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“Not only did my children progress academically, but also they became more and more confident about their personal skills and abilities, as Dora has a way to make all children feel special. My 11+ and 8+ children got into the school of their choice and that is all thanks to Dora."

Parent of 11+ student

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Academic History

MA (Special and Inclusive Education); Merit, UCL (2020-2023)

LLM (Human Rights); 2.1 Birkbeck, University of London (2018)

CELTA; Pass, University of Cambridge (2008)

PGCE (QTS) ICT (11-14); Pass, University of Gloucestershire (2007)

BSc (Hons) in Computing; 2.1, University of Worcester (2006)

BSc (Hons) (Open); 2.1 (Politics / Sociolinguistics); The Open University (2004)

About Me

I am a passionate, nurturing and highly experienced English, Maths, 11+ and 13+ tutor, who delivers results. Using a variety of creative strategies to develop my students’ independence, memory and organisational skills, my teaching methods aim is to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Not only do I specialise in the KS3-KS4 exams preparation (incl. CATs, SATs and GCSEs), but also I offer assistance with undergraduate and postgraduate academic essay management.

Recent tuition

Schools that my 11+ and 13+ students have successfully secured places at include Francis Holland (Regents Park), Francis Holland (Sloane Square), Wellington, Rugby, Charterhouse and Ashbourne College.  Several of my Westminster Cathedral Choir School pupils, whom I prepared for entrance exam interviews successfully secured places at, among other schools, Eton, Winchester and St Paul’s. As well as exam preparation, I also prepare students for entrance interviews.

7+ Preparation

Recently, I prepared a boy currently attending WCCS for his 7+ Highgate, Haberdashers’, St Paul’s, and UCS exams. Following his exam success, the pupil was accepted to UCS.

11+ English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal (ISEB)

I tutored H (Notting Hill School) for seven months (two hours per week). H, an exceptionally well-organised and motivated student, needed support in reading comprehension and composition. Utilising Atom Learning ISEB tests and past papers, H successfully passed the 11+ exams and secured a spot at Francis Holland, Sloane Square, after considering various options.

11+ preparation (Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning)

I tutored M (North Bridge House School) for two months. M required extra assistance with non-verbal reasoning, which following several sessions resulted in his successful admission to North Bridge Senior (Hampstead).

Interview Club at Westminster Cathedral Choir School

I led the club for nearly two years, preparing Year 6 male pupils for their 11+ entrance exam interviews. Most of them successfully secured places at prestigious schools such as Eton, Winchester or St Paul’s.

11+ exams (English, Maths, Verbal and Nob-Verbal Reasoning + Interview Practice)

I tutored J online (she was based in Bordeaux, France) over the period of six months. J, whom English was her third language, successfully secured a place at Charterhouse.

13+ exams (English, Maths, Verbal and Nob-Verbal Reasoning + Interview Practice)

I tutored A online (she was based in Monaco) over the period of eight months. A required particular assistance with composition (especially clarity and cogency) and syntax. The student – for whom English was her third language – successfully secured places at Rugby and Wellington Schools, but in the end she chose Wellington.

13+ English, Maths, VR, NVR and interview preparation

From December 2023 to January 2024, I tutored H (intensive / 4h per week), who is currently attending Francis Holland School (Sloane Square). Consequently, H was accepted to Bradfield College.

English, Maths, Geography and History

I tutored O (online) for five months. Although O originally attended Nexus School, Tonbridge, his education took place online due to health reasons. When we began, O’s confidence was very low (he could not even look at his teacher, i.e. me, even though our sessions took place via Zoom). Following our intensive tuition programme (7.5 hours per week), O was the first EVER Nexus pupil who has been admitted to a further education college.

Year 6 (now Year 7) curriculum (including English, Geography, History, Film Studies and ICT).

I have been tutoring MA (SEN / King’s InterHigh) since September 2021. Our intensive programme of homeschooling / homework support (7 h 10 minutes per week) focuses on developing MA’s confidence, academic independence and improving his English skills (SPaG, summarising, inference, syntax). MA has recently begun preparing for his 13+ exams!

English (Language and Literature) GCSEs

I tutored G (online and in-person) for over two years in English. Since G was a non-native speaker attending a central London independent school, our focus was on homework help (especially composition, reading comprehension and inference of explicit and implicit information). Consequently, G was offered a place at Ashbourne College.

Hobbies & Interests

I am an illustrator and a member of Allied Artists. I specialise in cartoons and comics: I find humour and creativity an indispensable ingredient for any wholesome educational practice. What’s most important: CHILDREN LOVE IT!

I love nature: I have volunteered in a number of national parks, including Rocky Mountains National Park (Colorado) and Aspramonte National Park (Calabria, Italy).

I am passionate about human rights and lifelong education: in 2018, I obtained a postgraduate degree, Master of Laws in Human Rights (2.1), from the University of London, and, in September 2020, I commenced Masters in Special and Inclusive Education at UCL.


“Most wonderful tutor… Dora has been the most wonderful tutor to my three children, aged 13, 10 and 8. With her positive attitude and personality, in an incredible way she has managed to have all my children look forward to their classes with her. Not only did my children progress academically, but also they became more and more confident about their personal skills and abilities as Dora has a way to make all children feel special. My 11+ and 8+ children got into the school of their choice (Francis Holland and Wetherby Prep) and that is all thanks to Dora. I highly recommend her!”

Parent of 11+ student who has been recently offered a place at Francis Holland School, Regents Park

“Dora is the best! She is understanding, patient, punctual, warm, enthusiastic, dedicated and very caring. She has never disappointed us, never! She does her work with such dedication. And she gets along with children so well. She is amazing!”

Parent of 11+ student who, following intensive online tuition, was admitted to Charterhouse School

“My child has been tutored for all KS3 classes by Dora since September last year. She is amazing, I cannot fault her. She is understanding, patient, punctual, warm, accessible, enthusiastic, talented, dedicated and caring. She has excellent communication skills, she listens to my child and she is able to break tasks down, for my child to easily understand. She makes the lessons fun, interesting and simple, even when it’s a huge assignment. My child struggles with ASD, homework and huge anxiety. Without Dora, we would be lost. We have never met an academic professional that has a gift for teaching. She always keeps me up to date on my child’s progress, we appreciate every minute we have of Dora. She has helped and shaped my child with confidence and has made education so much fun. Dora is an amazing woman all around. We are delighted to work with her. Your support means the world to us.”

Parent of Year 7 student

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  • SEN Specialist