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"Emilia supported me on every step of my Oxford application process, from editing my personal statement to teaching me TSA techniques and practising interviews with me. All the lessons were comfortable and productive and I am delighted by how my personal statement turned out."

Oxford application student

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  • Economics

  • Oxbridge Applications

  • Philosophy

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Academic History

University of Oxford Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2.i)

St Paul’s Girls’ School

A Levels: Politics (A*), Economics (A*), Maths (A*), Latin (A*)

AS Levels: French (A)

GCSEs: English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), Maths (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Drama (A*), Latin (A*), Classical Greek (A*), Modern Greek (A*), French (A*), History (A*)

About Me

I am a graduate of the University of Oxford, where I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise in those (and other) subjects with my students as they prepare for exams, university admissions and everything in between!

I share my academic success with my students in tailored sessions which aim to encourage intellectual curiosity, form a thorough understanding of the subject matter, and develop a feel for how best to apply that information in an exam or interview setting. I believe that an individual approach is the best way to work through issues and achieve a student’s academic ambitions; I couple this with a thorough understanding of exam technique in order to ensure that my students are able to express their hard-earned knowledge in the best way possible and to achieve the highest grades.

Recent tuition

I provide tuition for the TSA, the entrance exam to read PPE at Oxford. I also provide interview tuition for Oxford and Cambridge interviews.

A Level Politics

I tutored O in A-Level Politics (Edexcel A Level) for a seven month period. O felt that tuition would be helpful to improve her exam performance after being predicted a D. She struggled in particular with developing a holistic understanding of the content and representing her knowledge in the optimal way in her essays. We reviewed the areas of the syllabus that she found particularly difficult, with a focus on developing thorough notes which included plenty of examples, and worked on her essay technique through a combination of essay plans and written work. She achieved an A in her final exam – a huge improvement from her D prediction!

A Level Economics

I have been working with E on an ongoing basis for the past four months to support her with her Economics (Edexcel A Level) studies. E finds that she struggles to keep up with the content in class, and to translate this into clear and concise essays which reach the upper band marks. In each session, we cover an area of the syllabus that she is finding more difficult; we review all the content, leaving her with detailed notes that she can then use for revision. E is feeling much more confident in her understanding and ability now, and this is reflected in her in-class performance.

Oxford application mentoring

I tutored J for several months throughout his application to read PPE at Oxbridge, from the TSA, to his Personal Statement, to interview preparation. When our sessions began, J had not yet had in-depth thoughts about what areas he wanted to explore in his Personal Statement. I started by suggesting some reading, which we used as a springboard to develop the content that he wanted to cover. I worked with him to refine his ideas and present them in a clear and concise manner. I also supported him with preparing for the TSA, through detailed sessions analysing the question types he found more difficult and offering targeted support and tips on improvement. For interview preparation, I took him through a number of mock interviews on each subject within PPE, with detailed feedback on how he could improve. J received an offer to read PPE at Oxford.

University application mentoring

I supported twin sisters J and S with their Personal Statements and UCAS applications. Both sisters came to me with some initial thoughts for their Personal Statements, but were looking for guidance on topics to explore, readings to delve into, and how to structure and best present their ideas. I helped them both develop their thinking on areas like behavioural economics and inequality mitigation, and supported them in structuring their Personal Statements – and making the dreaded edits down to meet the word count! Both students received offers from the LSE, UCL and Warwick.

University-level Philosophy, Politics and Economics

I worked with A (King’s College London) over all three years of her PPE degree. A was looking for additional support due to her busy work schedule, which she was struggling to balance with academic life. I supported her with tailored sessions reviewing the content that was being covered throughout the course, advice on optimal essay structure and technique, and tailored revision sessions to help her exam preparation. She achieved a First-class degree.


Outside of tutoring, I am (surprisingly enough!) a film producer, occasional photographer, and roadside car mechanic. I love film producing because it allows me to use some of the skills I developed at University – organisation, attention to detail, and spreadsheeting, to name but a few – in a uniquely creative way. Photography is another creative pursuit, and working on old cars is a fun way to make sure that my never-ending need for a new challenge is always met!


“Emilia is a very helpful teacher, she explains topics very thoroughly, and gives examples often. She is super patient as well. STRONGLY recommended!”

C, A Level Economics

“Emilia was so helpful with marking my work to help me revise for my exams! The marking was so in depth and really gave me good pointers on how to improve – thank you so much!”

M, A Level Economics

“Emilia supported me on every step of my Oxford application process, from editing my personal statement to teaching me TSA techniques and practising interviews with me. All the lessons were comfortable and productive and I am delighted by how my personal statement turned out. Emilia also helped me to choose a college to apply to and our practice together gave me the confidence for both, the TSA and the interviews. All that being said, the process was totally worth it, as I’ve just got an offer from Oxford! I am super grateful and would absolutely recommend Emilia to anyone applying to Oxford.”

A, Oxford application


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