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'My son needed tuition for A-Level biology and Azeem was such as God-send, honestly. I think that because he is quite young and only just went through his own A-levels, he knows what the examiners want and what is needed to get the top marks. Adam got an A* in his A-level biology and is off to study Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial!'

Mrs Patel, A Level Biology

  • 11+

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Maths

  • Medicine

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2017-2019 London & South East Academic Foundation Programme (96%, ranked in top 1% of all medical students)

2014-2015 Imperial College London BSc (Hons) in Surgery and Anaesthesia

2012-2017 King’s College London MBBS in Medicine (2x merits, 1x commendation, 2x scholarships)

2010-2012 St Albans School, A Levels: Biology A*, Geography A*, Ancient History A*, Maths (C1) A, Chemistry B

2004-2009 St Albans School, GCSEs: Maths (2008) A*, Religious Studies A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*, ICT (2007) A*, Physics A*, English Literature A*, English Language A*, History A*, Geography A*, French A*, Additional Maths A

About Me

My specialist subjects are Medicine and Biology. I am very experienced at preparing students for medical admissions tests (UKCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT) and medical school interviews, as well as teaching medicine to medical students in all years. I also tutor maths up to 11+ and pre GCSE. I have taught Biology from primary school level, through 11+ exams and up to university level.

Having recently been through the UK education system and achieving high grades consistently throughout GCSEs, A-levels and at medical school, I hope to pass on what I have learnt from these experiences. I believe that it is paramount for a student not just to absorb information and facts, but to be able to fully understand concepts in order to put them into practice.

As a medical student, I know that rote learning is not the key to success – it is the ability to use your knowledge to answer diverse and probing questions that may initially seem outside your comfort zone. I believe that it is important to appeal to student’s genuine intellectual curiosity, rather than simply learning and regurgitating facts for examination purposes.

When tutoring, I am always on hand throughout the week to answer any questions and, as I’m sure we all have very busy schedules, I am flexible with my timings and will always try to find a time for tuition to suit both of us.

As a relatively young tutor, I have always found that I am able to relate to students in a way that other tutors may not be able to. I also have a 10-year old sister whose tutoring I am actively involved in. I have consistently received positive feedback from both tutees and their parents over the years.

Recent tuition

Here are a few recent case studies to demonstrate my experience.

Medicine tuition:

For the past two years I have been involved in tutoring classes of 25-30 students GCSE sciences and its applicability in Medicine. I have received consistently positive feedback from leading these courses, with 12 students over the two years contacting me for interview preparation having been offered interviews at top medical schools. All students achieved places at their top-choice medical school.

BMAT/UKCAT/GAMSAT and medical school interview preparation:

I have tutored 9 students with the aim of achieving  a place at a medical of their choice. Of the 9 students, 8 achieved places at their first-preference medical school, thus scoring the highest marks in their admission tests/interviews.

KCL Medicine Peer Assisted Learning (PAL):

I have been involved in teaching medical students in younger years to improve their knowledge and examination techniques.

GCSE/A-Level Biology:

I have tutored 8 students GCSE/A-Level Biology, with all students eventually achieving A-A* grades over 6 months of intensive tutoring, regardless of initial aptitude.

11+ entrance exams:

I have tutored 6 students for entrance into top schools, including North London Collegiate, Haberdashers’ Aske’s, Berkhamstead, Godolphin and Latymer and St Albans School. Of the 6 students, 5 achieved a place at their first choice school and 1 achieved a place at their second choice school.

KS3 Maths and English tuition:

I have tutored 6 students in KS3 maths and english, on initial assessment all students were achieving levels 2-3. However, after tuition 1-2x/week for 3-5 months, all students eventually achieved level 4-5.

GCSE Maths:

I have taught 3 students GCSE maths, on initial assessment all students were achieving C grades. However, after tuition 2x/week for 5 months, all students eventually achieved A-A* grades.

Hobbies and Interests 

I love to play the guitar, piano and produce and write music! I have had the amazing opportunity to write with some amazing Grammy-winning producers, and write for major artists at Warner Records, so I try to continue making as much music as I can, whenever I have a spare moment! Cricket is my favourite sport and, having played County cricket when I was younger, I play for the KCL 1XI – if time permits! In my spare time, I also run my own laser aesthetics business.

Client Testimonials

“Azeem tutored my daughter KS3 Maths. She always had trouble concentrating in school, but just 1-2 sessions really boosted her confidence, as well as her marks! We are so grateful to Azeem for his help and would recommend him without hesitation’ – Julie Ann

‘My son needed tuition for A-Level biology and Azeem was such as God-send, honestly. I think that because he is quite young and only just went through his own A-levels, he knows what the examiners want and what is needed to get the top marks. Adam got an A* in his A-level biology and is off to study Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial!’ – Priya Patel

“I was a 2nd year medical student at Kings when Azeem first started to teach me during our weekly PAL sessions. Azeem has taught me, in a group of 5 other students, for the past 2 years. His engaging and funny teaching style really helps information stick and he has helped me so much to get through my exams’ – Sam Jones

“After completing my Biomedical Science degree, I was looking to apply for medicine but had no idea about the BMAT and UKCAT exams, so I decided to get a tutor for both. Azeem tutored me for around 3 months, normally once a week, and was always on hand throughout the week if I ever needed any help. Sometimes I’d just pick up the phone if I was stuck on something! By the end of the tuition, I’d got interviews at my top-choice med schools! He then helped me with my interviews – and now I’m studying medicine at Manchester!’ – Parag Jain

‘Azeem helped my son with his 11+ exams, in both english and maths. After a few months, he took the exams and has now got into the top school that we wanted! Highly recommended and very down-to-earth, got on so well with Sergey!’ – Violetta Todorova

‘I was so nervous for my medical school interview at Birmingham, as it was my only one, and Azeem was just so kind and helpful, guiding me along every step of the way. I managed to get into the med school and would recommend Azeem very highly’ – Sam Cummings

‘I went to Azeem’s science and medicine course at Debate Chamber. He was so fun and I listened all the time – he isn’t like other tutors I’ve had. I really boosted my passion for medicine!’ – Elene Prunio


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