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"When my son started with Annabel his confidence level was low and he was starting to close up to help from people and got frustrated easily. After only 2 sessions, my son was happy to see Annabel and looked forward to his tutor time with her."

Parent of an 8 year old dyslexic student

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Academic History

University of Bristol – 2016-2019 – Childhood Studies BA Hons

A-Levels: 2015 (Stowe School) –  Art (A), History of Art (C), Geography (C)

GCSEs: 2013 (Stowe School) – Maths (A), English Literature (B), English Language (B), Biology (B), Chemistry (B), Physics (B), Geography (A), French (A), German (C), Latin (A), Art (A*)

About Me

During my tutoring sessions, I like to have lots of activities lined up from all areas that need focus on. This ensures that activities can be changed and adapted so that focus is maintained. Outlining what the session may include is vital so that the tutee knows exactly what is going to take place. For spellings I like to use the Word Family Method, trigger cards, mnemonics and multi-sensory activities. Similarly for maths topics, physical objects are massively effective and help to cement the learning. For writing focus, usually the session starts with a few small activities, games and planning and then using a sand timer, the child can write within an allotted timeframe to help them with their time management. At the end of sessions it is good to know what they liked and disliked and what they would like more of, to make sure they enjoy their learning.

Recent tuition

Maths and Spelling

(East Sheen Primary School – Year 3) G has dyslexia and lacks confidence with his work. Maths support includes times tables, and word problems using all four operations. Spelling includes many word families of digraphs and trigraphs as well as spelling rules which we included into context to help with writing also. G grew in confidence with his work and was eager to get things right, he is proud of the scores he is getting in his class tests. I have tutored him for approximately 10 months.

Maths, Writing and Literacy

(Wetherby Prep School – Year 1 and 2) G needed support to maintain his level within his class and improve on his maths skills, handwriting and generating writing ideas in Literacy, and help with his focus. He improved massively with his handwriting and became more confident with mental maths to support his tests. He recognised he needed to work on his focus, and this has improved. I worked with G for approximately one and a half years.

Literacy, Spelling and Writing

(Fulham Prep School – Year 2) K has dyslexia and needed support with his spelling and literacy – during session we looked at sound word families, word games, writing and planning tasks and small maths games. K was able to spell words phonetically and his spelling improved. He also became more confidence with his ability. I was with K for about eight months.

Spellings, Maths, Writing and Comprehension

(Wetherby Prep School – Reception) G and I worked on lots of maths topics, working through the operations into word problems and moving away from a number line and 100-grid square. His handwriting has improved massively and he is able to use different literacy techniques. His reading is strong. I have supporting G for five months.

English, Comprehension, Maths

(Fulham Prep School – Year 4) K has dyslexia and ADHD. He is bright and likes a challenge. We focused on comprehension, mainly how to approach questions. Also, planning and then timed writing, this really helped with his time management and he was able to make mind maps, post-it note triggers and then write consistently for a certain amount of time. Maths challenges were used as an intro or exit activity. We worked together for eight months.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy running and have completed few half marathons for charity. I also like to do art work, this helps to support my creative learning activities.


“My 8 year old son was diagnosed with dyslexia in October last year. Upon his diagnosis we were given Annabel’s details from Fairley House School and they spoke very highly of her. When my son started with Annabel his confidence level was low and he was starting to close up to help from people and got frustrated easily. After only 2 sessions, my son was happy to see Annabel and looked forward to his tutor time with her. His confidence has increased so much over the last 10 months and Annabel has played a big part in that. Annabel has been able to read my son’s moods and is able to regain his focus if he isn’t concentrating and the methods she uses to help him learn certain concepts is great and works so well for him. Annabel is always happy and enthusiastic when she comes to our house for my son’s tutor sessions. We are so appreciative of everything Annabel has done so far to help our son and she’s played a key role in his progress since his diagnosis.”

Parent of an 8 year old dyslexic student

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