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"An exceptional tutor. Ben has a stellar academic background but is able to relate to our son so well. He has an ability to put our son at ease; he is more of a friend to him than a tutor. J. has struggled at school, but Ben refound his confidence and his voice, enabling him to get a high A in his A-Levels from having been predicted a D. We are so grateful."

Mrs Y, A Level Tuition

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  • Oxbridge

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Academic History

University College London (2015 – present) Medicine MBBS

University of Cambridge (2012-2015) First Class Honours Degree in Pharmacology. BA (Hons) Cantab.

Awards: Academic Exhibition (2014), Academic Scholarship (2015) and College Prize in Medicine (2015).

Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet


Biology (A* – 95% over A-Level)

Chemistry (A*- 97%, 100% over A2)

Mathematics (A* 100% in Core Maths modules)

Physics (A* 99% – 100% at AS Level)

Extended Project Qualification (A*).


Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), English (A*), English Literature (A*), Geography (A*), History (A*), Economics (A*), French (A*), ICT (Short Course) (A*), Religious Studies (Short Course) (A*).

About Me

Science Specialist, Cambridge Graduate

I am a science specialist (up to and including A-Level, International Baccalaureate and Pre-U) and tutor Biology, Chemistry and Physics to this level. I provide mentoring for Oxbridge and Medical School Admissions students and tutors undergraduate Medicine/Biomedical Sciences. I have undertaken residential tuition and have undertaken placements in the UK and overseas for clients.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Churchill College Cambridge graduating with First Class Honours in Pharmacology. I am currently studying Clinical Medicine (MBBS) at University College London and is scheduled to graduate in 2018. I have been awarded a number of prizes for my academic performance in the past including Scholarship of Churchill College and the College Prize for Medicine in 2015.

For me, good tutoring is about one thing above all: understanding the student. I believe it is a unique advantage of one to one tuition that tutor is able to put themselves in the shoes of their student and see the topic through their eyes. This is incredibly beneficial when trying to understand the subject in its entirety rather than through the narrow confines of the syllabus or working out individual problems. I have modelled my tutoring technique based on the supervisions that I have received at Cambridge; it’s critical that a child’s confidence is built up during lessons. This facilitates the student to lead the lesson and nurtures an important sense of independent thought.

Recent tuition

Examples of Recent Work:


GCSE Science (Triple): The student attends a top North London Grammar school. He has underperformed in analytical subjects up to this point with unknown reason. On initial meeting the student appears to have little interest in science. Tuition focuses on infusing student with enthusiasm for Science and using non-didactic teaching methods in order to improve on results. He achieved an A*A*A in his three sciences.

GCSE Maths and Sciences

I worked with an able student in the run up to their final GCSE exams, focussing on fine tuning their exam technique and understanding of the more complex topics. I am delighted to report that they achieved A*’s across the board in their results.

16+ Preparation:

I have worked with 7 students in total for Science in preparation for the 16+ assessments. At this level I find it key to take a more holistic approach to tuition. This not only ensures that the student has confidence regarding the content of the exam, but it also gives them the ability to speak and argue eloquently about the subjects – this can be critical when it comes to performing well at interview. All of my 16+ students have been successful in passing their exams, with 2 securing places at St. Paul’s Girls, 2 at St. Paul’s Boys, 2 at Westminster, and 1 at Highgate School

A-Level/IB/Pre-U Work:

A-Level Biology and Chemistry (OCR): This tuition consisted of two hour session once a week. The tutee was a 16 year old girl who had underperformed at school and had attention deficit problems (although did not have a confirmed diagnosis). The student was very energetic and required one to one supervision was required. Supervision of student consists of covering core syllabus material; additional resources and wider reading are used in order to broaden and deepen the understanding of the course for the student. The lessons were altered to include small breaks to take into account attention deficit. She was predicted a C at the beginning of the course she achieved a high A grade (87%).

A-Level Biology and Chemistry (AQA): Two hour session once a week. Student is highly able, consists of recapping core syllabus material; additional resources are used to strengthen understanding in preparation for Oxbridge interview for the coming December. This candidate achieved a place at her first choice Cambridge college.

A-Level Biology: One hour lesson a week with boy who attends a comprehensive school in North London. He has been underperforming in school for some years and is sporty. He has been predicted a C in Biology. Tutoring focused on bringing his sporting mindset into our lessons and making him more competitive. He improves in class tests over the subsequent year with a predicted grade moving from a C to an A grade. He achieves an A grade in his final examinations.

A-Level Chemistry: Two hour sessions a week with girl who attends a top North London grammar school. She aspires to study Medicine at Oxford. Lessons focus on her having a good grounding in the basics of the subject and building more difficult concepts on top of it. She is given problems to solve during the lessons from which to develop her interview skills for Oxford. She achieved an A* in her A-Level Chemistry course.

A-Level Chemistry: One hour lessons a week with a girl who attends a comprehensive school in Hertfordshire. She is very ambitious and is a very able student, however suffers from anxiety problems. Lessons focus on building her confidence with encouragement and constructive feedback given. She achieved an A grade in A-Level Chemistry.

A-Level Physics: John had performed badly at internal mocks at A-Level achieving B grades internally, with several months of intensive tuition John achieved an A* grade in his final A-Level examinations.

IB Chemistry: I tutored a student for 8 months ahead of his final IB (HL) Chemistry exams. The student was predicted a 4, but ended up achieving a 6. We really focussed on honing in on his weak areas and building his confidence and exam technique.

IB Chemistry SL: Student predicted level 3 attained a level 6. Over one year tuition. (2014-2015)

IB Chemistry SL + Maths SL + Biology HL: Student predicted a level 4 attained level 6 by end of intensive residential placements of tuition.

IB Chemistry SL: predicted a level 3 in Chemistry SL achieved a level 5. Child with ADHD and special education needs.

IB Chemistry HL + Maths SL: student with predictions of level 4 and 5 respectively, achieved 7 in Chemistry and 6 in Maths by end of 2 years of tuition.

IB Biology SL + Chemistry SL: student requiring lessons in both subjects over a year period. Student performed at expected level at level 5

Recent evidence of Chemistry and other IB work. Very familiar with both standard level and higher level specifications. Very happy to discuss this over the phone with you.

IB Biology: Two hour sessions a week with boy who attends a prestigious private school. He has been underperforming at school and is not interested in the subject, however is very sporty. Emphasis on establishing a bond and being viewed as more of a mentor for him to look up to. According to parents he responds well to structure and therefore regular informal tests and quizzes are provided to him during lessons.

IB (HL) Biology – Extended Essay Support: Extended Essay guidance for Anoushka who was studying HL Biology and writing her extended essay on the level of bacteria in Pick N Mix sweets. Anoushka had made a start with her research, and together we worked on fine tuning her essay arguments and structure, as well as making sure it met with all of the marking criteria.

Pre-U Biology and Chemistry: Student attends prestigious independent school in Central London. Student aspires to study at a top University within the Russell Group but has underperformed at school. The Pre-U syllabus has been challenging for him. Emphasis is placed on a good grounding in the basic science before moving to more complex concepts. He appeared prepared to sit his exams after an intensive period of teaching.


I also specialise in Medical School and Oxbridge Admissions Procedures. I have tutored a number of clients for this and therefore I provide a select number of case studies below:

Medical/Oxbridge Admissions: Bright girl who asked for two sessions a week for a total of two hours with focus on BMAT and UKCAT (Entrance Examinations), interview technique and personal statement. Content focused on past papers and exam technique particularly working under time pressure. Tutoring focused on BMAT Section 3 and interview technique with time spent on teaching how to construct a logical and coherent argument. She performed well in the BMAT examination and achieved an offer for her first choice university.

Medical School Admissions (UKCAT): Student is an aspirant dentist who wishes to apply to top dental schools in and outside of London, she achieved a score of 680/900. Teaching utilised own resources and a number of other resources available and focused on questions completed under time. She achieved a place at a top London Dental School.

Personal Statement and Interview Preparation: Student is an aspirant Natural Sciences student to Cambridge/UCL/Imperial. Tutoring focused on personal statement initially and finessing and fine-tuning this for submission. Tutoring then progressed to looking at more complex problems in science and ensuring that the student came across well at interview. The interview preparation focused on relaxing student in high-pressure environments and understanding the best way of structuring argument and directing conversation. Student received an offer from Cambridge (2013-2014).

Oxford Admissions: I have worked with a number of students to help them prepare for Oxford admissions tests and interviews. In recent years 6 of my 7 students have been successful in securing places at Oxford University

Undergraduate Medicine (Pharmacology): Tutoring with a student who had to undertake retake examinations within Cardiovascular and Respiratory Pharmacology. Tutoring focused on the student’s own resources and select resources which were provided by myself in order to enrich her understanding of the syllabus. She passed her resit examinations.

Hobbies and Interests 

In addition to my academic studies at Cambridge I row for the Men’s 2nd VIII where I have represented my college in inter-collegiate competitions. I am a keen rugby player playing for the Churchill College Rugby Club and have the additional role of being Secretary for the club. I have represented Cambridge at Rugby League playing in the Varsity 2nd team this year.

Client Testimonials

16+ – “Ben was an excellent 16+ tutor for our son, Tom. We are so grateful to him. Tom really had not enjoyed school previously, but we saw him gain in confidence and independence over the last 6 months. Thank you.” Mrs X, 2016. – Tom achieved a place at Westminster and St Paul’s.

IB Biology HL “Ben was incredibly professional. Conscientious and supportive to us and our family while S was undertaking is IB Biology HL. His attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. (Mr F, June 2016)

An excellent IB Biology tutor, Ben helped our daughter graduate top of her class. She speaks incredibly highly of him and so do we. (June 2016)

IB Chemistry HL “Ben was an excellent teacher. He stretched me to achieve a level 7 in my exams. Thank you so much” (Mrs E, June 2015)

An exceptional tutor. Ben has a stellar academic background but is able to relate to our son so well. He has an ability to put our son at ease; he is more of a friend to him than a tutor. J. has struggled at school, but Ben refound his confidence and his voice, enabling him to get a high A in his A-Levels from having been predicted a D. We are so grateful. (June 2016)

GCSE Sciences: Incisive, intuitive, professional. Covered so much in record time and simplified what I thought was very complicated material. Inspired and look forward to next session.

Ben helped our daughter with her Extended Essay for the IB Diploma. She was put at ease immediately. Meticulous, approachable and flexible – the consummate professional. (September 2014).

Ben is an excellent IB Biology tutor and incredibly flexible around our daughter. He has enabled my daughter to realise her dream of studying Medicine at a top London Medical School. He is part of the family now. (June 2014)

Ben is an extremely patient, able and thoughtful tutor. He put A at her ease and was rigorous but kind in explanations and getting her to practice and repeat what he went through with her. He has been instrumental in enabling my daughter to regain confidence in her academic abilities. (September 2013)

Ben is conscientious and hard working. He has helped our son gain confidence considerably over the past year in Biology and Chemistry. (July 2014)

An outstanding tutor, Ben tutored our son from a B grade to achieving an A* in Biology this year. We owe him a lot (August 2014)

Ben reassured us at a time of difficulty with our son. The consummate professional. Always willing to go the extra mile for us. (August 2015)

Ben really connected with our son. He increased his confidence in talking about Biology. He’s more of a friend than a tutor. Thank you for everything (August 2015).

GCSE Sciences: Ben has been nothing but supportive to our child. Even through the difficulties that we’ve had, Ben has always been a phone call away. His help will never be forgotten by any of us. (August 2015)


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