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"My son's exam marks have significantly improved since Cameron started working with him and his enjoyment of Maths as a subject has definitely increased."

Parent of 13+ student

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • English

  • French

  • GCSE

  • Maths

Academic History

BA Law with French Law (2:i), University of Oxford

MA Text and Performance (Distinction), RADA and Birkbeck

A Levels: Maths and Economics (A*), Further Maths (A), French (A), Theatre Studies (A).

GCSEs: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, History, Geography, and Drama (A*). Religious Studies (A).

About Me

I’m generally a fairly relaxed tutor, focusing on creating an easygoing atmosphere within which to learn. I find this helps take the pressure off students, which typically leads to them being a bit more open about what it is they don’t understand and less worried about ‘getting it wrong’. I encourage independent thought and exploration of ideas, trying things out to deepen understanding – rather than prescribing a formulaic approach.

In Maths, students are usually preoccupied with the ‘correct method’, but there’s often more than one way to tackle a given question – I like to allow space for different approaches, finding what works for the particular student, and then practising with similar questions until they feel confident. I tend to teach topics of Maths through questions – beginning simply, illustrating the foundations of a topic, and moving on to more and more complex questions, which rely upon those solid foundations. If at any time a student is really struggling, I will step away from the question at hand and formulate a simpler example which will illustrate the idea. Once the student feels confident with the simpler question, we return to the initial question to apply the idea they have just worked on. In this way, we’re building from the ground up – any holes or gaps are dealt with as they occur, and students are able to progress at their own pace.

I also work with students on their exam technique and critical thinking skills. I challenge them to engage deeply with the question by thoroughly reading, re-reading, and understanding exactly what it is they’re being asked. In this way, they become familiar with the nuances of how questions are phrased and, as a result, more precise in their understanding of what they need to do to get the marks. This is a skill which is relevant in all subjects, not just Maths. My priority, of course, is to deepen students conceptual understanding and knowledge of Maths – but I also want them to know exactly how to score points on an exam. There is wonderful intrigue and beauty in the theories and ideas of Maths, but there’s also the practical matter of achieving the grade for which a student is aiming – I recognise the importance of both.

Recent tuition

11+ Maths, English and Reasoning

I worked intensively with a student (four sessions a week for a period of three months) in order to prepare him for the content of the exams as well as sharpening his exam technique. He successfully achieved admission to the school of his choice.

Maths and study skills support (Winchester Scholarship)

I began working with a student over two years ago now, initially helping him to prepare for his application to the Winchester Scholarship, which he successfully attained. I have continued working with him since in order to provide broad study skills support and help him with understanding of some topics in Maths which he finds it more challenging to get his head around.

Maths and French (Woldingham Entrance Exam)

I worked with this student for four months, working towards the Woldingham entrance tests. She successfully secured a place.

GCSE Maths

I focused on exam technique and the avoidance of sloppy errors with this capable student. The aim was to offer reassurance and hone his technique. He achieved an A*.

GCSE Maths

I tutored this student for once a week for four months preceding her exams. She received an E in her mocks, and ultimately attained a solid B after our work together, with which she was very pleased.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m fairly active, watching and playing a variety of sports and games. I enjoy the social aspect of sports and games, as well as the skill / luck elements at play. I play six-a-side football once a week, and regularly meet up with friends to play board games in pubs during the colder months, outside for frisbee or boules when it’s warmer!

I read a good amount. Since leaving university, I became very interested in neuroscience and philosophy – and their intersection. I’m curious about the experience of being human, from a philosophical as well as a biological / neurological perspective – so I’ve read a number of books in this area. I also dip into fiction every so often, most recently really enjoying ‘The Master and Margarita’ – it was the first time in a while that fiction had felt really fun and funny to me!

I’m a writer / performer of theatre – this is my primary interest in life really, stemming from that same curiosity about the human experience. I have just this summer (2022) performed my own show up at Edinburgh Fringe after having staged it at Soho Theatre for the second time earlier in the year. During the last couple of years, when it was not possible to engage with theatre in quite the same way, I began writing for screen as well as writing daily nonsense poems or comical verse in the tradition of Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Mervyn Peake, Dr. Seuss, and Ogden Nash (as well as many others). This is a lovely daily habit which I’ve been doing since the start of 2021!


“Both my sons have a good relationship with Cameron, he treats them as individuals and adjusts his approach to their specific educational needs. He communicates ideas clearly and thoroughly which enables my sons to understand the topics they are covering and encourages independent thought. This has helped my sons gain a solid foundation of knowledge of the subjects they have been studying, as well as confidence in discussing their own thoughts and viewpoints. Cameron is also very pleasant to have around, he is charming and helpful.”

Parent of Common Entrance students

“Cameron has worked with my son O– aged 13 for the past 6 months on Maths for Common Entrance. O– really enjoys his lessons with Cameron and says that his teaching has made an enormous difference to his understanding of the subject. O–‘s exam marks have significantly improved since Cameron started working with O– and his enjoyment of maths as a subject has definitely increased. Cameron is very reliable and extremely nice. I could not recommend him more highly.”

Parent of 13+ student

“I am delighted to give Cameron a reference and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a Maths tutor for their child. Last year I was looking for a tutor to help my son B– (now aged 13) with 13+ Maths at Common Entrance. His confidence in this subject had hit rock bottom due to some very poor exam results during the Easter and Summer terms (25%/28%) and we were worried that this would not improve enough to achieve the required 55% pass mark at Bradfield College. My son was rather anxious about having a tutor but Cameron is a charming and easy going person who completely put my son at ease. B– liked Cameron very much, before each session they chatted about sport and football and this certainly made for an informal and friendly atmosphere in which B– could be taught. Cameron is a fantastic teacher too, he was able to focus on the areas of Maths which B– found difficult, provide new ways to understand any problems /issues and provided lots of encouragement. My son is not a natural mathematician but with Cameron’s help his marks started to improve. At the end of last term B– achieved 65% in his calculator Maths paper coming 2nd in his class – even B– was surprised! B– has now passed Common Entrance and was awarded level B in Maths – he will start Bradfield college in September.”

Parent of 13+ student

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