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“Andrea tutored my son in GCSE French and I was very pleased with his academic results and progress made from her lessons. She is an attentive and motivating tutor that re-sparked his interest in the language.”

Mr Sanders, GCSE French

  • 11+

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  • English

  • French

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Spanish

Academic History

Sept 2009-2013: Royal Holloway University of London, French and Spanish (BA) 2:1

Sept 2004-2008: Plymouth College

A Levels: French (A) Drama (A), English Literature (A)

AS-Levels: Drama (A), English Literature (B), French (A) and German (B)

GCSEs: English (A), French (A), Greek (A), German (A), Drama (A*),  Music (A), Maths (B), Biology (B), Chemistry (B), Physics (B), History (B)

About Me

I am a passionate and dedicated tutor with an extensive background in teaching and tutoring students of all ages, both in the UK and internationally. With over 12 years of tutoring experience my approach is to spark students’ interest in the subject while providing personalised, tailor-made, quality academic support. I have a proven track record of helping students improve their grades and gain admission to the most prestigious schools in the UK.

As a creative, I use my knowledge of performance and being under pressure on stage as well as my expertise in tutoring and teaching to work together in building a fun, upbeat, challenging course aimed at inspiring an interest in learning English and improving one’s spoken English skills. I am a linguist myself I know how daunting it can be to learn a new language preparing for an interview and to speak in public. I have a tailored approach to confidence building in spoken English and helping with elocution and pronunciation. My other experience includes working as an English teacher at Lycée Molière in Paris.

Summary of my tutoring experience

  • Entrance exam preparation is what I specialise in, from English and Maths to the interview stage as well as Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning. Having worked with pupils from 7+, 8+. 11+ and 13+ over 12 years, I have an extensive knowledge of what is required for each exam as well as the expectations and interview questions. I ensure every student is well equipped with exam technique and has ample practise with past papers and tailored homework to work on weekly, in order to give them the best possible chance to achieve their full potential. In addition I often tutor 13+ French. I have had pupils gain places in: Eton College, St Paul’s, Godolphin and Latimer, Francis Holland, Queen’s Gate School, Harrow School, Westminster School, Dulwich College, Highgate School, and Wycombe Abbey.
  • Offering close support with practice papers, confidence building and Interview skills.
  • Homework support and study skills for children at prep school level.
  • Tutoring French and Spanish up to GCSE and 16+ Level.
  • Home schooling and Governessing for private clients in London and travelling with them abroad.

Recent tuition

I have over twelve years experience in teaching Spanish and French to students of a range of ages, from prep school to GCSE, A-Level and IB.  I also provide 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ preparation to help children prepare for entrance examinations at competitive London day schools. I have tutored the Cambridge Speaking Test (CAE Certificate) and the oral aspects of the of TOEFL Course. In addition, I taught younger classes English from levels A2 – C1 according to the Council of Europe Common Framework of Modern Languages at Lycée Molière.

Please find below some case studies representative of my experience:

Year 2 English and maths (7+)

I am currently supporting 6 year old Galilea with her maths, English and general homework support to ensure that she is ahead of the curve at school and primed for her entrance exam at American School London. I have supported Ghalia with her application and interview preparation into ASL.

8+ Preparation

Felix’s parents contacted me as they were having difficulty keeping him focused and couldn’t get him to write for more than a very short spell. He found it difficult to formulate a structured story even though he had a vivid imagination. After working closely with Felix on practice papers, creative writing techniques as well as exam expectations and how to manage his time best in the exam, he was offered places across the board at Westminster, Sussex House as well as Wetherby.

Year 4 Home schooling

I was home schooled Cosima for two terms whilst she was living in a different city to her school. We focused on English, Maths, Geography, Art, French and History. I created a rich schedule for her to ensure she would excel and enjoy learning from home, we went on nature walks and trips to the museum to ignite her thirst for learning History and Geography. I tutored Cosima 4 hours a day and did activities and games on Friday afternoons. 

8+ and 11+ Residential (Greece)

I spent five weeks in Greece working with a brother and sister, who were preparing for the 8+ and 11+ assessments respectively. I took a very hands on and fun approach to the lessons, working to fit them around the family’s summer plans; this would often result in us reading together or working through maths problems whilst swimming and on the family boat! The 8+ student had dyspraxia, and responded well to visual lessons; we would often find ourselves learning together in the garden and looking at the wildlife, and learning answers and new skills through fun games and songs. I am happy to report that the boy was successful in gaining entry to Wetherby, whilst his sister gained her preferred place at Francis Holland.

Year 5 English and maths, 11+

I have been intensely tutoring four students for the 11+ and pre-test examinations in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. One child got into St Paul’s, the other into Latymer School and the other two into Francis Holland. I also work closely with building children’s’ confidence and and helping them prepare for the interview process.

Year 6 Homework Support in Maths and English

Gisele was a year 6 student struggling to organise his homework as well as falling behind on his maths. I formulated mathematical problems and gave her extra resources on how to structure her written work. After two terms of tuition Gisele’s confidence grew and she had excelled in maths, her parents were happy that she had been well prepared with skills on how best to organise her work for Senior School the following year.

13+ Common Entrance French

I worked with a student in the run up to their 13+ exams, helping to boost their French reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. After a lot of hard work I was delighted to hear that they were accepted in to their first choice school, King’s College Wimbledon.

GCSE/16+ Spanish

I supported Annabelle intensely over the holidays in the year running up to her 16+ entrance exams and GCSEs. Annabelle and I worked closely together to bring her level of Spanish up the required level for some of London’s most competitive schools.

GCSE French

Imani was at the Brits School and had little time to prepare for her French GCSE, she was predicted a D grade and after having worked solidly on grammar and oral she gained an A grade at GCSE within five months of tuition.

GCSE Spanish

Aisha was at Francis Holland and wanted help with her oral, we worked weekly on a different topic that could come up. In addition to her general conversation we practised her presentation and she gained an A* at GCSE and has since been in touch for extra tuition for her AS Level Spanish.

GCSE French

A student struggling with her GCSE French grammar and oral skills; we began by working through past papers and highlighting the types of questions she had trouble grasping. In conjunction, we worked on extra material to strengthen her grammar skills and focused the second half of the lesson on oral practice, focusing on role-plays and general conversation on topics on the syllabus. I aimed to keep her motivated by varying the tasks and in time she felt much more confident with the language. Rachel was able to gain an A* at GCSE when originally predicted a B and has since decided to pursue French for AS Level.

A Level Spanish

A student at St Paul’s was struggling with oral and grammar; we worked efficiently on perfecting her presentation as well as creating weekly practice questions. After focusing on building her confidence by creating a bank of answers and stylistically sound sentences she was able to achieve an A grade at A Level.

IB English

An English IB Level student studying at Lycée Molière, Paris. She wanted extra tuition in English as she planned to take the TEFL course at the end of the academic year before studying at University in the USA. She gained excellent knowledge of current affairs in England from weekly oral debate sessions. In addition she was given plenty of exercises to master her tenses and consequently passed the TEFL course and IB with outstanding results within her year group.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a keen interest in acting and have worked on various feature films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Sherlock Holmes 2. I also enjoy travelling having l lived and worked in Spain, France and the USA for two years respectively.

Client Testimonials

“Andrea tutored my son in GCSE French and I was very pleased with his academic Results and progress made from her lessons. She is an attentive and motivating tutor that re-sparked his interest in the language.”

“Andrea helped my son for two years to prepare for his entrance exams into Harrow School. I saw a great improvement in his desire to work independently and his progress at school improved also with the added support she gave. Andrea’s attention to detail and engaging style of teaching made the lessons fun for my son and instilled a desire to want to succeed in the exam. My son is enjoying Harrow and we will call on Andrea’s expertise again when preparing for the 11+ with my other son.”

“We would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding support Lev received during his preparation for Eton KS. Getting a place in such a prestigious school as Eton is a great achievement. And we are sure all Lev’s efforts preparing for the exams will pay off once he joins Eton.”

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