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"Every lesson with Blanca is as informative, interesting, and compelling as the last. I am able to grow in my understanding of Spanish each lesson and feel incredibly safe when asked to step out of my comfort zone to repeat a phrase or word. As someone who struggles with languages, Blanca’s attentive and constructive approach to tutoring creates an easy atmosphere in which it’s easy to learn."

Cecilia, Spanish adult learner

  • 11+

  • French

  • Geography

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Spanish

Academic History

2016 – 2019, UCL, BA (Hons) European Social and Political Science (1st)

Escaan Escuele International School, IB Diploma, Taught in English, 42 points

Spanish (HL) 7, English (HL) 7, Geography (HL) 6, Business & Management 6, Physics, 6, Mathematics, 6, Extended essay in Spanish A, Theory of Knowledge, B.

About Me

I work with students from 4 to adulthood, teaching English, Maths and core curriculum to 11+, Maths GCSE and Spanish and French. I have home schooling and SEN experience.

I am a kind and approachable tutor. I enjoy getting to know my students well, and building a safe space in the 1-1 tuition setting for my students to reach their full potential. In that sense, I have generally found that a reciprocal relationship with my students tends to be more effective than a hierarchical one.

In terms of techniques and methodologies, I like to be aware of the different learning styles whenever choosing resources to use with my students, always bearing in mind that each student will have a mixture of different learning styles (visual, verbal, kinesthetic.). I like to think that the methodologies and techniques I use derive directly from what I highlighted in my previous paragraph, from getting to know the student in the first place. Keeping the lessons as interactive as possible while at the same time having a good mixture of activities of various kinds (i.e a lesson starter, a challenge at the end of the lesson…) in my opinion is a great way to achieve a good balance for my lessons.

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

11+ Common Entrance Maths and NVR.

Olivia struggled with NVR questions, and had certain gaps in her knowledge with the Maths curriculum due to part of her lessons being online during the pandemic last year. One of the main reasons why I was asked to tutor her was in order to help her gain confidence prior to her exams. For Maths, other than doing past paper practice, we focussed on targeting topics which Olivia struggled with including fractions/decimal/percentages and making sure she had a good understanding of those before looking at 11+ specific questions. For NVR, Olivia had very low confidence when it came to her skills, but while doing a variety of practice questions together we went through methods and ways to approach NVR questions that have increased her confidence in her own ability in a very short amount of time. We are still working together on a weekly basis prior to her exams in the coming months, but Olivia’s confidence has already improved a lot, and she enjoyed her first exam last week. Since starting lessons with me she has also now been put in a higher Maths’ set at school.

Spanish Year 7 Homeschooling Role (SEN – ADHD)

Keyvan has been homeschooled for the last 2 years, I got asked to join his homeschooling team as Spanish tutor last year (this will be my second term as part of the team). While Keyvan had had a previous Spanish tutor, this had not worked out and he had stopped doing Spanish lessons prior to me joining, so I was asked to treat him as a complete beginner. Keyvan has made some great progress both in his understanding of Spanish as well as when it comes to memory retention of words/vocabulary (an area that he particularly struggles with).

Spanish GCSE support/exam technique.

Zane needed general support with his Spanish GCSE prior to his exams, as well as focus on exam technique. While he was already a very high achieving student (having been predicted a 7), Zane was aiming to increase this grade prior to his exams. We focussed on targeted exam practice, doing many past papers in all areas (listening, reading, writing) and when identifying areas in which further focus was needed, we did targeted grammar or translation exercises in those areas. We also identified exam technique practices specific to the Spanish GCSE exams. Zane achieved a grade 9 in his GCSE Spanish.

Spanish GCSE homeschooling (SEN – ASD/ Anxiety).

Georgia had been homeschooled for a few months prior, due to having high levels of anxiety that did not allow her to be in traditional schooling. Her GCSE exams/assessments were only a few months away, however she was reluctant to get a Spanish tutor, due to her being generally opposed to change. While at the beginning she made it clear she did not want to have a Spanish tutor, as she did not think she could pass Spanish, I slowly worked towards helping her build her confidence, and allowing her to understand that if we worked together she could in fact pass the Spanish GCSE. Georgia showed excellent speaking skills, and enjoyed preparing for her Speaking exam together. Despite her hesitancy to even take Spanish lessons, Georgia managed to score a Merit in her Speaking, and her overall attitude towards the subject changed in the few months we worked together.

Maths GCSE Additional support (SEN – Selective mutism).

Jessica is homeschooled and had struggled following some of the topics presented to her by her new online schooling programme. Last year I was asked to identify gaps in her knowledge when it came to the Maths curriculum, and help address those, as well as providing with ongoing support alongside her online schooling. We found some core gaps in her knowledge that we have slowly been working to address (including rearranging algebra equations, percentages/fractions/decimals amongst other topics). Additionally, supporting Jess with the topics she is currently studying has revealed some further gaps that we have also been addressing. Her confidence in all areas that we have covered together has increased significantly since starting working together, as well as her communication skills within the lesson setting.

Maths GCSE Homeschooling (SEN – ASD).

Lila has been transitioning from traditional schooling to homeschooling in the last 6 months. Prior to the start of Year 10 I was asked to tutor her for a term, in order to identify any gaps in her knowledge as well as to get a sense of her general Maths level prior to starting the new academic year. She had previously had issues with another Mathematics tutor, so it was important to build a relationship with her in which she felt supported. We are still working together this new term, ensuring we cover the IGCSE Edexcel Mathematics curriculum. In a test we did prior to half-term Lila scored 90% and she is on track to achieve a great mark in Maths if she continues working as well as she has until now.

Hobbies and Interests 

One of my main interests is music, which I enjoy as a form of self-expression, being an experienced musician and songwriter. I also enjoy gardening and generally finding out more about plants as I find this very therapeutical when it comes to caring for my plants and seeing them grow! I also love traveling and discovering new cultures.

Client Testimonials

“Every lesson with Blanca is as informative, interesting, and compelling as the last. I am able to grow in my understanding of Spanish each lesson and feel incredibly safe when asked to step out of my comfort zone to repeat a phrase or word. As someone who struggles with languages, Blanca’s attentive and constructive approach to tutoring creates an easy atmosphere in which it’s easy to learn.”

Cecilia, Spanish adult learner.

  • Home schooling Experience

  • SEN Experience