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"Anil has tutored my year 11 daughter for GCSE science for a few months now. She has had a few different science tutors and rates Anil very highly. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. He provides clear explanations and is really helping Ella get to grips with the subjects at this important time, including creating good revision notes. As a parent, I find Anil very easy to communicate with. I do not hesitate to recommend him."

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Academic History

Royal Academy of Music: Master of Arts in Musical Performance (cello) with Distinction 2013-2015

Exeter College, University of Oxford: BA Music 2:1 2010-2013

Perse Upper School:

A-Level: Music (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A) AS-level Maths (A)  (Sixth Form Academic Scholarship (specialising in Biology)

GSCE: 10 A*s in Mathematics, English Literature and Language, French, Latin, History, Triple science, Art

About Me

I am a full-time tutor and have over ten years experience in Maths, Science, English and Music from Primary through to GCSE. At GCSE, my students typically improve by two grades, with the majority achieving 7-9 across all the major exam boards. I have successfully prepared students for 7, 8 10 and 11 plus entry to top London Independent Schools including City of London Girls, Alleyn’s, Harrodian, Whitgift, Dulwich, JAGS and Emmanuel. I have also worked as a mentor giving career advice to 15-18-year olds as well as providing Oxbridge interview preparation. In addition, I have tutored Music A-level, helped with degree-level assignments, and previously taught cello and piano for over ten years both privately and in schools.

I have considerable SEND experience (including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and ASD), both from my time as a charity worker at Cambridge Joint Play Schemes, as well as from tutoring private clients. I am also a fully qualified Functional Movement Specialist (health and fitness).

As a tutor I am flexible in my approach towards each student. Depending on their personality, learning style and strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, I employ a variety of methods to facilitate learning, memorisation and a critical thinking approach. I regularly give students opportunities to summarise what they have learnt and test their understanding and memorisation of information, in order to foster deeper learning and memorisation. I believe strongly that the tutor-student relationship is critical to a student’s success and therefore prioritise developing a positive, supportive and encouraging tutoring environment.

Recent Tuition

Please see a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

7+ entry to Lambrook School– Bertie

I worked with Bertie for four sessions in advance of his Lambrook entrance test. Although he seemed quite far behind where he needed to be, he worked very hard on the homework I set him and really looked forward to our sessions – to the point where he became quite upset at Mum for cancelling one! We covered math fundamentals he hadn’t been taught at school and English exam technique. He was successful in getting a place.

11+ entry to Emmanuel, Trinity and Whitgift – Fred

I worked with Fred for five sessions in the run up to his exams for Emmanuel, Trinity and Whitgift. We worked solely on English comprehension exam technique and creative writing which he hugely struggled to even start. By the end he was very confident with creative writing, saying he’d “smashed it” in the exam. He was successful at gaining places to Emmanuel and Whitgift and got through to interview at Trinity.

11+ entry to Emmanuel and Alleyn’s – Marie

I worked with Marie for three months prior to her 11 plus exams. We did Maths, focusing on how to deconstruct the more challenging questions, and English comprehension and creative writing technique. She became quite anxious in the weeks before the exam and interview so I did my best to help her reduce the pressure she was putting on herself. I also did a couple of sessions on interview techniques to build confidence and be herself – rather than resorting to inauthentic scripted answers. She was successful at Emmanuel and Alleyn’s.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Maths – Syd

I meet with Syd once a week for 1.5 hrs during his final GCSE year. We worked through understanding and then practice questions on scientific topics. Syd started at a 5 in Biology, 6/7 in Maths, 5/6 in Physics, and a 5 in Chemistry. His GCSE results were an 8 Physics, 8 in Biology, 8 in Maths, 7 in Chemistry.

GCSE, Chemistry and Physics and Biology – Ella

I met with Ella once a week for 1.5 hrs at a time during her final GCSE year. Ella required study support and help going through the subject material. We worked through topic understanding, memorisation and exam technique. Ella improved particularly in developing her analytical skills and the ability to apply her knowledge effectively. Ella started at a B level in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Her results were two 8’s in double award Science.

GCSE Maths, Science and English – Raphael

I met with Raph once a week for 90 minutes for just over a year. We worked firstly on his organisation and study skills with which he made excellent changes. We then worked on concise note taking and topic understanding. In English we mainly covered poetry analysis techniques. He improved from 5s in Science, Maths and English (in his school reports and mocks) to 7s in double Science, 7 in English Language and an 8 in English Literature.

IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology – Archie

I met with Archie for 6 two-hour sessions in his holidays (he is a boarder) to improve his science grades. We went through select topics in Biology, Physics and Chemistry to improve his understanding and I set questions for homework. He improved hugely and was achieving 90%+ on the exam questions I set him for homework.

GCSE, Chemistry, Physics and Maths – Felix

I worked with Felix in preparation for his GCSE exams. We carried out intensive sessions in the summer term meeting 1-3 times per week. Due to our shared love of Music we struck a very good rapport early on. We worked on topics that Felix was less confident with, each session covering a mostly new/untaught topic. By the end Felix had completely mastered the subjects. In his final exams in 2017 he achieved A* in Physics, (predicted A/B) B in Chemistry (predicted C) and B in Maths (predicted B).

GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics – Megan

I met with Megan for two hours a week for just over a month. She had dyslexia and a short term working memory disorder. We worked primarily on improving her Maths and science with some history coursework help. In addition to generally solidifying her understanding of various topics, she had trouble with reading and interpreting graphs. She made excellent progress and went from C’s in Maths and Science to all B’s with an A* in History.

GCSE Maths, Science and English – Moja

I met two or three times a week over 1.5 academic years to tutor Moja Science, Maths and English. I also mentored him on study skills, organisation and learning attitude. He made significant behaviour and academic improvements at school, reflected in his improved test results and diligence grades in his school report. When we began, he was receiving 4s and some 5s in Science, Math and English, but test results just before Covid were 7s and some 8s. His ‘Covid’ grades were 6’s and 7’s.

A-level Music – Lucia

Weekly support over one academic year in analysis, harmonisation, history and listening skills for Lucia, who attended St Marylebone High School for girls. Her teacher-assessed composition grade went from an E to a B. Her mock result was a C but she was given a B (during Covid). Had she taken the exam she would have had a good chance at getting an A.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a professional performing musician and I also enjoy sport. I am a Functional Movement Screening specialist and have worked with private clients to improve their sports performance.

Client Testimonials

“Anil was extremely respectable and very good with his students. He helped my boys with preparation for their exams and had always communicated with me explaining their progress. He had really engaged with my boys and I had an amazing feedback from them as well. Anil’s tutoring experiences was very positive and professional. He was supportive, patient and a natural and pertinent teacher who gave the best advice and guidance. All of his sessions were great learning experiences. Anil’s feedback to my boys was thoroughly constructive and encouraging. I am tremendously pleased to have had Anil tutoring my boys and highly recommend him for other students.”


“I can recommend Anil very highly. he has tutored both my sons in Science and Maths, with my older son getting 8’s and 9’s in his subjects, largely due to Anil’s diligence and his ability to explain difficult concepts easily and his patience. he really is a wonderful teacher.
The best I can say is my boys look forward to his sessions and gained in confidence from his teaching.”

Paul M

“I just wanted to email you to say thanks for your help with developing Fred’s English confidence. His creative writing improved hugely after your sessions and he actually started to enjoy writing the pieces too. Today he used the story plan you went through with him and came out confident he ‘smashed it’ at Trinity! Whether he actually did or not is another matter but he wrote 2 sides of A4 and came out feeling happy and confident he’d done his best which is all I could ask for. He has frequently said when I’ve gone through his past papers with him that your input helped so thank you.”


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