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“Antonia tutored our son for a year in his 3rd year and in that time we saw him grow in confidence and ability. Antonia has an amazing knack of bringing out the best in the children she teaches with an infectious sense of fun and a real passion for what she does. I would highly recommend Antonia!”

Tess, Year 3 Tuition

  • 11+

  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • History

  • Maths

  • Science

  • SEN

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2016-2017, Roehampton University: PGCE (Outstanding)

2008-2011, Newcastle University: BA Philosophical Studies (2:1)

2003-2006, Queens Gate School, London: A Levels – Sociology (A), Religious Studies (A), English (B), History (A)

 About Me

I have worked as a private tutor since 2016. My main specialisms are English, Maths and History. I can also provide support for Science and Geography. Furthermore, I have experience of supporting students through their Common Entrance Exam.

I am renowned for my ability to engage pupils in education and I use methods to make the subject as interesting as possible. I take time with the students to help them understand their capabilities. I use a range of activities and positive praise to help the students gain pride in their work. I have ‘outstanding’ pastoral care and adapt my teaching to each pupil. When tutoring I use resources and tools to aid learning and employ a variety of different teaching techniques. My approach is generally very positive and I like to encourage pupils to understand their own abilities and I attempt to inspire them with positive support and praise.

I worked at Eaton House The Manor School as a Year 3 Class Teacher, teaching Maths, English, History and Science.

Recent tuition

I support students from Pre-school through to GCSE level. I can teach a broad range of ages and find my positive attitude reflects well on the children knowledge. I am highly organised and plan in detail all the learning and hoped outcomes.

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Measure of Academic Progress, English (MAP)

I tutored three siblings online (aged 4, 9 and 12) for four months. They were all studying under the American curriculum. I set them homework and mapped out what they needed to achieve over the course of our lessons. I worked very closely with the students’ school and parents, which was important in achieving the best results possible.

Homeschooling, Maths and English

Over lockdown I tutored a family of four children in a homeschooling capacity teaching each of them for two hours per day five days a week. The family were disappointed with the home learning provided by their school and I was asked to come in and arrange timetables and learning plans to keep them up to date with the National Curriculum. The ages of the children were 4, 7, 9 and 10. When I was able, I tutored in person and when the rules did not allow we conducted the learning online. The parents were extremely pleased with the overall learning and the children went back to school having made marked improvements.

8+ Entrance Exam Preparation

I tutored this student in the holidays to help for the preparation of the 8+ exams. I did full day sessions with him, helping him to revise for all of the exams he was due to sit. He gained entrance to the two schools he was preparing for and his family were very pleased with the tuition and support he had received.

Year 3 English – SEN Dyslexia

I have been tutoring this child for the entirety of this academic year. He has severe dyslexia. I have been working with him weekly to go through different ways to use his vocabulary which is furthering his confidence. At the start of tuition he was unable to write more than three lines. He can now produce an A4 piece of work which has sufficient punctuation. His confidence and level of work are coming on a great deal.

Year 3 General Support

A very able boy who needs help across all subjects, as he does not have the same pace to complete work as the rest of the class. We have been meeting weekly to go through work he needs to catch up on and to discuss techniques that we think would aid him in the work that he produces. For this specific child I am attempting to focus on an overall love of learning and make him enjoy his work. This I think is becoming increasingly successful and he now appears to gain much more pride in his work.

Year 3 EAL – Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

We spend our weekly tutoring spot focusing on creative writing and comprehension. This student’s improvement since we commenced tutoring is tenfold and he is now producing work that is of Year 4 standard, having started with a low level at Year 2 standard.

11 + Entrance Exams

I have helped several children with their entrance exams to schools including Laytmer, Kings, Wimbledon. I specialise in exam prep, interview prep and overall understanding of practice papers.

GCSE English

This student was an EAL pupil and struggles with both written and spoken English. We meet twice a week for an hour and a half and practice for his exams. He is now showing a huge improvement and feels much more confident in the work he is producing. He is now developing skills to proof read his own work and amend when appropriate with spelling corrections and punctuation. We will be continuing our work together through his A-Levels.

Hobbies and Interests

Charity work. Exercise. Reading.

Client Testimonials

“Antonia tutored our son for a year in his 3rd year and in that time we saw him grow in confidence and ability. Antonia has an amazing knack of bringing out the best in the children she teaches with an infectious sense of fun and a real passion for what she does. I would highly recommend Antonia!”

Parent of Year 3 student

“Miss Antonia tutored my then seven year old son during the last year. His lack of confidence in free creative writing and being overwhelmed by the task got us to the point at which he refused to start to write a story at all. In her gentle but effective way to teach, Miss Antonia was supporting him brilliantly. Through her work with him she backed up his self-confidence and he has improved his English skills very much. He is now able to work independently, is not afraid about new tasks, and is using his grammar and punctuation with consistency. Now he loves to write his own stories and to develop his own ideas. Miss Antonia also supported him before exams in Maths to make sure he knew the subject matter. My son loved his “Miss Antonia Club” and always proudly showed me his work with her.”

Parent of Year 2 student

“Miss Antonia has tutored my son for the last year 1:1 on Skype. She has a wonderful positive attitude to learning and makes learning fun. We asked her to help him with entry to a desire secondary school and she spent time revising his learning with him. He was successful in his application and he now continues to work with him on things his struggles with at school. He very much looks forward to his lessons!”

Secondary school entry preparation


  • Entrance Exam Specialist

  • Qualified Teacher

  • SEN Experience