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“Camille is an excellent tutor - she was very prepared beforehand in terms of asking exactly what was to be covered etc. and was attentive and engaging. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Parent of ISEB Pre-test student

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Academic History

University of Cambridge, BA English Hons, Double First Class

International Baccalaureate: 45 points (HL English, HL History, HL Biology, SL Maths studies, SL Latin, SL Spanish Ab Initio)

IGCSE: 12 A*s (English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Latin, Greek, French, German, Music)

About Me

My approach takes the study of literature back to basics, putting aside pretension and highbrow rhetoric. I start any literary analysis by encouraging my students to fully immerse themselves in the text, momentarily letting their imaginations run wild as they picture what a text is trying to evoke. From there, it is only a matter of identifying why the student felt the way they did: what word in the text, what tense, what image, evoked these feelings? I subsequently organise sessions that guide students through this process in an exam context, ensuring that they know the proper terminology with which to label these effects and the best structure with which to formulate a creditable argument. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have benefitted from teaching at some top institutions, including Sevenoaks School, Harvard University, and the University of Cambridge, and have adopted and integrated their skills and approach into my own teaching style. As a result, I structure my sessions with the these models in mind, keeping the atmosphere conversational and ensuring a two-way dialogue. This creates stimulating and engaging lessons that not only my students, but I also, greatly enjoy!

Recent tuition

I have prepared students for Secondary School entrance exams for schools including Radley, Dulwich, Tonbridge, Harrow, Wetherby Senior and St Paul’s. I have also prepared students for University entrance exams, including the ELAT for Oxford and Cambridge.

ISEB Pre-test

I tutored R in preparation for the ISEB pre-test exam. R attends the Westminster Cathedral Choir School, and was in need of some last-minute intensive preparation in the weeks leading up to the exam. I visited R’s home several times a week as the exam approached, and we established a fantastic rapport which made the lessons really enjoyable for us both, particularly considering the laborious nature of the exam. My approach was initially a diagnostic one, identifying his weaknesses and gaps in his knowledge. After holding several lessons to eliminate those primary errors, we shifted our attention to focus on fine-tuning small mistakes and working on exam technique. I created my own sample papers that specifically targeted any traps that R tended to fall into, and that also repeatedly tested him on common ISEB questions. R is targeting Radley College, and will hear about the outcome of the first round of the admissions process in December.

ISEB Pre-test

I tutored D (who attends Westminster Chapel Choir School) a couple times a week in the months leading up to his ISEB pre-test exam. As is often the case for this exam-focused, last-minute revision, I firstly held sessions that helped identify common mistakes that he was making. This approach tends to reveal unexpected gaps in knowledge: for example, he confidently told me that we did not need to go over the different types of clauses – he had extensively studied these in school – yet it only took a few questions for me to uncover that he had entirely confused subordinate and relative clauses, and that this was somehow flying under the radar at school.. A particular benefit of the lessons regarded the shuffled sentences component of the exam, which D was really uncertain about. In our post-exam discussion, his mother reported that “he said that there were some jumbled sentences that he knew how to do because of your help so thank you!” D is targeting Eton and St Paul’s, and will find out about the outcome of the exam in December.

UKiset exam

I am currently tutoring V, who studies in Hong Kong, in the 4 months leading up to her UKiset exam. We meet virtually for 2 hour lessons every week, and I cover every aspect of the exam with her. Each lesson works steadily towards covering every type of question that could appear in the exam, and I have quickly observed that V is extremely confident with questions relating to mathematics or non-verbal reasoning, but is lacking skills and confidence when it comes to verbal reasoning and the essay-writing component. We therefore are spending several lessons developing V’s writing skills, and I am encouraging her to extend her sentences and to write with more clarity by providing her with my own sample answers, which I have written to best suit the UKiset exam format. V is targeting St Peter’s School and the Queen Margaret’s School.

Year 9 GCSE English

I tutored M and M (twin Year 9 students at Latymer Upper School) on a weekly basis over the course of a year to help them develop essential written and verbal communication skills that have not manifested due to their reluctance to read or engage in English lessons. I tutored each student individually for an hour a week, and initially began by tailoring my approach to focus on creating interest and maintaining their attentiveness in lessons. Their mother was concerned that they were easily distracted in school classes: a product, no doubt, of both the online schooling periods of the pandemic and the short attention spans curated by prolonged phone usage. I therefore created fun and stimulating lessons that took as their starting point the girls’ interests: namely, fashion, instagram, and art. I led a lesson in our first week, for example, on social media, influencer culture, and how it relates to the history of the book; following the great success of this lesson, I held classes on the emergence of poetry in the world of fashion, and the prominence of poetry in street graffiti and art. Both girls are now confidently and happily reading books by themselves in their spare time.

IB English Literature SL

I tutored M in 2021, who was a student at an international IB school in Italy and who had made no progress with his IOC, despite the commentary being due in 2 weeks’ time. We had some emergency last-minute sessions to help him develop the necessary material, and this resulted in a stand-out piece of writing that drew from all of his strengths: M had been working at the level of a 4, and received a 6 for his IOC (the highest ranking component of his English results).

IB HL English Language & Literature

I tutored K (a student at an international IB school in Saudi Arabia) once a week over several months to provide essential out-of-school English support, as well as university admissions support as he was in the important stages of the application process. K was writing his HL English coursework essay on ‘Born A Crime’ by Trevor Noah, and had no real sense of how to approach the essay or where to begin. I read Noah’s book in advance of our sessions, and subsequently laid out a lesson plan that guided him from the initial brainstorming stage all the way to the finished essay. K ended up writing a highly nuanced and accomplished essay on the use of dark comedy in Noah’s narrative technique, and can now confidently turn his attention to the other elements of the IB course. K additionally requested extra sessions to help him finalise his personal statement, and I helped him tailor the essay to the specific universities that he will be applying to, in order to best convince the admissions officers of his desire to study at their respective institutions.

IB English Extended Essay

I tutored P, a student at an international IB school in Ecuador, during her winter school term: a period by which students are expected to have at least begun their Extended Essays (a similar project to the EPQ). P was struggling to even begin her EE, and had been told conflicting advice from her teachers. P was keen to write about Golding’s ‘The Lord of the Flies’, so I read the novel in preparation for our sessions and held creative brainstorming lessons to find an interesting lead for her to pursue. P has now written her entire EE – an essay about Golding’s use and reworking of the biblical story of the Fall of Man – in time for the submission date.

English extension classes

I have been tutoring K over the past few months on a weekly basis to supplement her knowledge of classical literary texts. Our current project revolves around Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’: K read this text in class (she studies at an international school in Hong Kong) but did not grasp the underlying meaning of most of the book, and was struggling to articulate her views. I have been leading creative lessons that cover the book chronologically to give K a more thorough understanding of the book, and also to simultaneously discuss its wider themes and contexts. A recent lesson involved a study of various book covers of P&P over time, which in turn led to a really productive discussion about art and aesthetics in the book, and the cultural context of garden landscaping, nature paintings, and architecture in the period.

Hobbies and Interests

My background is a musical one: I’ve been playing the piano and violin since I was a small child, and participate in chamber groups and orchestras in my spare time as much as I can. I find music to be one of the most powerful ways to connect with people, and I therefore am a regular at the Barbican Centre, Royal Opera House, and Southbank Centre: I recently moved to London, and am set on taking advantage of its fantastic concerts as much as possible! I’ve also worked as a freelance editor over the past 3 years, and am currently editing a collection of short stories for publication in 2023. I greatly enjoy working with authors and brainstorming plot lines, and in fact have begun to really appreciate fusing this creative approach with a more analytical one in my lessons.


Parent of ISEB Pre-test student

“Camille is an excellent tutor – she was very prepared beforehand in terms of asking exactly what was to be covered etc. and was attentive and engaging. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.”

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