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Elizabeth M

"During the sessions, I learned a lot about how to make a good first impression, how to be confident, and generally how to sell myself to an interviewer. I have since gained a place at a highly competitive medical school and Elizabeth's help and advice was invaluable in acheiving this. The sessions were well prepared, useful and definitely good value for money. I would recommend it to anyone preparing for an interview."

SW, Year 13 Student Preparing for Medical School Interviews

  • Interview Preparation

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2013- 2014

One Thought Professional Institute

Certificate in Professional Training (3 Principles Coaching Approach)


The Coaching Academy

Certificate in Personal Coaching


City University

Postgraduate Diploma BSc in Speech and Language Therapy: Merit



Work Placement Training in Couple Counsellin


Westminster Pastoral Foundation

Foundation Course in Counselling Skills


Central School of Speech & Drama

Acting Diploma


McGill University, Canada

Bachelor of Arts Degree:

English and Drama

Forest Hill Collegiate, Toronto, Canada

Grade 12 and Grade 13 certification (equivalent to UK A’levels)

Henrietta Barnett School, London

10 O’Levels

About Me

I work as a Communications Skills Consultant and Trainer, specialising in interview and presentation skills training for school-aged children and young adults. My work draws on the education and experience I have gained over twenty-five years as a professional coach, speech and language therapist, and actor.

I prepare individuals for all types of interviews, including 11+, 13+, 16+ school interviews, interviews for University and other forms of higher education, and job interviews. Each lesson is tailored and designed to provide individuals with the confidence and practical skills they need to facilitate greater chance of interview success.

The types of topics covered include: understanding interview dynamics; getting the most out of interview preparation; making the right first impression; answering difficult interview questions; managing nerves; and building confidence.

Interviews are opportunities to fulfil some of our greatest ambitions, but they can be daunting and stressful for individuals of any age. I am passionate about supporting people – from school-age to adult – achieve their potential and I believe that, with appropriate preparation, all individuals can significantly improve their interview performance and the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Recent tuition

Please find below a very brief snapshot of my experience in some example case studies.

Medical School Interview Skills Training, Sam W, 2014

I worked with Sam for three 90-minute sessions to improve his interview performance, presentation skills and personal impact in preparation for medical school interviews. The training provided him with the tools and techniques for interview success including specific guidelines for effective preparation, two mock interviews and a written action report outlining his strengths and specifc areas of need. Through the training he learned how to answer all types of interview questions to a high standard, improve his confidence and show strong ability to manage his nerves well. Sam was applying to three medical schools, so I interviewed him in diverse ways to accommodate the different interview styles of his chosen universities. Directly following the interview from his first choice medical school (Cardiff), Sam was made an early offer which he accepted.

Interview Skills Workshop, Highgate School, 2014

I delivered this workshop to twenty-five Year 12 students at Highgate School, London and was designed to educate them on the keys areas of effective communication in preparation for university and job interviews. The one hour training included the following components: how to make the most out of interview preparation, how to create the right first impression, how to handle difficult interview questions and how to manage nerves. All students answered “yes” on the feedback form in response to whether the workshop had been useful to them and rated the workshop as either “excellent” or “good” in the three areas of course facilitation, style and content. Written feedback on specifically useful areas covered in the course included: “techniques about breathing”, “the section on first impressions”, “common interview questions”, and “the simple and understandable top tips section”. The school were delighted with the response and have already asked for another workshop later this year.

Effective Communication Skills Training, North Western Reform Synagogue

I run a regular communication skills training sessions for Jewish teenagers preparing to meet the demands of their bar and bat mitzvahs, during which they will be required to address a large congregation of people and lead services, the 45-minute sessions include group instruction on breathing, posture, diction and general presentation skils as well as one-to-one faciliation on individual style and effective communication to large groups.

Presentation Skills and Personal Impact Coaching, Josh M, 2014

I worked with Josh for five 90-minute sessions, developing his understanding of effective communication and the underlying principles behind creating and maintaining positive rapport with others. We honed his skills as a public speaker and worked on the specifc presentations he was required to deliver as a part of his role as Head of Youth Engagement at a community organisation. By the end of the training, Josh’s ability to deliver strong presentations in creative and impactful ways was markedly enhanced, and his confidence around presentation and communication significantly improved.

One-to-one witness familiarisation, Tariel V, 2015

I worked with Tariel, a Chief Executive of a Ukranian automobile manufacturer and importer, in preparation for an employment arbitration. The session, which lasted four hours was delivered together with a leading QC and designed to fully familiarize Tariel with the UK arbitration process and prepare him for the particular demands of being a witness. I provided him with relevant information about effective communication in general as well as constructive verbal and written feedback on his specific communication style under mock cross examination conditions (conducted by the QC). Tariel’s ability to convey himself as an authentic and credible witness was dramatically enhanced by the training and he marked “excellent” in all three categories of course content, style and facilitation on his written feedback form.

Small group witness familiarization, Northern and Shell Media Group, 2014

I worked with four senior executives in a six hour training session, in preparation for an employment tribunal. The session, which was delivered with a leading QC, was designed to familiarise the group with the logistics of employment tribunals and support their ability to meet the specific demands of being a witness. I provided the group with some of the theory behind effective communication and specific techniques to help with projecting their voices and managing their stress levels. I also provided constructive verbal and written feedback on their individual communication styles under mock cross examination conditions; using video playback to support their learning. All participants were extremely satisfied by the training and wrote, on their feedback forms, that they would readily recommend the training to anyone preparing for a court appearance.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a strong interest in cinema, theatre, music, literature and art. I also love spending time with my family (children aged 14 and 11) – going for long walks in the countryside, preparing (and eating) family meals together and playing any great game that can last the whole afternoon.

Client Testimonials

“During the sessions, I learned a lot about how to make a good first impression, how to be confident, and generally how to sell myself to an interviewer. I have since gained a place at a highly competitive medical school and Elizabeth’s help and advice was invaluable in acheiving this. The sessions were well prepared, useful and definitely good value for money. I would recommend it to anyone preparing for an interview.”

SW, Year 13 Student, Highgate School, London

“I am writing on behalf of all the lower sixth form students who were lucky enough to attend your Interview Skills Workshop on Thursday….we are grateful that you found the time to teach us such invaluable skills….these skills are incredibly relevant and important to us…I now know that there are a few key questions that are likely to be asked that I can prepare for to help any interview be less nerve-racking. Once again, thank you so much for speaking to us!”

OD, Year 12 Student, Highgate School, London

“Elizabeth has a patient, empathic and person-centred approach to working with clients. As a past client, working on confidence building, public speaking and presentation skills, we were able to explore in depth my past experiences, self-perceptions and perceived obstacles and work with them in a flexible and constructive way. Elizabeth also allowed me as a client to co-steer the direction of our work together, leading to notable changes in self-stature and public speaking within a couple months”.

Josh M, Head of Youth Engagement, North Western Reform Synagogue

“Extremely practical and useful training. I particularly liked the professionalism of the teachers.”

Tariel V, CEO UkrAVTO Corporation

“Very valuable training – it helped me realise my mannerisms!”

Richard M, Commercial Director, Northern and Shell Media Group

“A great opportunity to have a dry run in a safe learning environment.”

Gary S, Corporate Manager, Northern and Shell Media Group

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