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"I managed to get through to interview [History at Oxford]. Thanks for the support, I couldn't have done it without you."

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Academic History

BA History, University of Oxford, Congratulatory First-Class

IB 43/45: HL Mathematics (7), HL Economics (7), HL History (7), SL English Literature (7), SL Physics (7), SL Arabic (6), TOK+EE (2)

IBMYP (GCSE equivalent): Design (6), Geography (7), History (7), IDU (7), Personal Project (7), French (6), English (7), Biology (6), Chemistry (6), Physics (7), Mathematics Extended (7)

About Me

I principally teach Oxbridge preparation (particularly the TSA / HAT / LNAT / HAA / Interview Preparation) as well as IB Maths (AA/AI), IB History, IB Economics. I also teach these subjects for A-Levels and GCSE, and additionally have some experience teaching English and Business. My approach to tutoring is interactive and focuses on helping students achieve top marks by integrating the teaching philosophy of Oxford into my lessons. Practically, this means an emphasis on how the student should think and approach a problem, rather than rote learning content – allows a student to excel in answering the toughest questions in school papers. This is also imperative for success in applying to Oxbridge, as professors are keen to understand the way a student thinks and approaches problems – especially in humanities.

Recent tuition

IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretations HL

I taught a student on this subject, including preparing the IA, for two years. He was a high-achieving student who felt that achieving a 5 would make it difficult for him to apply to universities which required 6s or 7s in HL. We focused on the higher-level questions and thought of ways to think creatively to meet the demands of these questions, as memorising formulae stops a student from achieving top marks. As a result of my help and his hard work, he was able to achieve a 7 and currently studies Mechanical Engineering at Warwick.

IB History

I helped a student in his history Extended Essay for the IB about Germany’s invasion of Russia in 1941. I provided support, recommended books and articles, comments, and reviews throughout the process. I also suggested ideas and worked with him to come up with a strong argument. We also worked on essay writing technique, as well as the reflection which constitutes a large part of the extended essay. He achieved an A for his Extended Essay despite being initially predicted a C.

Oxford Admissions and HAT

This international student successfully gained admission to the prestigious Oxford University’s history program. This achievement followed comprehensive preparation for the admission interview and HAT examinations, in which I had the opportunity to provide guidance. By understanding how professors mark and what they want to see in a successful essay, I was able to add a lot of value to his essay-writing technique and ability to write persuasively. He expressed appreciation for my tutoring, acknowledging the significant role it played in his accomplishment.

Cambridge Admissions and TSA

This international student was offered a place for Land Economy at the University of Cambridge. I helped prepare her for her admissions interview and the Land Economy entrance exams (TSA), where was had many sessions together. By understanding the ways questions and are asked, and finding strategies for solving logic problem which worked for her, she was able to score high enough to interview. She recognised and appreciated the vital contribution my tutoring made to her successful application.


I prepared a student for the HAT exam for admission to study at the University of Oxford. His essay-writing style initially lacked the nuance and depth of analysis to achieve marks that would allow him to interview. We worked on improving his writing style organically, by supplying history articles in academic journals and working on his writing style. I marked over five practice essays for him, giving feedback and noticing his improvement. He managed to secure an interview at Oxford as a result.


I prepared a student for the LNAT admissions test. We focused on answering the critical thinking questions and the essay. For the critical thinking, we practised how best to understand problems, identify assumptions, and create conclusion – working on the nuance between seemingly similar questions. For the essay, I prepared him by teaching him how to essay-write persuasively, and focused on the style given the range of topics one can answer on the LNAT. As a result, he scored a very high mark on the test and was able to secure a place studying law at Oxford.


I prepared a student for the HAA. We worked on his historical-critical analysis, and how to approach extracts as a historian. Although he was a very strong candidate, his history at course lacked any emphasis on source-critical methods, and was prone to taking information at face value. We thoroughly worked on this, and his essay-writing technique. I gave feedback and marked over five of his practice papers, with great improvement over time. I also familiarised him with academic articles that I read at university, to gain an understanding of how academic historians write – in a manner markedly different to publicly available history books.


Travel, football, and music are just a few of my passions outside of work and academics. I recently went backpacking across Southeast Asia for two weeks, starting from Jakarta and exploring Lombok, Bali, and Vietnam. The trip was a cultural revelation and an adventure I won’t forget, meeting many fun and interesting people along the way.

I am also an avid fan of football, supporting the Scottish team, Rangers. I have played midfield for my school, Lady Margaret Hall, and Accuracy. I prefer five-a-side because it gives me more time on the ball. Inspired by the Alcaraz vs. Djokovic Wimbledon final this year, I have also started to play tennis again. I used to play four times a week until I was thirteen, and I am excited to get back into it, despite a very noticeable drop in skill level.

I am also a foodie at heart. I’ve been told I make good fried rice and katsu curry, and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of cooking a meal from scratch, even if it turns out not as good as I envisaged.


“Hi Arif, I managed to get through to interview [History at Oxford]. Thanks for the support, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for marking the papers in your own time – it must have also taken you a while. The HAT question was on Central Asia in the 20th century. It was an unexpected time period but the academic articles you provided earlier helped me frame and write a strong response.”

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