"Mr Ali's dedicated approach to teaching helped me to achieve good grades in A Level Economics and History. His valued assistance with my personal statement also allowed me to get into Cambridge University to study economics."

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Academic History

2013-2014, The London School of Economics & Political Science, LSE: Masters, MSc Public Policy.

2010-2013, The School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS: BSc Economics: Upper Second Class Degree (2:1).

2008-Jun 2010, Sir John Cass Sixth Form: A-Levels, Sociology (A*), English Literature & Language (A), History (B), AS Philosophy (A).

2004-2008, Barking Abbey Comprehensive School: 8 GCSE grades A*-C.

About Me

My subject specialism is History, English Literature & Language and Economics. I have been tutoring students since 2013. For the last few years I have worked as an Academic Tutor at a private independent school in Acton, West London. I am a Masters graduate from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) in Public Policy and Philosophy. In my capacity, I acted as an A-level English (Literature & Language) Economics and History teacher, GCSE Maths teacher and Head of the GCSE History & English departments. I help students prepare for their GCSE and A-Level exams through rigorous teaching and consistent assessments.

I believe that a key part of teaching involves empowering the student to be in a position where they can fathom and talk in great detail about the topics they are preparing for. My teaching style has had genuine success as one of my A-Level students was able to secure an A* in mock exams taken over the Winter period. This same student has now won a place at Oxford University to study PPE.

I utilise interactive learning methods as well as detailed class plans. When teaching a subject, I outline the theory behind it. I then apply it to real world situations for my older students (GCSE and A-Level). I then set my students classwork which would apply that which we learnt in class. I challenge my students extensively. Prior to challenging them, I teach them everything they need to know in a given topic. We then discuss and analyse these topics. It is only then that I challenge my students by applying real world examples or asking them to list real world examples. I believe I am a good tutor because I always engage my student and push them to think harder and truly learn the subject instead of just simply memorizing them.

My experiences as a Tutor has given me a profound level of insight into the examination procedure and the best way to prepare students effectively to achieve their maximum potential in their GCSE and A level courses. I understand how to assist students in tailoring their answers for examination boards such as AQA. At the same time, I am a tutor who values the level of in-depth knowledge each student needs to master their course. I am a Tutor who has had success in ensuring students meet their predicted grades in both A-level and GCSE courses.

Recent tuition

Below is snapshot of the students I’ve worked with.

Year 9, Maths

I tutored one of my weekend GCSE student’s in year 9 Maths. I constantly challenged the student, setting them daily Maths problems with a focus on improving their problem- solving skills, and teaching them the key structures and rules of Algebra. As a results of this, the student was able to improve from a C to an expected A grade.

GCSE, English

One of my year 10 students is preparing to take his GCSE level English exams early, with a particular focus on Linguistics. We have been focusing on improving his comprehension, through the consistent use of flash cards that highlight phonetic rules and structures. I also made sure to apply a technical learning style to this linguistics component of the GCSE through comparative techniques.

GCSE, English Literature

I worked on improving this student’s English Literature knowledge, through focusing on the fundamentals, namely original thinking and improving their insight skills. We also looked at skills in terms of answering complex, nuanced literature questions, and he was able to improve from a C to an A grade.

AS-Level, Economics

My student went from a B in AS Level Economics to averaging A* in the A2 Level mock exam. He was recently accepted into UCL and Queen Mary to study a BSc in Economics. I was able to help this student improve on their ability by constantly challenging them and setting them difficult problems that would test their acquired knowledge.

A-Level, History

I tutored a student in A-level History once a week. As a result, their targeted A-Level grades improved considerably. We focused on improving their inference and analysis skills for their modules on topics such as the Vietnam war and British rule in India. I often pushed them by setting him additional homework every night.

GCSE, Religious Studies

In my role as a GCSE tutor I have prior experience teaching a student AQA GCSE Religious Studies. I taught this particular student twice a week and helped them go from a C grade to a strong A grade in a matter of months by increasing their focus and interest in Religious Studies as a subject. I tutored this student on the entire syllabus which touched on all major religions with a focus on select modules such as Religion, peace and conflict. For example, when discussing the Christianity (Catholicism) module in detail, I looked at Natural Law which as developed by Thomas Aquinas. A key to my tutoring of GCSE Religious Studies was to focus on guiding the student to understand the crux of the topic, for example, how each topic is viewed and understood among the major, world religions. I would then push the student to delve further into each religions views on disparate subjects such as crime and punishment (which were part of the AQA syllabus) and we would then have intense discussions on how each world religion differed and in some cases where there were shared similarities.

Personal statement support, Economics

Whilst teaching A-level AQA Economics at Brookwood, I helped one of my strongest pupils with his application to Oxbridge and specifically Cambridge University. I helped this student research the fundamentals of what makes a strong personal statement and what Oxbridge admissions officers are looking for. To this end I sent the pupil various examples of Oxbridge Economics personal statements which I collated for his viewing. Following on from this, we then scheduled time to go over the strategies needed to ensure a high calibre personal statement was sent off. I also offered feedback on his first draft of the personal statement by asking him to focus on his future and why an Economics degree from Cambridge would be central to helping him achieve his objectives in the future. I also made sure to remind the student that Russell Group universities required students to go over and beyond and show potential leadership traits within their personal statement. To this end, I pushed the student to include extra curricular activities and to ensure that they were showing a clear passion for economics throughout their personal statement. We handed in the personal statement prior to the Oxbridge 15th October cut off date and the student in question received offers to study economics at Cambridge, UCL, LSE and Warwick.

Masters personal statement

My Masters application to the LSE consisted of a personal statement. Such was the strength of my personal statement that I was awarded a £10,000 Graduate Scholarship upon entry to my MSc course in Public Policy at the LSE. Following on from this, I assisted 4 of my friends with their masters’ personal statements and all 4 received offers from the LSE and/or UCL.

Hobbies and Interests

I am an avid runner and have completed in various London marathons and Mile runs. I am also someone who is currently learning coding and programming. I do this in my spare time and I find it highly rewarding and enriching.

Client Testimonials

“Mr Ali’s dedicated approach to teaching helped me to achieve good grades in A Level Economics and History. His valued assistance with my personal statement also allowed me to get into Cambridge University to study economics.”

“Mr Ali has transformed my educational journey by challenging me and my peers in his popular GCSE History classes. Mr Ali’s passion for his subject really shines through when he teaches History. It is because of his teaching style that I have decided that I now want to study History at A Level and potentially at university.”

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