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Anna is a highly experienced multidisciplinary tutor. We have received great feedback from our clients about her tutorials.

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Academic History

2008 – 2009  Bath Spa University: PGCE Primary Education QTS   (Additional modules in: Netball, Swimming, Dance and Touch Rugby.)

2004 – 2007  University of Exeter: BSc (Hons) Psychology

2004  Tasker Milward School: 4 A Levels

About Me

I have been working as a self employed teacher and private tutor since 2009. Since 2009 to present I have had a full portfolio of Private students who have ranged from 4 – 17 years old. I have an in-depth knowledge of the National Curriculum and London private schools assessment process which has allowed me to specialise in raising clients’ levels quickly and effectively, ensuring the child’s learning is enriched, broadened and not rushed.

Through a myriad of residential placements in India, Greece, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Switzerland as a private tutor doing 1:1 tuition I have had the opportunity to design tailored intensive learning programs for students in Maths, English, Science and humanities. With all students attaining the desired grades or school place.

Whilst working as a private tutor for children sitting entrance exams to some of London’s most exclusive private schools, the students have consistently gained top marks and exceptional feedback in the areas they have received tuition in. I have worked with students preparing for  4+, 7+, 8+, 9+,10+,11+,13+ entrance exams, ISEB & GCSES for leading London private schools including Bute House, City of London, JAGS, Latymer Upper School, Francis Holland, Wetherby, Westminster Under, St Pauls, The Harrodian, Colet Court, King’s College School, Godolphin and Latymer, Sussex House, Highgate, Queens Gate, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Wycombe Abbey, Harrow and Eton. I have also designed exam resources for Exam Paper Plus to be distributed to other tutors, parents and teachers (7+, 9+ and 11+).

Whilst at Exeter University I assisted on an organisational psychology research project – “The Glass Cliff-Beyond the Glass Ceiling.” This went on to become a finalist in the Research Project of the Year in 2005 for the ‘Times Higher Education Supplement.’

I have a special interest in assessment and raising standards and regularly liaise with educational psychologists and speech therapists to ensure my approach targets the children I work with effectively. This also affords me the ability to quickly access expert opinion and assistance should an educational need arise. I have also liaised with an educational psychologist to develop an effective phonic scheme for a struggling dyslexic reader, resulting in the pupil being able to read independently after 3 weeks. Focused phonic work and accelerated reading schemes are a particular interest of mine.

Recent tuition

The work listed below are residential placements which may be of interest and a summary of work which I do in schools.

November 2018- July 2019

 I designed a home schooling placement for two children in year 3 and 5 who had been taken out of their Swiss private school for the year to travel. We work bi-monthly Monday-Thursday. I corresponded closely with their School to ensure that the children were in line with their peers. This has been a lovely opportunity to incorporate and design a number of exciting science experiments to enrich these students learning. We administered end of term tests which their peers had sat online and the children were markedly above their peers at the end of the program. The course was fully tailored to their learning styles and involved trips to the Science Museum, Planetarium and Natural History Museum to enrich their learning.

April 2017-March 2019

I did Maths consultancy work with Hampton Junior School, targeting their year 4, 5 and 6 ‘Pupil Premium’ children to achieve their targets. I worked 1-2 days a week and took the children out of class for 2:1 tutoring sessions or small class sessions. During this time the children have made exceptional progress and are all exceeding their targets. I frequently work at Orleans Primary when my availability permits. I teach across the year groups, I enjoy this as it keeps me fully updated on the Primary Curriculum.

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in developing resources and study materials to engage students and make the exam process smoother and have started to do some freelance work for Exam Paper Plus to produce exam papers in maths.

July-August 2017 & 2018, Italy, August  – present, London

Private tuition for an E.A.L 10 year old who was falling behind her peers and needed to catch up in preparation for 11+ exams in January. The pupil progressed hugely during out time together and did a 180 on her attitude towards learning. We have continued to work together and she was successfully offered a place at the school of her choice. The placement has continued to evolve and it has been a pleasure to assist her on her Secondary school journey. In May she successfully sat an entrance exam for Rodean School.

March 2016- July 2017

I worked as a year 6 Teacher at Orleans Primary School-an Outstanding school. I had been doing relief work here since the previous September and I agreed to work in their year 6 class when they were having staffing problems. During this time the children excelled in their prep work and subsequent SATs.  All children in my Maths class reached their target level, in addition, the writing was externally moderated and all pupils received excellent feedback. September 2016 to July 2017 I worked weekly at this school across the year groups on a freelance basis.

January and April 2016 Switzerland

 Three residential placements working with a boy sitting exams for Common Entrance. The young man was very capable but struggled to apply himself in an effective way. During the placement I did a gap analysis for targeted work across the subjects. With this student we focussed on Maths, Science, English and the humanities.There was also an emphasis on study skills strategies as the young man was dyslexic. I was really happy with his achievements and more so his attitude to learning.

July 2014- March 2016

Private tuition both in person in Central London and Skype in Australia and Russia. Working through Tradewind I did daily supply mainly in Cranford Park and St Lawrences. PPA cover

March-April 2015-Spain and London

 Working intensively with a Spanish pupil at Queen Margaret’s School. The student was attaining E’s in English, Maths and Science and needed to attain C’s to study at her chosen Sixth form. I focused on breaking down complicated areas of the curriculum and teaching effective study skills. After much hard work on her part she successfully achieved her grades.

October 2014-Greece and Switzerland

 Working with a high achieving student at Wycombe Abbey for GCSE preparation (aiming for A*s) and sixth form entry exams. Focusing on: Maths, Science, English Literature, RE and History. Broke down complicated areas of the syllabus and worked on exam techniques using past papers and mark schemes. Pupil went onto achieve all A*’s.

September 2013-July 2014

Woodend Park Academy Year 6 Class Teacher guiding class through their SATs, class gained the highest results in the year group for reading and grammar. Achieving higher than national average. During this time I was part of the Literacy development team which focused on how literacy was taught across the key stages.

Private Tuition- August 2013 Switzerland

 I developed a personalised phonic programme for a 7-year-old non-reader, who was able to read independently after 3 weeks. In addition to this I helped her to improve her swimming and gymnastics.

During this time I also worked with her elder brother doing SSAT preparation for the American school system, including higher-level Essay writing and advanced Mathematics.

 March -July 2013

Woodend Park Academy Year 5 Class Teacher (Tradewind)  I’d been doing supply at this school for over a year when I agreed to work full time when a staff member left unexpectedly.

Jan-March 2013

Cranford Park Junior School PPA Cover (Through Tradewind)

Working across both key stage 1 & 2.

September 2012-January 2013

Cranford Park and Woodend Park Academy working across the key stages (Through Tradewind)

July-August 2012

 11+ and 13+ exam preparation In Cairo and London for two sisters who needed to re-sit an entrance exam for Queens Gate School. The younger pupil had Dyslexia, therefore a lot of phonic input was needed, spelling strategies and visualisation techniques were also used. Excellent progress was made and both girls confidence grew substantially in their ability. They were accepted at their school of choice.

April 2012-July 2012

Cranford Park Junior School, Year 3 Maternity cover.

Experience with a range of SEN pupils. Including Autism, partially sighted, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Behavioural problems. This required excellent behaviour management and the ability to differentiate and adapt plans to accommodate all pupils. Regular communication with specialists to provide the most appropriate input for the children.

December 2011-2016

Tradewind and Sanza

Working across the key stages in Schools across London. Experience in both state and private.

August -September 2011

Based in Cairo, Egypt. 1:1 tuition with an 8-year-old Dyslexic girl. She was due to be held back a year because she had fallen behind because of learning difficulties and family health problems. I did Intensive work to develop her phonics and reading level. In addition to this I shadowed a specialist at the Linda Mood Bell centre and adapted their visualisation techniques when teaching her Numeracy and Literacy. She made fantastic progress, got accepted for the correct year group and has become much more confident in her academic ability.


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