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Andrea L

“Our tutor Andrea has made a big difference to our 3 Autistic Home educated girls who attend our Tuesday Maths club. Some of our young people are so anxious about school that anything that felts like a lesson would cause them to worry. Andrea has helped them not only to learn ratio, time tables and money skills but also taught them that Maths and teachers can be fun.”

Carly, Maths Tuition

  • 11+

  • English

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2016-2017, University of Reading, MA English (Merit).

2013-2016, University of Reading, BA History and English Literature (2:1).

Windsor Girl’s school A Levels, History (B), Mathematics (B), English (C).

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2017 and specialise in English and Maths tuition.

I approach my tutoring with positivity, enthusiasm and understanding. It is essential for me to establish a great rapport with each of my students. I emphasise to my students that my purpose as a tutor is to help and support them to reach their goals. I aim to gain an understanding of each student’s particular needs and challenges, tailoring my tutoring to that. Confidence is truly key and it is my responsibility as a tutor to ensure that my students feel as confident as possible, both towards the specific subject that I am supporting them in, and education as a whole. I apply positivity to my approach to feedback as well, which students can find difficult to receive, be it an essay or a test result, I want my students to view my feedback as helpful and that set backs are part of the process of reaching the desired end result.

As I tutor students from the ages of eight through to sixteen I am very conscious that my tutoring style must adapt to each individual student. I try to be as flexible as possible and I welcome my students’ feedback. For instance, one of my 11+ students did not feel that the exercise of coming up with example sentences to learn new vocabulary was effective for him. I instead suggested that he made flashcards, with the definition, synonyms and antonyms for the vocabulary, which proved to be much more effective for him. If my student is creative I try to incorporate this into my tutoring style, for instance, creating posters to help learning the rules of algebra.

I aim to make my lessons as engaging as possible and ask my students regularly at the end of the lesson their opinion on the topics covered, the level of difficulty they found it and whether they found it interesting. From experience I have found that when students are engaged by the material and topics of the lesson they tend to put more effort in, thus creating a much more positive lesson. However, of course this is not possible at all times and there will be topics that students particularly struggle with. It is equally important to advocate the necessity of perseverance and accepting the multifaceted ways of learning.

Private one to one tuition offers the unique opportunity to allow each student to have lessons tailored to them and how they learn best. I bare this in mind with how I approach my tutoring, whilst ensuring a continuous positive work ethic and academic excellence.

I consider my role as a tutor a unique opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on my students’ learning and lives. I am invested in my students and do all I possibly can to help them achieve success. I believe that my students respond in turn and I have created wonderful relationships with them and their families. I believe one of the main reasons I receive continuous positive feedback from my clients, is that I treat all my students with respect, understanding and openness. There is truly no reward greater than supporting a student to achieve success.

Recent Tuition

I tutor from Key Stage 1 through to GCSE, including 11+ tuition. Please see a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

Year 3 Mathematics and English

I have tutored Aadi and Aarav, twin boys, for two lessons a week since December 2018. The boys moved to the Independent school Claires Court at the start of Year 3 and their parents were worried that the boys were lacking confidence and risked falling behind as the result of changing schools. I particularly focused on solidifying the foundations in the two subjects to ensure that the boys returned to their correct academic levels. In English, comprehension, creative writing and grammar were the main focuses. For Mathematics I reinforced the more challenging topics, such as unit conversion, fractions and word problems. The boys made such incredible progress that I even introduced basic algebra to them at their request. Aadi and Aarav have both made excellent strides and gained confidence in their academic ability. Both Aadi and Aarav achieved excellent end of year GL results from Claires Court. Aarav scored 113 in Mathematics and 119 in English, whilst Aadi scored 141 in Mathematics and 113 in English, which means that they are achieving above and significantly above national expectations.

Year 5 English

Ava, who currently attends Upton House School, was lacking in confidence and was really struggling with English, which is why her parents sought out extra support for her. I have been tutoring Ava since January 2019, on a weekly basis, increasing to two lessons per week during the school breaks. I have particularly supported Ava in building up her confidence in comprehension, developing her creative writing skills, improving her vocabulary and boosting spelling. I have had the pleasure of watching Ava become a confident and creative student. Ava did splendidly in her end of year exams and scored 123 in English, meaning that she is now working at an outstanding level. Ava also received the English prize in her year group, which is a testament to Ava’s incredible progress and success. Ava is now entering Year 6 and I am continuing to tutor Ava ahead of her November entrance exam to Wellington School.

11+ Exam Preparation

I have tutored Thomas, who is currently in the top sets for both English and Mathematics, for one year to help prepare him for the 11+ entrance exam which he is sitting for Reading School. The focus of the weekly lessons alternated between CEM Comprehension, Mathematics, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The past few months have also been focused on exam strategy and ensuring that Thomas is able to answer the questions within the time restrictions. Thomas initially found the 11+ material daunting and lacked confidence in his ability. However, over this past year Thomas has improved drastically and he is such a bright young boy. Thomas has worked incredibly hard over this past year and I look forward to hearing his results within the coming months.

11+ Exam Preparation

I supported Isaac in his preparation for the CEM entrance exams for Reading Blue Coat School. I was brought in for the final two months ahead Isaac’s January exams to provide intensive exam preparation, targeting exam strategy and solidifying any areas in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning that Isaac struggled with. Initially, Isaac lacked confidence in his ability and his parents’ worried whether he would be able to secure a place at such a competitive school. I particularly focused on reintroducing the key material in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning that Isaac was less familiar with, particularly vocabulary. Additionally, we extensively worked through online papers under timed conditions and discussed exam strategy. The hard work and dedication proved successful and Isaac secured a place at Reading Blue Coat which he will be attending this September.

GCSE English Exam Preparation (AQA)

Kiran was predicted a level 6 in her English GCSE exams and required additional support to reach her full potential. I tutored Kiran weekly for six months in preparation for her summer exams. Kiran initially lacked incentive to try and secure better results than what she was predicted. We focused on both English Literature and Language, particularly poetry, understanding how to analyse a passage of text, deconstructing exam questions in order to identify the key information and how to formulate concise responses. Once Kiran observed the progress that she was making and gained recognition of her improved results she strived for the best results possible. Kiran secured a level 8 in her English GCSEs and has gone on to take up a place at Newlands Girls’ School Sixth Form.

Hobbies and Interests

I am an avid reader; I gain both pleasure and personal development from it. Reading is a unique activity that can be enjoyed in almost any situation, be it on the train or sitting in a café enjoying a coffee. I also enjoy being outdoors, particularly walking, camping and cycling. I try to keep a balance in my life by keeping active which I believe is essential to my personal wellbeing.

Client Testimonials

“I started seeing Andrea as a private tutor in January 2019, 5 months before my GCSE exams for English Literature and Language. Although that is a short time frame, Andrea managed to help me change my grades 4 and 5 to a grade 8 and grade 6, which was only one mark off of a grade 7. This is an immense difference to achieve. I firmly believe this was only possible because Andrea is the type of academic mentor and person who brings out the best in people and students around her to allow them to grow and reach their full potential. As well as this, Andrea has a bubbly personality and always knows how to make everyone around her smile.”-Kiran 

“Our tutor Andrea has made a big difference to our 3 Autistic Home educated girls who attend our Tuesday Maths club. Some of our young people are so anxious about school that anything that felts like a lesson would cause them to worry. Andrea has helped them not only to learn ratio, time tables and money skills but also taught them that Maths and teachers can be fun.”- Carly

“We are very happy with Andrea! She obviously prepares very well for her lessons; the comprehension passages she uses for my 12 year old son are relevant to him and pique his interest. She was also quick to ask my son to design a “flyer” for his poem once she found out that my son was interested in DT. We saw an improvement to my son’s comprehension exam results this term and cannot be happier! Andrea is amazing!”- Shu-Chi

“Andrea was amazing with my daughters GCSE preparation. She was always on time and committed and always very positive and supportive. My daughter’s grade leaped tremendously in her final exam and I owe this all to Andrea. Andrea’s passion and knowledge for her subjects are inspiring and we are so lucky to have found her.”- Anita


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