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"Ethan is now enjoying Maths, all thanks to Dween. It is evident that he has a passion for teaching and puts so much effort into his teaching. He would go over his time to make sure that my son understood the lesson and that particularly impressed me."

Parent of an 11+ Student

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Academic History

BSc (London School of Economics): Politics & Philosophy (2.1)

A Levels (Manchester Grammar School): Economics (A*), History (A), Russian (A) & Maths (B)

IGCSEs (Manchester Grammar School): 9A*s and 2As in Maths, triple Sciences, History, Russian, French, English Lang, English Lit, RS, Arabic

About Me

Graduating from the LSE, with a degree in Politics & Philosophy in 2017, I entered the education space, tutoring students from both state and private institutions. I have specialised expertise in tuition for the early years to early high school age range (8-12 years), although I have tutored students between the ages of 7-23. Initially, this started on a part-time basis. Quickly I learned how fulfilling one-to-one education was, naturally moving towards a full-time career – I am now in my seventh year as a private tutor.

I began providing tuition in the Greater Manchester area. My students were diverse in both background and academic ability. In many cases, my students had very difficult challenges which I had to quickly adapt to and help resolve. My experiences in the North-West were invaluable, developing a strong grasp of the academic entrance system in often very difficult circumstances. I helped many students achieve entry, with full scholarship, to the top schools of the North-West. Moving back to London, I have cultivated further expertise helping students, both domestic and international, achieve entry into some of the most prestigious institutions in the South-East.

My approach to tutoring is based on a firm principle – academic potential hinges on a multitude of factors which have to be considered holistically. This wider perspective will give a student the best possible chance in succeeding towards their educational and life goals. Whether a student’s performance is affected by ADHD, a move to another school, being held back a year or low confidence, I focus on building a trusted relationship between myself and my student first. Challenges are constantly changing and my approach continues to evolve with them.

I provide full coverage of the Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 syllabuses, SATs, CAT and all major national and independent Pretest/11+/13+ exam boards (GL/CEM/CEM Select/ISEB). For entrance exams, I have helped students and parents navigate the process, helping with school selection, homework resource selection, interview preparation and more. This can be overwhelming for parents and students so I will provide constant communication throughout the process.

Additional Needs – I have helped students who have been held back academically due to a range of issues. These include psychological issues, bullying and learning difficulties. Nearly half of my students have suffered from an issue of wellbeing, often going through a learning diagnosis. My students have been diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and anxiety disorder. A careful and individualised approach has to be made for these children. I make sure that such diagnoses do not get in the way of learning. Diagnoses are important but a student should not be identified by them. I aim to understand the student on a more personal level to help find the best approach to their learning and will develop a careful plan with targets which will be clearly communicated to parents and guardians.

Recent tuition

Student achievements 2022-2023

11+: Entry to UCS (2023 entry) Merchant Taylors (2023 entry), Emmanuel (2024 entry)

13+: Entry to Charterhouse Boarding School (2024 entry)
Stage 2 for Brighton college, Eton, Wellington, Harrow (Pending – student through SLT currently)

IGCSE: A* for international student (Took the exam one year early)

A Level Politics: One A* and Two A Students

Entrance Exams – Common Entrance/7+/10+/11+/13+

I have prepared students for competitive entrance examinations at a range of schools, including Brighton College, Charterhouse, City Boys & Girls, Dulwich College, Emmanuel, Eton, Francis Holland, Haberdashers’ Aske, Harrodian, Harrow, Highgate, Latymer, Manchester Grammar School, Merchant Taylors, Queen Elizabeth Grammar, Sevenoaks, South Hampstead, St Paul’s, UCS and Wellington.


I was brought in on medium-term tuition, strictly online due to the student’s location. I helped him navigate through his pretest which led to his invite to the second stage exams at the school. I provided comprehension, maths and interview preparation and coordinated all homework. This student successfully achieved entry to Merchant Taylors.


I helped this student navigate his academic work alongside his preparation for boarding schools. He took the ISEB pretest which helped him progress towards the second stage of examinations at Charterhouse. I provided support for the specific examination, which included a team activities exercise as well as interview preparation. He has successfully achieved entry. I continue to provide general academic tuition for the remainder of the year until he starts at his new school.

Primary School

Year 3

This student had suspected ADHD and was very hyperactive and needed help settling down. Prior to asking for my help, she was left behind a year in school and was underperforming significantly in Maths (she was situated in a school with a very low 1 star Ofsted review). Over an 18 month period, I helped this student make significant ground, teaching her fundamental mathematics concepts which were missing and significantly improved her comprehension skills.

(I)GCSE Mathematics

This student had wide gaps in understanding and so I made the early decision to start from the basics. Whilst he clearly had a natural raw ability for maths, he had developed bad habits along the way. Within two months, he was back on track and by the summer, he achieved high 80% in his end of year assessment. He went on to achieve an A*/9 in his final IGCSE exam. This was a homeschooling role, where I tutored him three days a week over a two year period.

A level Politics & Philosophy


This student was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia so writing naturally posed challenges for her. She was scoring essays at the D and C grade level. I created a clear plan, and decided to start from writing and basics, focusing on structure, planning and the exam syllabus. She had naturally creative ideas but struggled to convey these in a concise way under time stress of an exam. She naturally would move away from the syllabus, which is a common issue amongst Politics students. Quickly, she was able to apply the appropriate technique and achieved an A in the final exam – a score beyond her own and her teacher’s expectations. This was thoroughly deserved as she, with my constant reassurance, put in the effort and consistency needed to make this jump.


This student’s parents initially brought me in on a one month intensive programme to help her for her mock examinations. She was a student at Francis Holland. She was predicted a C grade. Like many students, she had a good understanding of the content, however, could not break into a higher grade due to poor essay structure. Within a month, she was able to formulate an effective structure on her own and quickly developed consistent levels of proficiency. She achieved an A at A level that year, originally predicted a B.


This student achieved entry into his preferred university and I helped him manage his time and assignment preparation throughout his university experience. He achieved a First Class Honours and is is studying towards his Masters at the University of Birmingham.


Year 4

This very charismatic boy was challenged by his ADHD diagnosis. He was almost six months behind academically in Maths. I have helped him redirect back on track and have seen a significant improvement in his CAT marks across the board.

Year 5

This student struggled with Autism and could not maintain focus and stay seated. He was applying for entrance exams in the North West, and whilst this seemed like an impossible task to his parents at first, I quickly learned that he had incredible ability. He initially focused on helping him develop a sense of composure and calm, through engaging activities and academic games. I tutored him for the complete academic year.

Hobbies & Interests

I have a deep interest in music, particularly in music production. I have produced music as a hobby using software since my early high-school years and produce multiple genres, including soundtracks and work with vocalists. I am self-taught in guitar and piano. Music allows me to enter a space that is completely stress-free and highly creative. I think it’s important to access different states and to not just have one area of focus. I enjoy exercising, running and martial arts. I practise Jiu-Jitsu 3 times a week. I really enjoy it due to the team aspect and the strong relationships I’ve developed. I also really enjoy the cerebral and problem-solving aspect of it. This is why I enjoy playing chess, which I’ve found a lot of my younger students to be interested in. I played chess with an 11+ student during our breaks which we both particularly enjoyed.


“Dween was instrumental in helping our son during his final months of 11+ preparation, in which he sat multiple tests for various private schools in London. Each school had a different format of test and Dween supported our son in achieving the best results and receiving multiple offers. His tuition style was engaging yet disciplined and our son still looks back at them fondly. ”

Parent of a student who gained a place at Merchant Taylor’s

“Dween was my son’s math tutor for two years while he was in year 9 and 10. Dween has a very thorough approach to teaching; he was able to very quickly identify the gaps in my son’s learning and focused on filling these gaps so that the foundation was absolutely solid. He was also very good at drawing out my son’s strengths all of which helped my son secure a solid A* in his math IGCSE exam. I highly recommend Dween to anyone who is looking for a math tutor.”

Parent of a student based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He achieved an A* for his maths IGCSE.

“Dween provided assistance with our daughter’s Politics A level. She was uncertain about a number of topics in her final year and was generally low in confidence. From the start, his tone was reassuring and he laid out a clear plan to address the issues and to prepare for the exam. It was evident that he had a strong understanding of not only the course material but also the marking system for her particular exam board. Sessions had a clear structure but there was plenty of flexibility to allow for discussion of topics that popped up along the way. He also provided helpful course material of his own. Ultimately, she got a top grade and we are confident that Dween played his part in this. We would be very happy recommending him to other students in a similar situation.”

Father of politics A Level student. She was predicted a C grade and achieved an A (Edexcel).

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