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Anna C

"If it wasn't for Anna's patience, Finley would have never passed AS Italian. Her jokes and approach to the language encouraged my son to face the big challenge. And he made it!"

Victoria, A level Italian

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Academic History

2015: PHD in Comparative and World Literature, Zhejiang University, China.

2011: Advanced Chinese Language proficiency, Zhejiang University, Distinction

2009: Ma in Chinese Studies, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London,  Pass

2007: BA in Foreign Languages and Literature, Bologna University, Italy, First class honor degree

2004: Italian Grammar School: Italian A, English A, Maths A

About Me

My specialist subjects are: MFL (Spanish, Italian, Chinese), English & humanities, Latin, Religious Studies. I have taught students from Primary, Secondary and University  students in a range of subjects and prepared students for University Entry Language exams in Italian & University exams in Italian and Classics. Thanks to my targeted lessons, they achieved excellent results. I am also a teacher at University of Roehampton, where I am currently teaching a course on Languages and Literature in Translation and a short course on Migration.

I have 8 years experience giving one-to-one tuition to students of diverse ages, needs and abilities. Having spent many years learning languages myself, and having taught to student of different nationalities, I know what works and what does not.

Students enjoy learning with me, they focus on learning and improving their skills, but I ensure it’s never boring and I always encourage them to overcome difficulties. I am also very patient and adapt my teaching style and pace to each student. I encourage and inspire my students to achieve their best. I get excellent results and after a few lessons.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Omar, 11 +, English- I tutored Omar once a week for two months on English in particular. We prepared together for 11+ exam and thanks to hard work, Omar overcame his difficulty with grammar and spelling in particular and was admitted at Grammar School with high marks

Annemarie, 16 – Spanish – I tutored Annemarie for two weeks merely on Conversational Spanish. I applied hobbies to teaching, so that she could use the language on the site. She enjoyed the lesson and speed up colloquial Spanish; she passed the entry exam in the new college.

Olivia, 23 – Italian: I prepared Olivia for the university exams  in Italian A1-A2 and translation  at University of Leeds. She passed all of them.

Seba – Philosophy and GSCE Religious Studies: I tutored Sebastian on world religion, focusing in particular on Islam and Christianity ; I have focused on the specific topic: the meaning of “ethics” in the different religions; I helped him writing a presentation on Kant’s Ethics. He achieved excellent results and is he is now studying at UCL London.

Fin, KS1: I worked with Findlay from KS1 until now on afternoon school homework. I introduced him to English literature which he now enjoyed very much. Fun had difficulties in Math and handwriting: I suggested books to practice to add to school homework and he now improved.

Lauren,18 A2 Italian and Oxford Applications: I worked with Lauren for several months as she applied and sat his exams to study Italian and German at Oxford, as well as providing general Italian support as she worked towards her A2 exams. We focused in particular on speaking and grammar. I am delighted to report that Lauren achieved an A in her Italian, and secured her place at Oxford University.

Silvia, 19 Italian proficiency test (CILTA): We worked on each section of the entrance exam for Italian University and the visa interview: Silvia improved text comprehension, writing (100 words), listening and communication skills.

Claudio 42 – Mandarin Chinese (Beginners): I introduced pronunciation, writing and basic conversation and grammar to.We worked on the comprehension of basic Chinese terms and on pronunciation. They were working with Chinese factories, so we focused on fabric and clothing related terms.

Worked with various students for 1 to 2 hour lessons in preparation for IELTS and HSK preparation (Chinese Proficiency).

Alex, English (Beginners): I worked with Alex introducing pronunciation, writing and basic conversation and grammar. After a few months he achieved a good comprehension of basic terms and good pronunciation. He is now able to.communicate in English.

Ely, 17 Mandarin Chinese (Intermediate): I worked with Ely on Chinese sentence construction, composed terms and grammar particles, conversation and writing. She wanted to study in China, so we worked mainly on text comprehension, listening and improved her reading speed.

Riccardo, 6 and Giulia, 8 Italian language and culture (AS Italian): Riccardo and Giulia were born in a mixed family (Chinese mother and Italian father) in China and didn’t go to an Italian school. Their knowledge of Italian was just spoken, therefore I introduce them the basics of Italian grammar and pronunciation and of Italian culture; I introduced new terms through games, drawing. The kids achieved the basic pronunciation of Italian language and started to write basic sentences.

Vanessa, 9, Italian: Vanessa is half Italian, half Chinese and she goes to a public Chinese school. I worked with her on written Italian and text analysis. We analysed together simple dialogues and small texts and worked mainly with text comprehension and improved the sentence structure. After 3 years studying with me, she is now able to write small texts in Italian correctly.

Lily, 17 Spanish beginners: Lily was studying tourism in a high level college where another language other than English was required. We started from zero and went through pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary during weekend sessions. In six months Lily was able to pass the Spanish Proficiency and thus admitted to the final year of school.

Client Testimonials

“Anna is an outstanding teacher, thanks to her kids improved their Italian, we will miss her greatly” Max, father of Riccardo.

“Thank you so much for all your help, I couldn’t have fund confidence to pass the Italian Proficiency without your support and help” Silvia, student.

“If it wasn’t for Anna’s patience, Finley would have never passed AS Italian. Her jokes and approach to the language encouraged my son to face the big challenge. And he made it!” Victoria, Finley’s mum.

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