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"Candy is an extremely talented teacher, whose manner and communication skills are a pleasure to watch in a classroom. Many children have learnt from the way she handles situations and interacts with children."

Mrs Wheeler

  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Science

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2008-2009, Roehampton University, London: PGCE Primary

2001-2004, University of Bristol: BSc Sociology (2.1)

1993-2000, Lady Eleanor Holles School

–           A-Levels: Psychology (A), English (B), Classic Civilisation (B)

–           GCSES: 10 passes A*-C

About Me

I am a highly qualified and trained teacher and have been teaching for over 10 years, I am enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting each child to achieve their full potential. I am also well equipped to tailor activities to a child’s individual interests. Furthermore I am able to assist in their development to acquire a love of learning together with the ability to learn independently and with confidence in themselves.

I specialise in supporting students through Pre-school and Key Stage 1 in all subjects. Additionally, I have had extensive experience preparing children for 7+ examinations both as a class teacher and a tutor.

Throughout my career I have gathered a variety of exciting resources which make my lessons both accessible and fun. I pride myself on creating an excellent rapport with my students. I believe this is a vital foundation to the success of one to on lessons.

When approaching my tutoring sessions, I like to get a base line assessment early on to understand the stage a child is at and where they are with their learning. I will then plan lessons accordingly, tailored to individual needs. I believe it is important to think creatively when planning lessons for children. Everyone learns in different ways and tutoring is a great way to avoid the one size fits all approach that can occur in a busy classroom.

I keep open lines of communication with parents regarding what we have covered in a lesson, ways in which they can support their child and the progress that is being made.

Recent tuition

Please see below some examples of my tutoring experience.

Pre-School Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy

Arjun was about to start Reception at Eaton House, Belgravia. His mother was concerned that some of the necessary skills regarding his writing, phonic awareness and understanding of numbers had not been consolidated and this might affect his confidence regarding the academic nature of his next school. I worked with him over the Summer before he started for one hour a week, before building this up to one and a half hours a week. Taking into account Arjun’s age I made sure the lessons were fun and exciting, full of games, songs and interactive experiences. I then supported him throughout his reception year, capitalising on his many strengths and guiding him in his areas for development. Arjun and I both looked forward to the lessons and it was wonderful to see his skill set develop alongside his growing confidence and love of learning.

Year 2 English

Leonora’s confidence was being knocked as each week she was scoring a low result in her spelling test at Thomas’s School. The weakness in the area of her spellings was impacting her writing and therefore her overall confidence. I approached her lessons from a creative perspective coming up with interesting games and interactive activities to ensure the learning of her spellings was consolidated, yet also enjoyed. Very soon she began to achieve a consistent 10/10 in her spelling test. As her scores rose so did her confidence and therefore her achievement in all other aspects of the curriculum.

Year 2 Homework Support

I worked with Mia who was in Year 2 at Thomas’s School. The focus of these sessions was to support her with her homework.  I also used our time to do my own assessments to help pick up on any areas of need which I felt might have been missed. Once I had identified these areas I used the work given by her school to hone in on these skills. Mia made fantastic progress.

7+ English

Harry’s mother came to me as she was concerned that he had done little at school in terms of 7+ preparation. My brief was to help him with specific skills associated with 7+ such as story writing and comprehension during our weekly session. After assessing him I felt my first task was to encourage Harry to develop a love of story writing as it had begun to feel like a chore to him. I used a variety of tools to achieve this. This included being his scribe whilst he told a story or using well known stories as a base story line, then changing the characters, the beginning, middle or end and seeing what happened! Harry certainly began to see the joy of storytelling and story writing, while making huge improvements. Furthermore, once the rules of comprehension had been unpicked, he began to grow in confidence and actually enjoy them.

Year 3 English

Sophia has a wonderful imagination which was evident in her fantastic stories. However, once she got into her stories she forgot all about sentence structure and grammar which could take away from what she had written. My role was to work with her, for one hour a week, to help refine these skills whilst also encouraging her wonderful imagination. I used her love of reading to help achieve this. For example, she loved ‘Little Women’ so I asked her to write a letter to a character from the story. I found that Sophia very much benefited from having a clear structure from which to write. Sophia’s mother wanted me to create an informal environment for Sophia so she did not feel like she was being taught yet another lesson after a long day. Sophia and I had great fun in these sessions. I made sure it was a comfortable space for her creativity to flow yet also consolidate those important skills. Her stories improved rapidly, with her imagination and creativity weaving seamlessly into a far sounder knowledge of sentence structure and grammar.

Hobbies and Interests

I very much enjoy socialising with friends. To relax I like to go to yoga as often as I can, although my favourite part of this is usually the meditation at the end. I also find swimming relaxing. At weekends I love nothing more than taking the dogs for long walks with my fiancée and exploring the countryside. I am a real nature lover.

Client Testimonials

“I have always found her to be organised and diligent in her preparation and teaching. She is kind, caring and patient with the children. She ensures she has an in depth knowledge of each child’s individual strengths and areas for development…she sets suitable challenges helping to promote learning and increase confidence”

Mrs Horler, Marlow.

“Candy is an extremely talented teacher, whose manner and communication skills are a pleasure to watch in a classroom. Many children have learnt from the way she handles situations and interacts with children.”

Mrs Wheeler, London

“Candy has always approached her work with commitment, dedication, loyalty, warmth and professionalism…she has proven teaching prowess…she will always strive to achieve the best in any task she is given.”

Mrs O’Sullivan, London


  • Fully Vetted

  • Qualified Teacher