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Amy R

"We feel incredibly lucky to have had Amy teach our son. Her passion, professionalism and dedication to the children she teaches shines through in everything she and her students do."

Parent of Year 3 student

  • 11+

  • Early Years

  • Primary

Academic History

2012 – 2015 Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University)

Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (1st Division) in Primary Education leading to QTS with specialism in Design and Technology

2005 – 2011 Sutton High School GDST

3 A Levels in D&T Product Design, Theatre Studies and Spanish

1 AS Level in Psychology

11 GCSEs A* to B, OCR Level 3 CLAiT Advanced for IT Users

About Me

Since graduating in 2015, I have been a classroom teacher in London, Cambridge and Shanghai. My portfolio includes teaching posts at Dulwich College and University of Cambridge Primary School.

Since 2020, I have tutored 1:1 alongside my teaching role and have found it a joy to facilitate the accelerated progress that working with children in this way makes possible. For the next part of my teaching journey, I am looking to broaden my tutoring work further. I want  to leverage the skills I have gained over many years in the classroom, drawing on my experience with students of diverse backgrounds, abilities and learning styles to help my tutees achieve their full potential.

At the centre of my approach is a commitment to building strong relationships, as I believe they are integral to achieving the very best progress. Gaining a thorough understanding of your child – their interests, foibles and obstacles – will be very important to me throughout our time working together. From there, I can tap into a wealth of teaching strategies tailored to the individual that reflect the way they learn best. I aim to inspire curiosity: a desire to keep learning that goes beyond the sessions we spend together. I encourage children to be courageous in their learning and develop resilience; our brains grow when we make mistakes! Inspiring creativity is another key objective in my sessions. In my experience, knowledge retention comes most easily when learning activities are fun and memorable. I recognise that for some children, the best learning does not happen with a pen in hand at a desk. I have always been passionate about designing learning opportunities that are hands-on.  I will bring creative resources with me and whenever we can be up on our feet or using Play-Doh, I will find a way to make it happen.

Recent tuition

Having taught across the age range, I have thorough knowledge of the progression through the National Curriculum from Early Years Foundation Stage up to Year 6, including preparation for SATS at each key stage. My detailed understanding enables me to work backwards with individuals to target support effectively, with proven techniques and demonstrable results.

I am adept at using diagnostic tools to identify gaps in learning. Throughout my teaching career, I have planned and run a variety of targeted interventions to meet various needs, bolstering learning in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Additionally, I have experience tutoring 1:1 for 11+, including Maths, English and Non Verbal Reasoning.


I have specific experience working 1:1 with children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD. As a highly experienced teacher, I am able to use my expertise in neurodiversity to adapt my teaching methods, ensuring the very best results for the children in my care. I also equip children with practical and tailored organisational strategies to help them manage their neurodiversity and thrive.

Pastoral care

I place a strong emphasis on pastoral care. With comprehensive training in Mental Health, I use teaching of emotional regulation strategies to help unlock every child’s potential. I have run nurture groups to help children manage anxiety and change, and also have extensive experience of easing the transition between primary and secondary.

Non-native speakers

Half of my teaching career has been as a teacher of classes with 80% or higher ‘English as an Additional Language’ learners. As a result, I have a huge bank of teaching tactics to accelerate language acquisition, with engaging visual aids and multisensory methods for each stage.

Please find recent case studies below:

Year 3 English and Maths

I was R’s classroom teacher when he was in Year 3. He was struggling immensely with confidence across literacy and numeracy. Recognising R’s obstacles aligning with dyscalculic tendencies, I spent time understanding how he learnt and where his barriers were and then put a number of strategies in place to enable his confidence to grow and accelerated progress to follow. These strategies included multisensory methods for number and letter formation and use of a voice recorder for writing. He made brilliant progress.

Year 3 English

H joined my class with no English at the beginning of the academic year. With consistent use of oracy techniques (chorus and echo repetitive language) and effective use of visual aids, within a couple of months, she could independently retell a story map using visual prompts. Alongside explicit teaching of phonics throughout, 6 months on, she could construct simple sentences in English independently and had gained huge confidence in sharing her ideas aloud.

11+ Preparation, The Perse

I had been T’s classroom teacher for a year when his family reached out to me to ask me to tutor him, citing their trust in me as a positive influence in his life. Over six months, I tutored all subjects for a speculative application for 11+ at The Perse Upper School, Cambridge. This offered an opportunity for not only targeted 11+ practice, but also for tailored support for T in building his toolkit of self-regulation strategies to support him with focus and behaviour at school. His family remain incredibly grateful to me for the support I offered throughout the transition from primary to secondary and continue to seek my consultancy on helping T in navigating his first year at Secondary school.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a content creator for Happy Tot Shelf. This is an early learning platform aiming to inspire parents with multisensory, hands-on educational activities to do at home. It suits my love of learning and my desire to think creatively.

I also run a small-holding no-dig market garden, growing vegetables for a local cafe and village shop in Suffolk. This evolving project is currently in its second year and something I find rewarding and grounding in equal measure.


“We feel incredibly lucky to have had Amy teach our son. Her passion, professionalism and dedication to the children she teaches shines through in everything she and her students do. Our son came to her with challenges both academically and emotionally and she has calmly and patiently spend time getting to know him, to understand him and has built his confidence from the ground up. We’re seeing great progress and we couldn’t be happier.”

Parent of Year 3 student

“Amy’s hard work with him has been a game changer. She makes him much more confident and I am very happy she is in his life. She has an insight and understanding which he is so responsive to, without being intimidated by the boundaries she sets down. He has thrived with her guidance, both in himself and his school work and has a better ability to self-reflect, which he will take with him into the future. I look forward to having her in his life for his next chapter of challenges”

Parent of 11+ student

“My son has always struggled with learning, having lost confidence at school. We were never sure what to put it down to. Amy, however, took time to look into why he was finding it difficult to process and retain information. She did some research and took time to investigate and share her findings with us. We are now in the process of seeking paediatric help for dyspraxia and thanks to Amy, my son’s confidence is improving and he doesn’t feel ‘stupid’ anymore. We are eternally grateful.”

Parent of Year 5 student

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