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"April helped my son with his A-level biology preparation, and she was outstanding. In advance of the first meeting, she made contact, sought details of past exam performance, and arrived with what was clearly an organised plan. She ensured the basics were in place, and was methodical in reviewing past papers and marking schemes so that my son was well-prepared for the tests."

A Level Biology Tuition

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Academic History

2008-2011 Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

MA in Natural Sciences, 1st Class Honours (Third best mark in subject in 3rd year)

2001-2008 Heckmondwike Grammar School

A Levels: Maths (A) Biology (A) Chemistry (A) History (A)

AS Levels: Further Maths (A) French (B) Critical Thinking (A)

GCSEs: Maths (A*) Biology (A*) Physics (A*) Statistics (A*) History (A*) Chemistry (A) English (A*) English Literature (A*) French (A*) ICT (A*) Religious Studies (A*) Graphics (A*) Art and Design (B) Latin (B) (2004) AQA Baccalaureate (Distinction)

About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths and Biology and I also teach Chemistry and History. After studying Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge, I have a wealth of knowledge about Oxbridge and I enjoy helping students prepare for interview.

I am an enthusiastic tutor who helps to make learning fun, while also delivering results. I excel at explaining complex concepts and breaking down problem areas into manageable chunks and restoring confidence in subjects such as maths and science.

I have an eye for talent and drive students to explore ideas beyond their syllabus, learning how to approach problems. My holistic approach helps students achieve their full potential.

Recent tuition

Please see a snapshot of my recent tuition below.

Biology – KS2

I worked with two KS2 pupils aged 7 and 10 on biology. The older pupil was particularly bright so after making sure the core material was covered, we moved on to extension material to stretch her further, while I reinforced the basic principles with the younger pupil. Afterwards, I reported back to the parents on the pupils’ key strengths, the topics we had covered and further areas to improve.

Science – KS3

I am currently working with a Year 8 student on KS3 science. She has recently moved up from set 4 to set 2 and I am supporting her, filling in knowledge gaps and making sure she is being pushed academically. I’m pleased to say she received the highest mark in her class at the end of the year.

Maths – Higher GCSE (Pearson Edexcel)

I am currently working with a Year 10 student who is struggling with maths, and lacking in confidence. She was consistently scoring below average in her set, and was graded below a C. Since we started working together she has really grown in confidence, and is averaging a level 5 (between a high C and a B) in her school exams. We are continuing to work hard together, and she is now above average in her class.

GCSE Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I am working on an ongoing weekly basis with a student in Year 10 towards her final GCSE exams. She is a bright student, but lacks confidence in the maths and Science subjects. We are working together through the curriculum as she learns it at school to make sure that there are no gaps in her knowledge and that she is keeping on track.

Maths – Foundation GCSE (AQA)

I have tutored a student who was struggling to pass her Foundation GCSE mathematics. This involved taking all concepts back to basics and understanding the root of the problems. It was really rewarding to see the student’s approach to maths completely change, from hating the subject with a passion, to no longer being afraid to approach questions and work through answers. She improved from and E and got a C (the highest possible mark at foundation level) in her final exam.

Maths – Recapping GCSE & Introduction to A Level (Edexcel)

I recently worked with a young Professional who wanted to brush up on his GCSE Maths and also learn A Level Maths. We worked on breaking down, understanding and utilising formulas and this has helped him to progress in his job at an investment trust.

Biology – A Level (OCR)

I am currently working with a Year 13 student in preparation for her A Level Biology exams. The student has dyslexia and struggles to understand what is needed to answer exam questions. We are working together to improve her exam technique, particularly for longer written questions, and also consolidate her knowledge through revision.

Biology – A Level (Cambridge International)

I have been working with a very bright Year 13 student in preparation for his A Level Biology exams. Despite having very high knowledge levels, the student received a D in his mocks and we have been working very intensely to bring this up to a B and hopefully an A through focussing on revision and exam technique.

Biology – AS Level (AQA)

I am currently working with a Year 12 student to keep him on track with his Biology. He is performing well and receiving A’s in school tests and is gaining in confidence. We are also giving him a head start on Chemistry, which he will be studying next year.

Interview Technique Workshop – University of Cambridge

I was invited by the Triple Helix Society to give an interview technique workshop at Clare College, University of Cambridge. After giving a presentation, I then worked with the students to develop their interview technique skills through multiple exercises, finishing off with a Q&A session.

Science Communication & Interview Techniques – Lectures at University North, Croatia

I was invited to give two lectures at University North in Croatia on science communication and interview techniques. Despite the large audience of ~100 undergraduate students, I made the lectures as interactive as possible by using exercises to engage the students and help them develop their skills.

Teaching Assistant – Architecture & English as a foreign language – University of Cambridge

For two summers I worked as a teaching assistant at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge in their international programmes team. I worked with both high school and university students from Japan. My role involved teaching English as a foreign language. I also helped to teach architecture lessons, which involved taking groups of students around Cambridge and running exercises on the different types of architecture – Gothic, classical and modern.

Peer Learning – Supervisions at University of Cambridge

During my degree at the University of Cambridge, I aided fellow students through peer learning in our supervisions on the following topics:

– Maths

– Biology of Cells

– Chemistry

– Evolution and Behaviour

– Biochemistry

– Animal Biology

– History of Science (including the History and Philosophy of Mind)

– Philosophy of Science (including Metaphysics, Epistemology and the Sciences)

Teaching numeracy and literacy to underprivileged primary school pupils

I worked with a group of Year 3 pupils from an underprivileged primary school in West Yorkshire to help with their numeracy and literacy skills. Each week we completed fun exercises on computers and I helped the pupils with topics such as division, money and rhyming words.

Hobbies and Interests 

Attending Scientific Events

I really enjoy learning about new medical and scientific developments, particularly in the field of neuroscience. I attend seminars, conferences and events to hear talks and conduct interviews with leading experts (including several Nobel Laureates), following which I prepare written features.

Ballroom and Latin Dancing

I am passionate about dancing and I’m currently learning ballroom and Latin. I’m also a trained ballet dancer and growing up I really enjoyed tap, modern and jazz.

Horse riding

I have always enjoyed horse riding and have learn the “tolt” in Iceland and rode horses in the sea in St Lucia.

Radio Presenting

I have presented radio shows on both community and hospital radio stations, where I often covered the latest scientific developments. I have also done voice-overs for adverts.


To relax, I like to play the piano and I also enjoy singing. Whilst at the University of Cambridge, I was part of both a college and a gospel choir. I also enjoy attending musical theatre productions and classical concerts.


Over the past few years I have travelled to many parts of America and further afield. Most recently, I travelled to California and also visited the Grand Canyon.

Client Testimonials

“April helped my son with his A-level biology preparation, and she was outstanding. In advance of the first meeting, she made contact, sought details of past exam performance, and arrived with what was clearly an organised plan. She ensured the basics were in place, and was methodical in reviewing past papers and marking schemes so that my son was well-prepared for the tests. She had an even and approachable manner and worked well with my son. I recommend her very highly and without hesitation.”

Parent of A Level Biology student

“April’s guidance was invaluable in helping me learn a range of new concepts, all taught with great clarity and enthusiasm for the subject. April constantly had a good awareness of my understanding and tailored her approach and pace of delivery to reflect this. Would not hesitate to recommend April to anyone looking for an approachable, intelligent and dedicated tutor.”


“April was a key-note speaker at the professional development workshop “Art of Science Communication” which was held at the University North in Varaždin (Croatia) and co-organised by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). April gave two talks entitled “Interviewing Techniques in Science Journalism” and “Life of a Freelance Science Communicator”. Both of these lectures were interactive, encouraged the students to contribute and sparked a lively discussion. In front of the packed auditorium, April showed great lecturing abilities, paced the talk appropriately, and made the material accessible to all the participants, which is the reason her talks were commended by the vice-rector and the head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University, as well as by the faculty and students that attended the workshop. It was truly an honour to collaborate with April, and I hope we’ll be so lucky to have her again as a guest speaker at the University.”

Asst. Prof. Tomislav Meštrovic, MD, PhD

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