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Elizabeth C

"Elizabeth is amazing, really helpful and friendly and my son enjoys his tutorials."

Parent of KS1 Phonics student

  • A Level

  • Creative Writing

  • English

  • English as a Foreign Language

  • GCSE

  • Italian

  • Maths

  • Science

Academic History

The Open University, PhD in Literature, Psychology and Linguistics

Cambridge University, BA English Literature and Classics: 2:1

University of East Anglia, MA in Creative Writing: Pass

University of Cambridge, Cambridge/RSA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults: Pass

City and Guilds, Level 3 Award in Education and Training

SOAS, University of London, Certificate in Modern Japanese: 2:2

Siena University: Advanced Diploma in Italian: Distinction

Cambridge Entrance: History Distinction, English Distinction

About Me

Since 2020 I have been working as a tutor and teacher in a wide variety of subjects, including helping students to gain GCSEs and A Levels in humanities subjects as well as in Science and some Maths. Based on my LT3 City and Guild certificate, my style is inclusive and orientated towards helping students gain confidence, especially if they have been out of education or disengaged for a while for any reason. I adopt a flexible approach knowing that it is only when trust is established that learning advances in leaps and bounds.

My most recent higher education teaching role for The Open University has been as a Professional Academic Communication in English (PACE) tutor since 2020, as well as a Module Tutor since 2018. In this former role I worked with postgraduate students drawn from a wide variety of international backgrounds in one-to-one and group sessions to help improve writing skills to help them to structure, articulate and clarify their work for their theses or related journal articles.

Recent Tuition

Year 8-9 (Current student face to face tutoring)

This student is a relatively recent arrival in the UK who needs to improve his functional English and Maths skills. He is being home schooled and preparing for entry into mainstream education. His aim is to sit IELTs Academic Skills in English at the end of Year 9 (this year). We have worked on speaking and listening skills in terms of family, home, hobbies and interests as well as academic writing skills such expressing a point of view and argument. We have also worked on functional maths skills in English such as numeracy, mental arithmetic, probability, graphs and equations. He scored quite low in the initial assessment for IELTS but he is now predicted to pass IELTS at the end of Year 9 (this year) and enter mainstream education in Year 10.

KS2 Current student (online tutoring)

This current phonics and reading student has been out of mainstream education due to various home circumstances and dyslexia (this has been recently diagnosed). I have been tutoring her in writing and reading. She struggles with writing letters and numbers clearly as well as with reading and spelling. I have been teaching her through songs and reading aloud, word and picture activities, phonics exercises, creative writing and storytelling to extend her vocabulary and comprehension. She is progressing well and will be returning to school shortly.

English and Maths GCSE, Year 11 (Edexcel)

I taught this student Maths and English over a four-month period. We focused on English set texts and English writing as well as Maths subjects such as Pythagoras’ theorem, probability and algebra as well as other subjects. He was underperforming in his mock exams due to poor concentration and retention so I mentored him in writing and passing exam techniques. During our time working together he improved from Level 2 to Level 4 in his mock exams.

English and Maths, Year 11 (Edexcel)

I taught this student Maths and English over a four-month period. We focused on English set texts such as Shakespeare and prose fiction as well as English Language creative writing and comprehension. I also focused on Maths subjects such as Pythagoras’ theorem to algebra, probability and other complex topics. She was underperforming in her mock exams due to not being able to concentrate in class so I mentored her in writing exam techniques. During our time working together she improved from Level 2 to Level 4 in her mock exams and was predicted to pass in these core subjects.

English and Science – GCSE Year 10 (AQA)

I taught this student English and Science through the National Tutoring Programme over a four month period. She struggled to concentrate in lessons due to various adverse personal issues and had not been engaged in learning and education and went from not engaged in learning to engaged in learning and attending school on a regular basis.

English and Science – GCSE Year 9-10 (AQA)

I taught this student English and Science over a nine-month period. She had been not engaged in learning and went on to regularly complete her assignments in English and Science, filling her exercise books with high level work and going back to school after the nine-month period.

GCSE English Language and Literature, Year 11 (AQA)

I tutored this student in English. She had struggled with concentrating in lessons due to adverse personal circumstances. She made great progress during our time working together going from a Level 2 to a Level 5. I supported her over five-month period. She went on to gain passes in English Literature and Language GCSE.

Italian A Level Year 12 (Edexcel)

I taught this student Italian over a six month period. He was already a competent speaker of Italian but he struggled with language. He went from a predicted B grade to a predicted A grade in Italian.

Published author and PhD in Creative Writing. HE institution: The Open University

This was a student of mine in the PhD Writing Circle (Professional Academic Communication in English). She was struggling with structuring her PhD from a mass of research. We worked on identifying themes, clarifying argument, referencing and analytical writing. She has now gained her PhD.

PhD in Social Sciences. HE institution: The Open University

This was a student of mine in the PhD Writing Circle (Professional Academic Communication in English). She needed help with understanding conceptual frameworks for academic writing as her first language was not English and her academic training at undergraduate level was not in the UK. We worked on checking understanding and clarification of theoretical concepts, analytical frameworks for the PhD, clarifying sentence structures and building an argument. She has now gained her PhD.


I enjoy speaking foreign languages. I travelled widely as a child and in early adulthood including living in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Japan. I enjoy travel. I also enjoy, gardening, walking in nature and wild swimming as I always gain inspiration from nature. I am a voracious reader and I frequently write book reviews for various journals.


“Elizabeth is amazing, really helpful and friendly and my son enjoys his tutorials. I can’t wait for the new year for him to engage more. My son is not only enjoying his time with Elizabeth, he is also learning quickly and the difference between before starting with Elizabeth and now is night and day. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a tutor.”

Parent of KS1 Phonics student

“Knowledgeable tutor who went above and beyond in supporting my learning. Patient when I needed to improve my knowledge in certain areas. Encouraging whilst I worked and offered praise when I completed work to a good standard, yet she always gave feedback of how to improve even further.”

GCSE English student (GCSE Pass from Level 2 predicted)

“Elizabeth is a confident and sympathetic tutor of Italian. I have made progress in all aspects of Italian A Level including Reading, Listening, Comprehension and Speaking. She has a thorough knowledge of Italian literature, film and culture and I feel confident I will gain an A grade in my Italian A Level next year.”

A Level Italian student

“Participating regularly in the writing circles over several months has undeniably improved the quality of my written pieces for my upgrade report. My supervisors have witnessed my progress, finding that ‘my writing gets better and better I wish the writing circles will continue until I reach the Viva!”

PhD Candidate, The Open University

  • Fully Vetted

  • Home schooling Experience