asking and how to answer them effectively, also by being aware of their progress and regular assessments of their understanding and skills.

Recent tuition

I work with students from a range of academic levels, Key Stage 2 through to adult. I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience. Here are some examples of my most recent case studies.

GCSE English (SEN Dyslexia)

This student was retaking GCSE English as part of her Level 5 City & Guilds Diploma in Education. We met weekly to ensure she was on target to pass. She had dyslexia and struggled with retaining information. During our sessions we would practise how to write full and complete responses that effectively demonstrated her knowledge and understanding. We used many online resources and practice papers. It was important to establish a set structure for extended writing, enabling her to work independently. She gained a B in her exam and has continued her studies.

GCSE English (SEN Dyslexia)

This student was an undergraduate student who required a grade C in GCSE English to continue his studies. He had dyslexia and found writing extended responses very challenging. During our time together we used speech to text technology to get his ideas onto paper. We would then proof read his work. We also worked on his time management skills. He achieved a grade C and went on to study Engineering at university.

GCSE English (Edexcel)

I worked with this student to prepare him for his GCSE re-sit. He had previously failed English on two occasions. He had speech and language difficulties and so we worked together to improve his speech. We also worked on his extended writing, focusing on the feedback his teacher had given him so we could make targeted improvements. He managed to develop the skills required for effective writing and exam technique. He passed his exam and went on to study Travel and Tourism at Buckinghamshire University.

GCSE English (Edexcel)

I worked with this student weekly for an academic year. She was completing her retake in English whilst studying Drama at college. She really struggled with her memory and the ability to retain information. She also had issues around processing information. During our time together I created visual resources that helped her to engage with the subject content. We did many matching activities and comparative analysis tasks which helped her to develop her language skills. She grew in confidence and successfully passed her retake.

GCSE English and Maths (AQA)

This student was a home-schooled child who was set to take her GCSEs early in Year 10. She struggled with mental health issues, lacking confidence and self-belief. Taking a holistic approach, we worked with different styles of learning, finding ways in which she could access the content. We used a number of online resources and past paper questions. I would set her homework every week, she was a very diligent and hardworking student. It was a pleasure to support this student through her studies.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy Pilates, dance, reading, watching films, creative writing, cooking and history.

Client Testimonials

“Emma tutored me on a 1-to-1 weekly basis for my GCSE English retake and my Level 5 City and Guilds Diploma in Teaching in the Life Long Learning environment. She supported me with practice papers and focusing on what examiners were looking for, as well as essay–writing. She helped me with analysing questions to write answers which accurately reflected my speaking skills, advised on structuring my assignments and encouraged me to keep going. She saw my potential. She would ensure our sessions were geared to my needs and focused on what I needed to do to keep on top of my workload. Emma was a positive and encouraging influence and I enjoyed our sessions together.”

GCSE English Student

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  • SEN Specialist