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Anna V

"You always inspire me with your love of poetry and words. I always remember your kind compassion and support from my early course. It is the kind of teacher I aim to be one day - I will be entering teachers college after I graduate from York. Thank you for being you."

Student X, University English Tuition

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Academic History

2018, York University, Toronto, Canada: PhD in English.

2011, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK: Master of Studies in English (Merit).

2010, York University, Toronto, Canada: BA (Hons) in English (First Class Honours).

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2006. My subject specialism is English. I also provide support for Creative Writing and Academic Learning.

My approach to tutoring involves building a relationship with each of my students and then crafting personal plans for their success. An award-winning education specialist with a PhD in English, I have six years of higher education teaching experience in the Department of English at York University and ten years of private English tutoring experience with secondary school and undergraduate students.

I come prepared to every session with creative ideas and academic tips for my students. I devote most of a session to the specific concerns and work that the students want to address. While my tutoring sessions are academically rigorous, my tutoring style is caring and fun. I care deeply about my students and their success. I am also passionate about English, and I bring this passion with me to every session, working to make the lessons both educational and enjoyable. In my experience, passion is infectious and students do better in a subject they are enthusiastic about.

What makes me a successful tutor is my empathy, passion, creativity, commitment, and high level of expertise in English (I also speak Russian).

First and foremost, I have deep empathy and care for my students. With extensive experience working as a Learning Skills Tutor and subsequently a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate students with learning difficulties (SEN) at York University, I am well versed in adjusting my teaching style and methods to fit student needs and challenges. I am understanding, easy to work with, and friendly. I work hard to encourage and build my students’ confidence.

Additionally, my passion for English makes me a dedicated tutor who cares about my students and subject and continually strives for creativity in tutoring sessions, meeting learning challenges with unique methods of tutoring. Furthermore, my commitment to my students in terms of time and effort makes me a reliable tutor who has provided tuition to the same students for multiple years.

Finally, through my top-quality postgraduate degrees from York University and the University of Oxford, as well as my excellent academic and creative publications, I possess a high level of knowledge and experience in English. I am eager to bring my care, passion, and exceptional English skills to tutoring session.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Adult ESL

For the past six months I have been tutoring Sam in English as a Second Language. I plan our lessons according to Sam’s intermediate level in English and always strive for interesting and fun sessions. We focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, and writing. Sam’s ability to speak English has greatly improved, which I can see from his more sophisticated vocabulary, his grasp of grammatical concepts, and his speaking skills.

GCSE English

I tutored Tina in English for 2 years (Years 9-10). I supported Tina by helping to translate her love of literature into successful essay writing. In our sessions we focused on essay structure, reading comprehension, analysis, composition and editing/proofreading. Tina’s confidence in essay writing improved greatly, and her grade in English progressed from a C to a B

GCSE and A Level English

I tutored Elizabeth in English for 4 years of secondary school (Years 10-13), upon which she successfully gained entry into York University. I supported Elizabeth by developing her potential for critical thinking and her writing skills. In our sessions we worked on essay structure and writing; reading comprehension of novels, plays, poetry, and articles; grammar and editing; and time management. Elizabeth’s confidence to express her own ideas about literature noticeably improved, and her grades progressed from a C to a B, even earning an A on her final essay.

Undergraduate Learning Skills/Study Skills (SEN)

I tutored Tabitha for her first 2 years of undergraduate study at York University. I supported her by helping her acclimatise to and thrive in university study with the added challenge of a learning disability. Together we worked on reading comprehension of academic articles, research skills, essay structure and writing and note taking and time management skills. Tabitha’s confidence in university study progressed immensely, and her grades on average went from B’s to A’s.

Undergraduate English

I worked with Katie for the final 2 years of her undergraduate degree at the completion of which she successfully entered Teachers College. I supported Katie in her desire to excel and feel confident in English to subsequently be able to teach it and she has praised me as a compassionate tutor who she feels lucky to know. Our sessions consisted of reading comprehension, critical thinking and analysis, essay structure, writing and editing. Katie’s confidence in English grew, and her grades progressed from B’s to A’s. We have since stayed in touch because of our mutual passion for teaching and English.

Undergraduate Learning Skills/Study Skills (SEN)

I worked with Lucas for a year of his undergraduate degree, supporting him in meeting the academic demands of university by working on his learning skills as somebody with a learning disability. Our sessions included note taking and time management skills, research skills, reading comprehension, essay structure and composition. Lucas’s confidence as an undergraduate grew, and his grades, which were already excellent, progressed from A to A*. He is now pursuing a postgraduate degree abroad.

Adult Creative Writing

Robert was interested in improving his creative writing skills to write memoir, fiction and poetry. I supported Robert in gaining confidence in his writing and appreciating and enjoying the process of re-writing. In our sessions we focused on creative writing exercises (i.e., free writing), reading other texts as examples of strong writing, writing skills and techniques, editing, and re-writing. Robert’s confidence in writing improved, and he was on his way to writing a successful and moving memoir about his life.

Hobbies and Interests 

Creative writing (poetry), photography, playing mandolin in an orchestra, reading, traveling and crocheting.

Client Testimonials

  1. “I have become so good at speaking English, because you are my tutor!”
  2. “You always inspire me with your love of poetry and words. I always remember your kind compassion and support from my early course. It is the kind of teacher I aim to be one day – I will be entering teachers college after I graduate from York. Thank you for being you.”
  3. “I’ve never had such detailed and helpful feedback on assignments before.”
  4. “I am proud of myself, and I recognize all of the help that you have given me. I could not have done it without your encouragement and support so from the bottom of my heart… thank you. I hope that one day I can become a teacher, or even become involved in the University education like you. I am truly thankful that I have met you and was able to benefit from you.”
  5. “I always remember how kind you were, even without knowing full well what I was suffering from, and the compassion and true caring shown to a student who is enduring a lot affecting their academic performance means the world and can actually make a difference in a student who keeps trying resiliently in the future, even if it’s just that one teacher or person who cares and believes in the person.”
  6. “I really appreciate all that you taught me in this class. I must admit that I struggled at first, but your feedback and help on my essays has allowed me to write more effectively. So thank YOU for everything!”
  7. “Thanks for your feedback. First essay in 20 years, so I am encouraged by your positive remarks. I will definitely revise and resubmit it.”
  8. “I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You are truly an amazing TA, and I really enjoyed being in your class.”
  9. This course taught me a lot, and I really love attending classes. Anna was super involved, and I learned so much about essays from this class. It’s awesome.”
  10. Anna was excellent in her teaching. I like how she tried to involve the class in discussions and made effort to explain and present the material. I enjoyed her class very well.
  11. “Very approachable.”


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