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“We are hugely grateful to Edward, we don’t want to imagine what grades our son would have got without his tuition."

Common Entrance tuition

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Academic History

Durham University, BA History, First Class

Fettes College, Edinburgh 2013-2018 (All-Rounder Scholarship 2013)

A-Levels: English Literature A*, History A*, Maths A, EPQ (History with History of Art) A*

GCSE’s: Art and Design A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*, English Language A*, English Literature A*, French A, Geography A*, History A*, Mathematics A*,  Physics A*

About Me

Tutoring is about the individual, and confidence is key. While parents and teachers can offer advice and aspirations to students, the work and the results which follow are all down to the pupil. Having overcome the personal challenge of dyslexia to win a 13+ scholarship and achieve consistent exam results, I personally learnt this lesson from an early age. Today I seek to inspire my tutees to take personal responsibility for their future and give them the self-confidence to achieve their goals. I tailor all my sessions to the needs and goals of the tutee. While identifying issues myself, I work with students to identify their own problems and together create a roadmap for improvement. My sessions are interactive and make pupils take an active role in their learning through a mixture of 1-to-1 speaking, writing, and testing. I realise that academics are not at the top of every child’s mind, and I like to work with pupils so that they realise that working ‘smart’ can be more effective than working unproductively. In practice, this means getting pupils to engage with their subject and set short-term goals which helps builds confidence while removing complacency. Alongside this I often try and relate topics to what they might mean in the real world, attempting to push pupils to think beyond the classroom. I am passionate about the subjects I tutor and hope to instil a sense of curiosity in my pupils.

Recent tuition

My specialist subject is English Literature, I also teach History, Maths to GCSE and Science to Common Entrance. I have prepared students for competitive schools at 13+, including Westminster (Scholarship) and Shrewsbury.

English Language KS2

Harry received KS2 tutoring for 4 months in English Language during the pandemic. Lacking confidence, Harry was very nervous to answer questions and was lacking in both his vocabulary and grammar. Playing games while pushing Harry gave him confidence in his ability. Moreover, his increased communication skills placed him in a more confident position as he went into year 6.

11+ English and Maths

Catherine received 11+ tutoring in English and Maths for a term before moving to a new independent school during the pandemic. Catherine progressed rapidly, learning from her mistakes and greatly improving her confidence.

11+ English and Maths

I tutored Richard twice a week in 11+ English and Maths during the pandemic. Richard had been disruptive in class and easily got distracted, but 1-on-1 tutoring engaged him effectively and together we were able to fill the gaps in his knowledge and improve his academic confidence. After three months, there were notable increases in his focus, enabling him to become more interactive in class and setting him up effectively for KS3.


I tutored Edward throughout the first lockdown Common Entrance (13+) History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. We worked on a mixture of revision and exam technique, while seeking to fill knowledge gaps where apparent. Edward went up from his predictions, most notably in Chemistry from a D to a B. He also achieved the grades needed for his place at Shrewsbury and went into all of his desired sets.

13+ History (Scholarship, Westminster)

Charles was a Westminster School Scholarship candidate who required History tutoring for the final month before his examination. Fantastic at Science and Maths, he struggled with how to answer History essay questions. We worked on structuring answers and developing arguments, while applying and honing the knowledge he had. He was one of eight boys to win a scholarship in his year.

Maths GCSE

I tutored Elizabeth GCSE Maths (AQA) for three months following her mocks. A student at Lady Margaret School, Elizabeth required a higher prediction to study her desired A-Levels. We began by filling knowledge gaps, including simultaneous equations, ratios, and surds, before working on exam technique. After three months, Elizabeth’s prediction had gone up successfully from a 5 to a 6 and she was only a few marks off from achieving a 7 in past papers.

Year 9 GCSE English preparation

I tutored George English in Year 9 for a term before he started a new school and his GCSE syllabus. He was not reaching his full potential due to the pandemic and was particularly nervous of Shakespearean English. I worked on improving his confidence and skill set by prompting questions and answers and sparking an interest in literature outside of the classroom. With a strong foundation and greater confidence, he went into his desired set at his new school, Shiplake College.

History GCSE

I tutored James GCSE History (AQA) for three months in the first year of his course. Also Dyslexic, James struggled with the longer answers and how to apply his knowledge. We worked on essay plans and exam technique, improving his confidence and skills to place him in a strong position for the final year of his GCSE course.

A-Level History and Politics

I tutored Victoria History and Politics during her lower sixth year at Tudor Hall. Victoria was struggling with motivation and concentration and, with dyslexia, was unable to put her thoughts onto paper effectively. We worked on essay plans, building up confidence with oral discussions before she replicated them in written arguments. This increased her self-confidence and enabled her to do more independent work at school.

Hobbies & Interests

Curious about the world and the people around me, I love travelling. Last summer I went on a road trip along the west coast of California, as well as travelling within Europe. I have also utilised my teaching skills to live and work in Romania, Indonesia, and Belgium, taking the opportunity to discover and explore new cultures and mindsets. At university, I co-founded a society called History in Politics which sought to explore the links between History and Contemporary Politics. I organised events throughout the pandemic, including academic talks, debates, and skills workshops. In my final year I was an editor for the blog and journal, I have really enjoyed both the political and journalistic nature of the role as well as working with students 1-to1 to improve their writing.

I am also quite sporty and have played Rugby and Football at school and university. During the pandemic, with the absence of team sports, I also took up running and ran the Berlin Marathon in 2021. Alongside this, I have also been the president of Durham Caledonian Society, teaching 150-300 people how to Scottish Country Dance every week and organising termly black-tie balls. I grew up in the Yorkshire countryside where I competed in equestrian events, helped to train racehorses, and taught horse-riding. While a diverse range of sporting activities, across all I have enjoyed the mixture of individual effort and teamwork needed to succeed.


“We are hugely grateful to Edward, we don’t want to imagine what grades our son would have got without his tuition. It has enabled our son to leave school with a sense of having exceeded the expectations of his teachers and to see what he can actually achieve, so warmest thanks for all your support!” (13+ Common Entrance, History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics)

“My son has really gained more confidence since he started working with Edward.” (Year 6, English)

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