'Anil has tutored my year 11 daughter for GCSE science for a few months now. She has had a few different science tutors and rates Anil very highly. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. He provides clear explanations and is really helping Ella get to grips with the subjects at this important time, including creating good revision notes. As a parent, I find Anil very easy to communicate with. I do not hesitate to recommend him'.

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Academic History

Royal Academy of Music

Master of Arts in Musical Performance (cello) with Distinction 2013-2015

Exeter College, University of Oxford

BA Music 2:1 2010-2013

Perse Upper School 2003-2010

A-Level: Music (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A) AS-level Maths (A)  (Sixth Form Academic Scholarship (specialising in Biology)

GSCE: 10 A*s in Mathematics, English literature and language, French, Latin, History, Triple science, Art

About Me

Subjects Offered

Maths and Science: Primary through to GCSE including 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+

English and History: Primary through to GCSE including 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+

Music: primary through to GCSE, A-level and University level

Music theory: grades 1-8

Music practical: cello beginner to advanced, piano grade 1-5, performance coaching for GCSE, A-level, University

University/Oxbridge entrance preparation for music

I am an experienced tutor of Maths, Science, English and Music. I understand that students often have different learning styles (note making, verbal, visual, more practical) and have developed strategies to include all of these styles.

At the beginning of a tutoring role I believe it is highly important to start with an initial assessment. This entails discussing the student’s goals, reviewing achievement (both past and working grades), in-session monitoring and talking with the student about what they feel they need more or less help with.

Although I tend to take a structured approach to learning information and developing critical thinking skills, I am aware this needs to be flexible and adapt through sessions to enable student progression. As with most skills, one must constantly assess whether the methods one is employing are making progress towards the desired goals.

Furthermore, I also believe that it is very important to account for varying levels of ability and to vigorously praise effort and method over end results (even though I obviously aim to get the best end result possible). I often use games or rewards with younger students to encourage progress.

Recent Tuition

I have 10 years of academic tutoring experience in Maths, Science, English, History and Music from Primary through to GCSE. I have also prepared pupils for 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ entrance tests to some of the top school in the country. I have worked as a mentor giving career advice to 15-18-year olds as well as providing Oxbridge interview preparation.  In addition, I have tutored Music A-level, helped with degree-level assignments, and have taught cello and piano for over 10 years both privately and in schools

As a tutor I am flexible in my approach towards each student. Depending on their learning style and strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, I employ a variety of methods to facilitate learning, memorization and a critical thinking approach.  I regularly give students opportunities to summarize what they have learnt and test their understanding and memorization of information, in order to foster deeper learning and memorization.

I believe strongly that a positive, encouraging and supportive tutoring approach is critical to a student’s success and also like to make some time to get to know each student and chat generally about their interests. I have several years’ experience in working with autistic and disabled children as a charity worker with Cambridge Joint Play Schemes, as well as from tutoring private clients.

Please see a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

International Baccalaureate Music

I have worked with Raphael for 3 months on getting to grips with music theory and analysis. He had very little understanding of this (he is more of a performer and instinctual composer) to begin with. I have helped him to write an extended 2000 word essay comparing two musical styles and we are working towards the analysis component of the IB music exam


GCSE Maths, Science and English. All of Year 10, ongoing into year 11 next September.

Moja – Fulham boys school. I meet 3x a week to tutor Moja science, maths and English. I also help him with homework, study skills and organisation. He has made significant behaviour and academic improvements at school, reflected in his most recent test results and diligence grades in his school report.

GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 2 months before GCSE’s.

I met with Megan for 2 hours a week for just over a month. We worked primarily on improving her Maths and science with some history coursework help. In addition to generally solidifying her understanding of various topics she had dyslexia and trouble with reading and interpreting graphs. She made excellent progress and went from C’s in math and science to all B’s with an A* in history.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Maths. All of year 11 up to exams.

I meet with Syd once a week for 1.5 hrs. We started sessions in late September 2017. We worked through understanding and practicing questions on scientific topics. Syd started around a B in Biololgy, A in math, A/B in physics, and a B in chemistry. Results 2018 8 physics, 8 biology, 8 maths, 7 chemistry

GCSE, Chemistry and Physics and Biology. All of year 11 up to exams.

I met with Ella once a week for 1.5 hrs at a time, we started our sessions in late September 2017. Ella required help going through and understanding the subject material. We would also practice questions and revise the content. Ella improved particularly in developing her analytical skills and the ability to apply her knowledge effectively. Ella started at a B level in biology, chemistry and physics. Results 2018 were two 8’s in double award science.

GCSE Maths and Science. End of year 9, all of year 10 and into year 11 from September.

I meet with Raph once a week for 1.5 hours. He is doing well and on track for 7-9 grades at GCSE. I introduced GCSE topics early and stretched him, particularly in Maths. We are now working on Science topic understanding, note taking and organisation and practise questions.

IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I met with Archie for approximately 6 two hour sessions in his holidays (he is a boarder) to improve his science grades. We went through select topics in Biology, Physics and Chemistry to improve his understanding and I set questions for homework. He improved hugely and was achieving 90%+ on the exam questions I set him for homework.

IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I worked with a student who was at Mill Hill, intensively over Christmas on his Science preparation.

GCSE, Chemistry, Physics and Maths

I worked with Felix in preparation for his GCSE exams. We carried out intensive sessions in the summer term meeting 1-3 times per week. Due to our shared love of Music we struck a very good rapport early on. We worked on topics that Felix was less confident with, each session we did a mostly new/untaught topic. By the end Felix had completely mastered the subjects. In his final exams in 2017 he achieved A* in Physics, (predicted A/B) B in Chemistry (predicted C) and B in Maths (predicted B).

GCSE English

I worked intensively with a student ahead of their English GCSE exams to help them consolidate their poetry and literature knowledge. Together we worked through the poetry anthology, and also looked in depth at MacBeth. I am pleased to report that the student achieved an A in their final exam.

GCSE English History, Maths and Science and 13+ Residential Tuition

I recently spent a week in the Lake District with a family, supporting their elder child with GCSE Maths, Science, History and English, and their younger child with 13+ Science preparation for Uppingham. The tuition was intensive and focused, and both students made great progress in our time together.

GCSE Home schooling

I worked for a term with Ben (13) on early GCSE science preparation ahead of his entrance to year 10. Ben had just returned from Hong Kong and so wanted a term of tuition to get him up to speed before starting year 10 after the summer holidays.

YEAR 9, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology

Arnav was attending Millhill school. We worked together through the Easter holiday providing intensive tutoring to catch up on Physics, 2017, Chemistry, Math and Biology. Our sessions were 5hrs each day for one week. We worked mainly on Arnav’s recall and memorization of scientific facts. He improved considerably in the topics we covered, from being unable to recall literally anything to being able to recall 60% of the information.

YEAR 8, Maths

I worked with Charlie through the summer holiday to give him some intensive Maths tuition before starting school. We held 3 sessions a week for two weeks. Charlie improved greatly during our time together.


I have tutoring experience with 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+. Schools that my students were preparing for include Whitgift, Dulwich, Kings Wimbledon etc.

13+ English preparation (comprehension focused) for a boy applying to Dulwich College. His first language is Spanish but his spoken English is very good. We meet weekly and he seems to very much enjoy the sessions.

11+ English preparation (comprehension and grammar focused) for a boy applying to Dulwich College. His first language is Spanish (brother of the above). We meet weekly and he seems to very much enjoy the sessions.

11+ weekly preparation for a girl applying to all the top London schools.

13+ Science – Week long residential for a student who was preparing for the Uppingham exams.  We worked purely on Science intensively for 3 hours a day and she was successful in being offered a place.

13+ Skype English and interview preparation for a girl applying to Cheltenham Ladies’ College, we are eagerly awaiting the results.

13+ Maths and English support for 2 students aiming for places at the The Perse School in Cambridge. Both students were offered places.

11+, English – A series of short intensive sessions on 11+ preparing students for entrance to a number of independent schools in Cambridge and surrounding areas


I have worked with several 8+ students. They were very keen and motivated to learn and really enjoyed the sessions. We went through past papers and covered any gaps in their knowledge. I heard recently that once was accepted to Whitgift.


I worked with a student preparing for Kings Wimbledon. We worked on past papers in Maths and I introduced new methods of long division and multiplication as well as problem solving. We also worked on reading and comprehension skills including covering vocabulary in the comprehension passages, along with working on interview technique. After 15 hours of tuition I advised his parents that his performance had improved a lot from about 60% to 70-90% depending on his concentration level. We both agreed he’d be very disappointed if he failed to get in so decided to postpone to the 8+ as he would be consistently getting 90% (the average for successful).

SEN Support

I have spent time working as a play worker for students with autism aged 5-18. I really enjoyed building rapports with these students, and working with them individually to set personal goals, even if these weren’t always strictly academic.


Preparation interview for application to read Music.


I have tutored well over 30 children (privately and in schools) for music theory and practical (piano and cello), including successful ABRSM (performance) Exams.

I tutored Ata for his Music theory and cello practice, we met weekly for two years. During our sessions, we worked on improving Ata’s performance skills and also his theoretical knowledge of music. Ata improved considerably throughout our time together, passing grade 1 cello with Merit.

I tutored Rebecca intensively for 2 months in preparation for her grade 6 theory exam which she passed.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a professional performing musician and I also enjoy sport. I am a Functional Movement Screening specialist and have worked with private clients to improve their sports performance.

Client Testimonials

‘Anil has tutored my year 11 daughter for GCSE science for a few months now.  She has had a few different science tutors and rates Anil very highly.  He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging and patient.  He provides clear explanations and is really helping Ella get to grips with the subjects at this important time, including creating good revision notes.  As a parent, I find Anil very easy to communicate with.  I do not hesitate to recommend him’.

“Syd has gone from a C to an A* in Biology”



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