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Carrie M

"L-- passed all her exams and has a place at her first choice schools - City of London School for Girls and Channing. Thank you very much for your help. L-- thought you were excellent."

11+ Parent

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Academic History

Oxford University – BA History – First Class Honours

Newstead Wood School – A-Level History (A), A-Level English (A), A-Level French (A), A-Level Spanish (A)

GCSE English Language (A*), GCSE English Literature (A*), GCSE Maths (A*), GCSE Statistics (A), GCSE History (A*), GCSE French (A*), GCSE Spanish (A*), GCSE Religious Studies (A*), GCSE Physics (A*), GCSE Chemistry (A*), GCSE Biology (A), GCSE ICT (A), GCSE Design (A)


I became a tutor in 2012 because of the unique bond it offers between tutor and pupil. The relationship is at the heart of the success of tutoring, which is why I take the time to know each and every one of my pupils, what inspires them and what their challenges are. I tailor every single one of my lessons to the individual child, putting extensive time into planning and researching what works for them. Whilst I am supportive and sensitive to a wide range of needs, I have high expectations of my pupils. I encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning, to set their own goals and develop their own strategies on how they will achieve those goals.

I believe that the most vital skill children need today is critical thinking. For the first time in history, the younger generation have a world of information at their fingertips. The challenge is how to navigate that information, to ask the right questions and draw inspiration from the world around them. My planning and techniques are led by each individual pupil and what motivates them. By instilling a love of learning in my pupils, academic hurdles become much less intimidating, and the process of learning becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my recent experience. I teach English, History, and French, including maths for the 11+, 13+ and UKiset. I also provide mentoring, interview preparation and Oxford applications advice.

Age 5 English

I spent the duration of the summer holidays with 5-year-old twins, providing them with an intensive (but fun!) programme of English communication, literacy, and phonics in preparation for entrance to St Thomas’. Having been brought up in Turkey, they had not yet started school and their parents were concerned about their language skills. Spending every day at the beach and using the environment around me for lesson inspiration (we collected shells and compared their sizes, shapes and colours, for example) we spent a wonderful summer together and the twins fitted in well at St Thomas’.

7+ Examinations

I supported twin brothers to prepare them for the 7+ exams to Highgate School. I worked with them over two terms on comprehension, creative writing, and maths, as well as introducing them to basic exam techniques like working within a time limit, checking their answers and understanding a mark scheme. As a result, they approached the exam with confidence, and I am pleased to say that both secured a place at Highgate.

11+ Examinations

This student had been educated in Singapore until the age of 9 and, whilst his English grammar and spelling was excellent, he had very little experience of creative writing. Until then, he dreaded reading books and it was a battle to get him to write. His parents had high ambitions for him to enter Dulwich College. I supported him on a weekly basis for a year to improve his creative writing skills and foster a love of reading. I am now delighted to report that not only did he successfully enter Dulwich, he has now chosen to continue with English to A-Level!

11+ Examinations

This student was a bright girl with plenty of potential. However, repercussions from an operation at a young age left her with short-term memory loss. Facing 11+ exams to some of London’s top day schools, she succumbed to a great deal of stress and her memory loss was severely affecting her confidence. Over the course of a year, I took the time to understand her challenges and develop strategies with her to improve her memory and build her confidence. She successfully entered City of London Girls, her top choice school, and continues to use many of the techniques we developed together.

Year 5 & 7 Exam preparation

These two sisters had been educated in the Russian public school system since kindergarten and spoke very little English. In Year’s 5 and 7 respectively, I was tasked with preparing them to enter Cheltenham Ladies’ College with just six months to prepare them for the entrance exams. I drew up a structured curriculum which we followed daily, a mixture of hands-on language support and intensive exam preparation. They successfully entered CLC, and we remain in touch seven years later!

11+ Examinations

This student’s family had recently received news from the Lycée that Louis was a gifted child and should explore all options for his secondary education. Having been educated in the French system all his life, he was now in Year 5 and his parents were keen to help him achieve his potential in the right environment. I guided the family on the best school options for him in the British system, and the entrance processes for each one, which was all new to them. I then spent two years preparing him for Common Entrance and developing a learning programme for him that was ambitious and reflective of his abilities. He entered Eton College successfully.

GCSE English Language and Literature

I worked with a student over a six-month period to prepare her for her GCSE English examinations. She was predicted a 6 for Literature and a 7 for Language. On a weekly basis, I supported her in developing her essay-writing skills, particularly close analysis of language, understanding the author’s purpose, and developing her points sufficiently. Closer to the exams, we focused on effective time management and strategies to memorise key quotations and contextual information. In just six months, she boosted her grades to achieve 8s in both English Language and English Literature.

GCSE English Language and Literature

This student transferred from an international school to Alleyn’s at 13+. He arrived in the UK with a phobia of Shakespeare and all things poetry and Literature! I worked with him twice a week over three years and accompanied him on family holidays to boost his confidence to tackle English Language and Literature GCSEs. I supported him to improve his essay-writing technique and explore Literature and poetry together to develop his love of reading and language. I was delighted when he achieved 7s in both Language and Literature and when he decided to continue with English to A-Level!

English Skills

I worked with a student to help her achieve her goal to study business management in the UK. An academically strong, hard-working 18-year-old, she struggled with academic reading and writing in English (not her first language). When I first met her she was achieving a 6.0 across the board. Over the course of a year, I supported her to improve her score across all skills, building her confidence, vocabulary and analytical skills in English, with a particular focus on essay writing. I was delighted when she achieved her target of 7.5 in reading and writing and an 8.0 in speaking and listening.

Summer Programme – Age 7 and 5

Two siblings were visiting London for the first time from Saudi Arabia for the summer. I was employed as a tutor/governess to support them with their English and create a fun and engaging summer timetable. I planned three sit-down lessons a day (Maths and English and then alternating French, Science, History, Geography and Art) with outdoor activities in the afternoon such as Go Ape, fort-building in Battersea Park, museum visits and trips to Vauxhall City Farm. The highlight was signing the children up for a series of toy-making workshops at the Museum of Childhood where they learnt about and created toys from Victorian England!

Home schooling – Age 9

I home-schooled a bright nine-year-old girl over the course of a year while she travelled with her family. I communicated regularly with the school to ensure she was ready to re-enrol the following academic year but adapted the curriculum towards an inquiry-based approach to develop her critical thinking skills, encourage curiosity, and build the curriculum around her own needs and passions. For instance, as she is a horse lover, we did a whole unit on horses, including reading and analysing Black Beauty, studying the anatomy of horses, and exploring the representation of horses in art. I delivered all subjects both face-to-face (when in London) and online (when she was travelling).


I have lived in five different countries in my adult life and travelled to many more. I am passionate about languages, culture, and history and seize any opportunity to discover new places. I also enjoy the creative process of photography; I take photos and developing my own films to record my experiences and engage creatively with the world around me. I like to stay active and healthy by playing tennis, cycling, running, and hiking, spending as much time in the outdoors as possible. On rainier days you can find me curled up with a poetry book, lost in a novel or learning a new language!

Client Testimonials

“L– passed all her exams and has a place at her first-choice schools – City of London School for Girls and Channing. Thank you very much for your help. L– thought you were excellent.”

11+ Parent

“Carrie planned her lessons carefully and wrote detailed monthly assessment reports which showed real insight. We found her to be very reliable and she was so popular with the family she was working with that they extended her stay. It has been a pleasure to work with Carrie and I have no hesitation in recommending her for future work.”

Residential placement

“Patient and dedicated, Carrie seeks to understand the needs of both boys with very different learning styles and customised her approach. The result was outstanding – we are very grateful!”

11+ and 13+ Parent

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