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'As a parent, I can't explain my gratitude for the way he supported my children. My girls always looked forward to their Maths lessons as he made it enjoyable and yet very educational. He is very approachable and made sure the parents were able to contact him if we had any doubts. Both my daughters achieved A* at GCSE as well as A-Levels and this wouldn't have been possible if he hadn't pushed them and supported them. It is a pleasure to know him and I hope he will be very successful with what he goes on to do.'

Mrs Bouchenir, GCSE and A-Level Maths

  • 11+

  • 7+/8+

  • Further Maths

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2014-Present: UCL (IOE), Masters in Leadership (MA, Teach First)

2013-2015, Teach First: Teach First Leadership Development Programme

2013-2014, Institute of Education (IOE): PGCE in (Secondary) Mathematics

2009-2013, University of Bristol: MSc Physics & Philosophy (2.1)

2003-2008, Harrow School:  Full Academic Scholar & Full Music Scholar

A-levels: Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A) AS-levels: 7 A’s; GCSEs: 12 A*’s, 1 A

About Me

My subject specialism is Maths, additionally I can provide tutoring support for Statistics, Entrance Exams and SATs. I am a qualified teacher and have over 100 hours of tuition experience.

I have a strong foundation in mathematics, logic and science but my skill set is not limited to scientific enquiry alone – it also thrives in a creative and dynamic environment, one that allows me to create and maintain relationships, develop interesting or innovative ways to explain or improve the understanding of others.

I am particularly drawn to tutoring as it is a unique platform from which I can uphold my vision – to ensure that all students strive to push their potential further. The ease with which you can build relationships with students as their tutor makes tutoring an ideal platform to motivate and guide students through difficult topics.  I had found these interactions with the many ‘lightbulb’ moments that come from a tutoring session to be a welcome break from classroom management.

Recent Tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my experience:


7+ (Latymer)

Edward’s family moved to France for the past year and wish for him to attend private school in the UK.  He is slightly behind due to attending a French school and not speaking French.  They missed the deadline to apply for most schools in his area, except Latymer, who waived the deadline on account of these circumstances. I provided intensive 5 days a week tutoring sessions over the Christmas break until the date of his exam

11+ (Kew House, St Benedict’s and Radnor House)

I tutored Oliver over the Christmas holidays in preparation for his 11+ exams in January. He had huge difficulties in dealing with fractions, decimals and division, which we really focused on. He has since been invited back for an interview at St Benedict’s.


Year 3, English and Maths

Adam has had learning difficulties and has been delayed in many milestones.  I have been working with him to improve his English and Maths since December. I have seen huge progress in his confidence in speech, reading and writing; as well as his times tables.  We are now using the Maths mastery dienes blocks to work on his understanding of number.


Year 8 Maths, Physics and Chemistry

I have been working with Roman for over 6 months, with particular focus on his Maths. In his Chemistry and Physics we have been going through the syllabus, and have covered the following topics so far: Oxidation, Rusting, Combustion (Chemical equations), Chemical tests, Chromatography, Solute/Solvent/Solution, States of matters, Planets, Satellites, Copernican vs Ptolemy models of the Universe, Solar properties, Why we orbit the sun and Lunar Properties.


Year 10 iGCSE, Maths (Edexcel)

Sam has weekly sessions 1.5-2 hour sessions as he wishes to improve in Maths. We have been working through Algebra topics and he consistently answers questions above his current target grade, which is a grade 6.

Year 11 GCSE, Maths (Edexcel)

Sarah is a Grade B/C student (Grade 5). I had weekly tutoring sessions since the November for 2 hours each week, including intensive revision sessions over Christmas.  She attends Surbiton High School and has successfully achieved a sport’s scholarship to Reeds.

Year 11 iGCSE, Maths (Edexcel)

Stuart is a grade C student (Grade 4/5).  He struggles to concentrate at school currently, due to his additional learning needs (ADHD). Stuart boards at Bedales school, and I have tutored him for two months. In his most recent test, he achieved a Grade 6, a huge improvement on his previous results.


A-Level, Maths (Edexcel Further Maths)

Richard is in year 12.  He recently changed subject choices in November to include further Maths and needed catching up in Mathematics / Further Mathematics A-level over the Christmas holiday.  Joining the higher set, he had already managed to catch up in the further Maths elements, and was only behind in aspects of his core Mathematics modules (C1/C2). We had intensive sessions to help build his confidence and fill the knowledge gaps for the weeks he had missed (having been in the lower set).

A-Level, Maths and Further Maths

I have been tutoring an A-level student from Highgate school since February 2017 – helping him complete his A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and ukulele, and love travelling to new destinations around the world.  Most recently, I returned from a month in New Zealand, and have since found an appreciation for hiking, as well as a continued obsession for trying new forms of water sports.

Sports, Duke of Edinburgh Silver & Cadet Corp RAF Section (2004-2006).

Client Testimonials

‘Mr Macaulay can’t be described in words, and there is no exaggeration to that statement. He always displays enthusiasm whilst teaching, motivating all of his students to work to the best of their ability. From my personal experience, I have never felt more challenged in a classroom environment than when I was in my Maths lesson. I understood why I was adopting certain methods to work out a question and how it was all applicable to the real world. I have now decided to pursue mathematics in my further education at university having really understood what Maths is all about and how important it is. Even when I changed schools, Sir kept in touch to ensure I was doing well and to make himself available if I needed any help. He will never leave any of his students feeling helpless or confused, and will dedicate as many hours as needed to ensure he has provided us with all the resources that we need. There is no other teacher out there like Mr Macaulay; he really is the best.’

Sarah (A-Level, Maths).

‘Mr Macaulay supported me through my Maths studies during year 11 and was always there for me, I started with a C grade as my mathematical ability was lacking severely and yet I ended up with an A*. I have never met a teacher more determined than him. He always came to school early to open up a classroom for us to do work, he’d leave late for extra classes and he dedicated his lunch breaks to us doing Maths in the canteen whilst eating. During lessons, he knew exactly what our weaknesses were and he had individual targets for each student. I couldn’t be more thankful to him for all the resources he provided but importantly his time and effort.’

Ines (GCSE, Maths)

  • Fully Vetted

  • Qualified Teacher