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"Christian has been a brilliant tutor for our daughter. She has benefited enormously in ways that go beyond the specific task. Christian has helped her to synthesise her ideas and articulate her concepts with clarity."

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  • Theory of Knowledge

Academic History

2012: Bath University Doctorate In Education

2000: Liverpool University Masters in Psychology

1998: Liverpool University PGCE in Secondary Education

1997: Liverpool University BA (Hons) History and Psychology

About Me

Through over 25 years of professional teaching, I have taught students of all ages, from ages 5 through to 19. My specialist subjects are Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Psychology, and Global Politics and I am a qualified IB Workshop Leader (WSL) in all three of those subjects. In this capacity, I help teachers deliver their courses in workshops run by the IB.

I am a qualified Secondary School teacher (with a PGCE) who has also completed my Doctorate in Education with Bath University in 2012. I am also a workshop leader for the IB whereby I instruct other teachers how to teach and assess IB courses. I have 15 years of IB teaching experience and I am a widely published author with Pearson. I have created, written and edited an extensive range of textbooks aimed at struggling students or whose first language is not English called “Pearson Essentials”.

My aim is to always make difficult concepts easy to understand while providing instruction as to how to get the best marks in an assessment scenario.  My focus is always to uncover the individual’s student approach to their work and problems and then providing tailor made solutions. With my subjects, problems can come in the form of poor or inappropriate language use in academic work; poor understanding of assessment requirements and a lack of confidence or expertise in addressing them; lack of understanding of key concepts; feelings of being overwhelmed by syllabus content demands.

Recent tuition

Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition below.

My work with students is diverse but usually involves addressing language and understanding issues. On a yearly basis I guide, assess and feedback on countless TOK essays and presentations; Psychology exam answers (SAQs and LAQs); Psychology IAs and Extended Essays including History, World Studies and Psychology.

Theory of Knowledge

This student had difficulty unpacking the demands of a set TOK question. He was a hard working student but he had become stuck on this particular question and had given up, accepting a low grade. With my encouragement he selected another question and we started from the beginning. I gave him three examples with clear word count expectations for each – 300 words per point he wished to make which we divided into 200 words for the initial claim and then 150 words for a counterclaim. I showed him how to find clear examples of how could could support the points he was making and then showed him example sentences for how they could be fitted into to such a small word count.

Theory of Knowledge

A student was having trouble formulating ‘knowledge questions’ for her essay and presentations. I tutored her for two hours and showed her how to create her own knowledge questions by focusing on how knowledge is created, communicated and consumed. She was then able to create her own knowledge questions with ease. I also able to reduce reading and research time by showing her how she can work with material she had learned from other subjects at school thereby reducing the amount of new knowledge she had to learn to complete her ToK assessment tasks.

IB Psychology (SEN)

A Psychology student (with slight dyslexia) had written an IA which was achieving a failing grade. She had had not been given the correct guidance and was appearing to flout a number of key rules for IB Psychology students. We spent 4 sessions slowly re-building her work so she could work with her existing data but significantly increase her grade for each section. I showed her how to research, cite and reference correctly; I took her through the rather complicated inferential statistics section and showed her how it should be presented and I showed her how to achieve maximum marks on her Discussion section. Finally, we had two sessions on exam technique for the course and I was able to plug some knowledge gaps she had with some aspects of the course. The student went onto achieve an IB 6 grade.

IB Psychology:

A Psychology student was achieving a failing IB 3 grade for his Year 1 studies. His main problems were language and understanding issues. I spent five sessions with him and we went through each Learning Outcome of the course. I showed him what was expected for each (what I term ‘exam strategies’) and helped him use his existing knowledge to create ‘exam sentences’. These built his confidence and lowered his anxiety. We also worked on his IA together to make it simple and easy to work on. He achieved an IB 5 in the final exam.

Oxbridge Interview Preparation

This student was applying to Cambridge asked for mock-interview tuition. I gave her two mock interviews. After each, I gave initial verbal feedback and then provided a comprehensive breakdown via email of where I thought she could improve. We then did a second and final interview and the same level of feedback was provided. She went onto be offered a place at Cambridge after her interview.

IB History Extended Essay

A student was having trouble focusing a question and writing a coherent, organised answer to their chosen area of study. We focused the question, I provided examples of sub-sections of what an effective EE in History may look like; offered advice on where critical thinking may be inserted and provided examples of what sophisticated critical thinking looks like on a History EE.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a passion for writing which has meant I have spent a lot of my time creating work for Pearson in the Global Politics, TOK and Psychology textbooks they offer. Every year brings at least one big writing project and like any writer my head is always in the next job. I am currently co-writing the next IB Psychology textbook as well as writing a TOK Blog for Pearson and a Women’s Rights article for Womens Day. Being an international teacher has also allowed me to live in many interesting and diverse places such as Moscow, Hanoi, Budapest and Beijing. Travel would be listed as a ‘hobby’ if it wasn’t part of my every day existence. I miss my home town of Hull a wee-bit because of the humour of the people and the fishnchips. I am a passionate if terrible cook.

I love walking and my favourite places are anywhere in North Yorkshire. I also love snowboarding and I have tried to make sure wherever I live is within some kind reasonable distance to a decent ski slope – this proved a challenge in Hanoi. I used to love riding my motorcycle (a Honda CB900) but that was sold to a good home/scrap merchant when my children came along.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for taking the time to write a letter of recommendation for (Student Name). (Student Name) was an outstanding applicant, and as you no doubt are aware, she was offered admission to Yale’s freshman class. We hope you will continue to recommend similarly strong students to us in the future.

Letters of recommendation are a critical part of our admissions process, and we read them very carefully. As a teacher you are in the unique position of getting to know a student from both an academic and personal perspective. Thoughtful commentary drawn from your own observations, whether in or out of the classroom, is an enormous help in bringing a student to life for the admissions committee.

Thank you again for your support of (Student Name). We look forward to reading more recommendations from you in the future.


Jeremiah Quinlan

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Yale University”

“Christian has been a brilliant tutor for our daughter. She has benefited enormously in ways that go beyond the specific task. Christian has helped her to synthesise her ideas and articulate her concepts with clarity. Christian also provided a wonderful intellectual mentor.”

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