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"Apollon played a pivotal role in my UCAS applications for Medical School, which resulted in me securing a place at the University of Cambridge to study Medicine. His guidance during the application process was invaluable, he helped transform my Personal Statement, prepared me for my interviews, and coached me for the Medical School entrance exams."

Successful Cambridge University Medical School Applicant

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Academic History

University of Oxford

B.A. Medicine (Preclinical), 2.i

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

A Levels: Chemistry (A*), Biology (A), Maths (A), Modern Greek (A), EPQ (A*), Physics (AS Level) (A)

GCSEs: 13 A* (School Record), including English Literature, Language, and Mathematics

About Me

Tutors have the privilege of getting to know each of their students individually, understanding their exact academic needs and designing a personalised approach to help achieve their goals. I always tailor my tutoring style to suit the student, taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses, and importantly, their goal with the subject. When we first start working together, I assess the current level and discuss with the student and parents their aims with the subject. I am a strong believer in active learning, which means I encourage active participation and engagement from students, rather than lecturing where possible. Active learning helps keep the sessions interesting and is a more effective way for students to learn concepts and content. This involves having discussions, engaging in problem-solving exercises, and exploring practical applications of the subject matter. Connecting theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios is a great way to stimulate students and help boost understanding, especially when the subject matter can appear abstract.

I think creating a positive and comfortable learning environment is very important, and students should feel able to ask questions and express their concerns. Checking in with your student periodically and adjusting the pace and style based on the progress and their feedback is also important to ensure the tuition is achieving the maximum effect. Positive reinforcement boosts confidence and motivation of students and creates a more positive learning environment. Acknowledging and praising effort and achievement is an effective way to create a cycle of positivity and encouragement. I will always try to incorporate spaced repetition and building on previous concepts if the tuition is over extended periods of time, as it is the most effective strategy to commit information to long term memory and ensures students do not forget concepts and information learned earlier in the year.

Lastly, I believe in having empathy and patience with my students. Learning can be challenging, and students can struggle with certain aspects of lessons. It is therefore important to me to ensure I am empathetic to this, and be as patient as each student needs, understanding their issues and taking the time to ensure they are resolved before moving on to new sections.

Recent tuition

I have prepared students for 11+ and 13+ examinations. I also prepare students for university admission, including UCAS personal statement support,  interview preparation and Oxbridge specific entrance exams. I prepare students for medicine applications including medical school selection, interview preparation and entrance exams (BMAT, UKCAT).

GCSE Greek

I taught Greek language to A for several years. She made excellent progress with her speaking, reading and writing, and I was confident that she was ready to take the GCSE exams in Year 9. She achieved a 9 in her GCSE and was very happy with our sessions and the result. I also taught her younger sister, who is now preparing to take her GCSE too.

GCSE Biology and Chemistry

I tutored A for her GCSE Biology and Chemistry over a 1 year period. We focused on exam technique and plugging gaps in her knowledge and she achieved an 8 and a 9, respectively. This was a great result for her and she is now studying both subjects for A level.

GCSE Physics and Maths

I tutored E in GCSE Physics and Maths over a 2 year period. E was struggling with the Maths course and we spent a lot of time improving his basic maths skills and building up his confidence. He achieved As in both Maths and Physics, which was a great improvement for him and he was very pleased with the results.

GCSE English

I was asked to tutor a student with their GCSE English (OCR) coursework as he was struggling and disinterested in the subject. This was an interesting case study as it required both teaching of the content but also using a variety of techniques to try to make the student engage with and enjoy the subject. The student responded well to our sessions and achieved an A in his GCSE English Literature, far beyond his expectation at the start of our sessions.

A Level Maths

I tutored L in A Level Maths (Edexcel) over a two-year period. L was already a competent student and understood the majority of the content but would sometimes get stuck on the more difficult questions. Our tutorials were focused and aimed to solve these issues and provide a framework to return to first principles in the exam if they found themselves stuck on a difficult question. L was very receptive to the teaching and obtained an A* in his A level, which is the grade he needed for his University place.

IB HL Biology

A was struggling with her IB HL Biology and we worked together over a 6-month period in Lower Sixth. I was able to get her back up-to-speed with her peers and regain her confidence in the subject. She went on to complete her IB and achieve a 7 in Biology.

A Level Biology

I worked with D over a two-year period for her Biology A Level. We met weekly and ensured she was on top of the material, as well as going beyond the curriculum to ensure she would be sufficiently prepared for the essay component of the paper. D maintained a good level of progress and achieved an A* in her A Level Biology, which she was delighted with.

A level Chemistry

A student asked me for some urgent sessions during the Easter break, before their upcoming A level Chemistry (OCR) exams. Her mock exam had been graded at a C, and there were large gaps in her knowledge when we started working together. Over the course of two months, we were able to cover the majority of the course at a good depth. She attained an A in her A level Chemistry exam, which was a great success.

Oxford University Application

I was asked to help K with his University applications. K was applying to top universities for highly competitive courses so a good application was paramount. I helped him perfect his personal statement, so that the content and structure was faultless. We did intensive interview preparation before his Oxford interview, covering a large number of possible topics and also making sure he had practice navigating questions which he would not necessarily have any prior knowledge for. I am very happy to say he was awarded a place to study at Oxford University.

BMAT Preparation

I helped K with his BMAT preparation, going over MCQs and marking and discussing practice essays. We worked together several times a week for an intensive 2-month period and in that time K’s average MCQ score increased significantly, and his essays became more consistent. I am happy that he achieved 6+ in both sections and a 4A in his essay.


I tutored S for her IELTS exam over a 2-month period. Her initial level was quite low, roughly Band 4, and through the course of our sessions she improved considerably. After our tutorials, S achieved a Band 8 in the IELTS exam, which she was extremely happy with.


I actively engage in a variety of hobbies and interests. These vary from sports, to music, to building computers in my spare time.

I regularly play hockey and squash and tennis. I played hockey at a highly competitive level in junior competitions, winning the England Hockey Nationals twice, and captaining the Kent County Hockey team. More recently, I have really enjoyed playing social hockey while at Oxford University, playing with my college’s mixed team in the College Cup. I started playing squash when I went to University and now play at a competitive level in local competitions.

I enjoy reading in my spare time, exploring new topics, including fiction and non-fiction, and staying on top of latest developments in my areas of interests, especially in science, specifically immunology and vaccinology.

I am a keen musician, having achieved Grade 8 in Cello and having sung in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. At University, I was a choral scholar, leading the bass section of the College choir, and I continue to sing and play cello.

I also like debating, both in formal competition and socially, and find it’s a great way to discuss ideas and learn new things about a variety of topics, especially philosophy, current affairs, and politics!


“I am delighted to provide a glowing testimonial for Apollon, who played a pivotal role in my UCAS applications for Medical School, which resulted in me securing a place at the University of Oxford to study Medicine. His guidance during the application process was invaluable, and his belief in my potential was a major boost to my confidence and helped me believe in my potential. He helped me transform my personal statement, offering guidance on structure, content, and refining the grammar and syntax, all while retaining the character and accurately portraying me in the best possible light. In terms of interview preparation, Apollon recommended useful reading materials and exercises to practice and analysed past interview questions and conducted mock interviews. In our mock interviews, he made the questions and subject matter progressively more difficult, to emulate the experience in highly competitive medical school interviews, which made the real interviews feel familiar and less intimidating. It would have been very difficult to do the Oxford interview without Apollon’s preparation. Thanks to his expertise, I also excelled in the BMAT entrance exam, which is a crucial component for the admissions process. Ultimately, I secured a place at the prestigious University of Oxford to study Medicine, and I am forever indebted to Apollon for this. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any aspiring Medical student and anyone applying for highly competitive University places.”

Oxford University Medical School Application

“Apollon taught our daughters modern Greek language on a weekly basis over several years. We were impressed by Apollon’s sense of enthusiasm and flair in getting the children to engage in learning this complex, difficult language. Not only was he inspiring the pupils during the lessons, but he was also managing to transmit the willingness to complete their set homework in the week too. Apollon had an exceptional ability to communicate the demanding material of the lesson to each child at their own pace and in their own style. In the parents’ evenings, he was eloquently communicating with us too, to help us understand our children’s progress, so that we could assist them with their preparation and participate in their learning. Throughout the terms and the years, he helped making their Greek education interesting, stimulating and, importantly, fun. As a result, our girls progressed to achieve their GCSE certificates, a source of great pride for them and our family. I have no doubt that we owe a great deal to Apollon’s skill and exceptional talent in teaching and coaching the challenging language to our young daughters. We would recommend him to others wholeheartedly; his intelligent thinking, creativity in solving problems and unique ability to connect with people make him a great tutor.”

Parents of students studying modern Greek

“I am happy to write this testimonial for Apollon and recommend his services to anyone looking for an able and committed tutor. Apollon helped me with my academics during Sixth Form and with my UCAS application to Medical School. With his tutoring, I attained top grades in A level Sciences and Mathematics, which I am extremely grateful for. He helped me select a strategic and balanced list of Medical Schools to apply for, sharing insights about each one that I would not have known, and helped me prepare for the UKCAT and BMAT entrance exams. My application was highly successful and I obtained a place at Cambridge University to study Medicine. I am very grateful to Apollon for all his help and know he will be an asset to anyone looking for an outstanding tutor to help them with their tuition and University applications.”

A Level Sciences and Maths and Cambridge University Medical School Application

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