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"I got in touch with Chris as my son was seriously behind in his Maths. His predicted grade at the start of year 11 was D and he needed a minimum B to get into his college of choice. Chris tutoring him really turned things around. I got him in at end of last year to tutor my son throughout year 11 and his predicted grades rose up to B. I couldn't have asked for more and I really recommend him."

Alison, GCSE Maths Tuition

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Academic History

University of Manchester, Masters in Aerospace Engineering (2008-2012); 2:1

A-Levels : Maths (A) Physics (A) Computing (B) Georgraphy (B)

AS Levels – Maths (A), Physics (A), Computing (B), Geography (B).

GCSEs – Maths (A*), Physics (A), Chemistry (B), Biology (A), I.T (A), Geography (A*), Classical Civilisations (A*),English (A), English Literature (A), Religious Studies (A*), Spanish (B).

About Me

I am an experienced Private tutor in Maths, Physics, Engineering, and 11+ and 13+ Entrance examinations.

I hold a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and have worked extensively in multiple independent and state schools.

I believe what makes me a great tutor is that I focus primarily on confidence building; I believe every student is capable as long they just apply the correct principles and master the fundamentals.

I have prepared multiple students across 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, GCSE exams, A-Level exams, and Oxbridge entry exams, and most have achieved grades above their expected marks which indicates to myself that progress is possible as long as they apply the correct principles!

Recent Tuition

Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition below.

Physics, A-Level

When I began tutoring Jacob he had an initial grade D following his first year exams. Jacob sought a tutor that could teach Physics at a high level. Throughout our time, Jacob improved his grade tremendously, he gained an overall A and was accepted to University of Nottingham to study Mechanical Engineering.

Physics, A-Level

During my time with Cassanrda I focused on improving her initial D grade. Cassandra went on to achieve full marks in her final exams (A*). Furthermore, she was offered an interview at Nottingham University.

Physics, IB (HL)

I worked with Malte for a year in the build up to my IB Physics exam. I concentrated on helping him understand the fundamentals of each chapter first, and then  taught him how to approach different kinds of problems. We went through the concepts carefully and in detail, along with enthusiasm! Malte did very well, and  now enjoys Physics.

Maths, A-Level

When I first began tutoring Nathaniel he had an initial grade E. Throughout our time we worked on developing his technique. Nathaniel went on to achieve a grade B in his final exams.

Maths and Physics, IB (HL)

I have been working with Deniz towards his exams this summer. We focus on breaking down difficult concepts, and going through the syllabus, while also relating it back to previous exam questions. Deniz is coming on really well and I think he will excel in his exams.

Maths, IB (HL)

I worked with Jess in preparation for her IB exams in the summer of 2018. Jess struggled because she didn’t understand the basics, and so wouldn’t be able to break down more complicated questions. I condensed the content down into sizeable chunks, while also covering a lot of material in a short space of time. We also worked on time management, and her confidence.

Maths, IB (HL)

I began tutoring Hannah in the January before her May final exams. While very bright and hardworking, she struggled with different versions of questions. We worked on present questions in different ways, but all of which required the same process and answer, until she was confident with every type of question that could come up on the paper. She did exceptionally well in her exams, scoring a 7 in Maths, and 43/45 overall.

Maths, IB (HL)

I tutored Sophie for an academic year in the run up to her final exams. While bright, she didn’t feel the need to practice or participate in class, feeling she would be able to just revise and learn from her text book closer to the time. We worked on supplementing her lessons, and really working on her motivation and attention to the subject. She came away with a huge improvement in her exams, and scores which were far above what she had originally been predicted.

Mathematics Studies, IB

I have worked with 3 students towards their IB Mathematics studies. All 3 students have done very well and passed their exams.

Physics, 16+

I worked with this student for a period of close to 3 months, from September to November 2017, for a total of about 25 hours. We worked on his knowledge, ability to answer tough exam papers, the ability to use and put all possible formulas in their exams to illustrate theory, and to answer mathematical questions. I’m very please as I have been informed that he got a place in 2018 with Westminster. As his subject knowledge initially had many unknown gaps that we had to fill to ensure from our part that we did our best and covered as much ground, this is a great achievement.

Maths, 16+

I helped this already high achieving, self-motivated student, who lacked some confidence at certain areas which were understandable due to the difficulty in comparison to standard GCSE and pre-GCSE material she was being taught at school. I completed 15 hours in total with the student, working on past paper questions, developing her theory where needed, and refining core knowledge where I recognised lack in competence. She has gained a place with Forest School Epping as a result and I have been recommended within her school as a trustworthy and results driven tutor.

Maths, IB MYP

I tutored this Year 9 for 3 months while he was tackling his IB MYP syllabus. The IB syllabus introduces ideas far earlier, so he was tackling GCSE level topics at least a year early, which was causing him some issues. I focused on tackling these topics in the most accessible way possible, so that he could take his basic knowledge forwards. For examples I used shadows to demonstrate several different aspects of the syllabus, such as angles, and this creativity worked really well in helping with the explanation of concepts.

Maths, GCSE

I was contacted by Leejay’s parents as he had fallen behind in Maths. At the start of year 11 he was predicated a D and needed to get a B for entrance to college. Through our intensive sessions Leejay managed to raise his grade to a B.

Maths, GCSE

I worked with this student, who was severely dyspraxic for 4 months. We broke everything down to the simplest form of the question, and repeated these simple methods until he understood. We then built up the difficulty very slowly, to make sure he never felt under pressure to understand the methods or the questions.

Maths (Foundation) GCSE (ADHD)

I worked with a 16 year old student for 3 months ahead of their final Foundation maths exams. They were predicted a low D or E at school, and had trouble with keeping their revision and understanding of maths organised. Together we helped her develop step by step methods for different topics and styles of questions, and I worked on boosting her confidence to keep her anxieties about her maths low. Eventually she went on to achieve a C, which is the highest possible grade at this level, and more than she had ever thought she could score!

Maths, GCSE (SEN Dyslexia)

I worked with this dyslexic student for 5 months, and focused on engaging different methods to keep them engaged throughout the lessons, even if they were struggling with the content. I used repetition and consistent methods which helped create links between the different aspects of Maths, and build his understanding and confidence.

Physics, GCSE

I tutored Ayren through complex physics problems by encouraging him to think independently. During our sessions, I taught Ayren how to solve problems in a methodological and systematic manner. Ayren achieved a grade A* in his GCSE Physics – a fantastic achievement from his initial C grade.

Physics, IGCSE

I worked with Adam for a period of 8 months leading up to his IGCSE examinations. As he was a dedicated and hardworking student, we focused on achieving the highest marks for his physics paper, working on hot topics that he found challenging such as capacitors in circuits and circular motion in the Forces and Motions topic. We also focused on general preparation through consistent exam practice drills, theory review by relating topics to real life scenarios and really making sure he understood the content. Adam achieved an A*.

Maths (Calculator and Non-Calculator), 13+

I tutored a bright and dedicated student, Alex, on the 13+ examinations entrance for Charterhouse. Initially he was already quite well prepared, but we worked together to ensure maximum marks could be achieved by covering specific subjects such as advanced algebra, indices, co-ordinate geometry and difficult probability questions. He learned and performed exceptionally well, securing his place at the college.

Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning, 11+

I worked with Tamer with his exams for the the following schools: Latymer, St Pauls, and Westminster. I developed the students understanding from virtually no experience in Non-verbal reasoning to being able to consistency achieve 80%+ in tests, improved his mathematical abilities and he went on to get an offer from St Pauls for a 2018 start.

Maths and verbal reasoning, 11+  offer to City of London

I worked intensely for 2 months with a student focusing on Maths and Non-verbal reasoning. This student was successfully offered a place at City of London.

Maths and English , 11+ entry to Highgate

I worked closely with this student over 7 months focusing on the Maths and English aspects of the 11+. This student’s ability improved greatly and they successfully gained entry to Highgate.

11+ preparation for City of London

I am currently supporting a student who is sitting the 11+ in January for entry to City of London.

Maths, 8+

I am currently working with a young student, Rory, to take him from a state to independent school by completing and preparing for 8+ Maths examinations for a few schools in the south London area. His knowledge was quite sporadic when we began working together but we concentrate on consolidating his knowledge through consistent and interactive lessons and he is on track to pass the exams with solid results.

Home schooling maths and English, aged 6-8 (ADHD)

I worked with a young boy for 2 years, twice per week, supporting with foundation maths and English skills. Due to his ADHD the student was not in mainstream school, as he had problems with managing his focus and behaviour. Together we worked on helping him to develop a strong basic understanding of English and maths, and on helping him develop strategies to help him keep his concentration. Over the two years we built up a good rapport together, and developed his confidence and emotional intelligence. We would often move lessons outside, and help him to let off steam and excess energy by playing football and games in the garden.

Hobbies and Interests

I love travelling, learning new languages, exploring different cultures and making a difference wherever I may be. I play the guitar and love to make music in social environments when one is available.

Client Testimonials

I was studying a mathematics module in my Masters course at university and I desperately needed assistance. I reached out to Chris and I found him to be a brilliant all round tutor with lots of enthusiasm and passion to help all students. He was professional, he moved at a pace which suited my learning speed thus I would definitely recommend him to any person seeking assistance or a boost in mathematics, whether its GCSE, A-Level, University-level or general concept / understanding.

– Barbara N

I got in touch with Chris as my son was seriously behind in his Maths. His predicted grade at the start of year 11 was D and he needed a minimum B to get into his college of choice. Chris tutoring him really turned things around. I got him in at end of last year to tutor my son throughout year 11 and his predicted grades rose up to B. I couldn’t have asked for more and I really recommend him.

– Alison P

Mr Njau is an outstanding tutor. Very knowledgeable and immediately guided my son on any complex problems. Not just tells my son the steps but genuinely guides him to think for himself how to solve the problem step by step. As a result over time my son gained more confidence in his subjects through Mr Njau and achieved A grade for GCSE Physics.

– Kathy J

We engaged Chris to support our daughter during her Physics A Level. With Chris’ support she achieved full marks in Physics. The support was invaluable and our daughter was subsequently called for interview at Nottingham Univ.- the result of which we now await. We highly recommend Chris – reliable, and his knowledge and expertise in respect of the subjects he teaches has been a great help!

– Abdul S

Mr. Njau is an excellent tutor. He seems to be very knowledgeable of the subject he is tutoring. He tutored me Maths A-Level AQA. I would personally recommend you to choose Mr. Njau as your tutor due to his knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism.

– Nazmul A

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