“Amy has helped my son in so many different ways. She is a very experienced English tutor, who not only teaches very well, but is also fun and very effective. She is organised and always brings resources to her lessons. I absolutely recommend her for all ages/levels.”

Rania M, English A Level Tuition

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Academic History

University of Cambridge: MA English

University of Cambridge: BA English (2.1).

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle: A-Levels (A*/As).

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle: GCSEs (A*/As).

 About Me

I have been a private tutor since 2013. I tutor students in English Literature and English Language. I am also able to support students with their Oxbridge Applications.

Every lesson is custom created to each individual student. Initially I find the ways in which the student likes to learn and make my lessons as interactive and rigorous as possible. I bring fun and laughter to the lessons as well as an academic approach. I specifically encourage students to question everything, and to come up with their own approaches as well as knowing the critics and their assessment objectives. I also like to listen and learn from my students. I am not there to solely give them another English lesson, I want to create and subsequently curate a love of the subject within my pupils. I have seen only the best results with my lessons, even to the extent that my students happily complete each and every homework task given.

Recent tuition

 I have over 100 hours to tutoring experience working with students from GCSE to Undergraduate Level. I have provided a sample of my recent experience below.

GCSE English Language & Literature

Aahil is a voracious learner and student of English. His interest is multifaceted and strong. We cover a wide range of topics from the traditional canon to critics and sometimes even pop art. Since our weekly sessions began, he has gone on to achieve his highest mark ever in his mocks and is confident about his upcoming GCSEs in June, in which he’s now predicted an A*. Aahil also asked me to read some of his own writing and we’ve been working on it together ever since. He’s even started to enter competitions with his work, which I whole-heartedly encourage!

GCSE English Language and Literature + General Exam Technique and Essay Writing (SEN, ADHD and Dyslexia)

Adam struggled with writing and reading, most particularly managing to communicate the thoughts in his head into a cohesive argument on paper. Adam has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia and first we worked to get his confidence up with his subjects by reading more widely and finding out what he liked and what he was good at. We started writing essays together on unseen texts to develop both his writing skills and his confidence and we also practiced his creative writing together.


Alongside this, we worked more generally across his other GCSE subjects to make sure that he was implementing the exam techniques and essay writing skills across the board for all his subjects. His confidence with his ability and his skills as improved and, understandably, so have his grades!

16+ Entrance Exam Tuition and IB English

When I started tutoring Rhianna, she attended an IB school but wished to progress her studies and attend the Anglo European for her A Levels. We had a two-week intensive course of 6 lessons concentrating on interview technique and talking through her thoughts and answers. Initially she was very nervous but gradually managed her nerves until she was able to speak eloquently and knowledgeably, and she passed her entrance exams easily. Although hired only for the entrance exam tuition, Rhianna’s parents saw such a change in her attitude and ability in English (both in and out of school) that we continued to work together for the rest of the year. We worked together through her IB English syllabus with both texts in translation and English texts.

IB English

Sam was a diligent student with a great enthusiasm for IB but wasn’t achieving his desired grades for a lack of cohesive structure in his thoughts and subsequently his answers. We worked together weekly to organise his responses and we went through techniques, methods and an understanding of the grade boundaries in order to achieve the higher grades.

A2 English Literature Exam & Coursework Help (AQA)

Viv’s appreciation for literature is excellent yet excitable. As such, she sometimes struggles to write down exactly what she means and was not receiving the marks her ideas deserved. We have worked hard together weekly (including a couple of two-hour weekend sessions at my own house) to get her structuring and communicating her ideas clearly and in accordance with the exam board’s assessment objectives. She can now smash out an essay plan in no time and her Mum even told me that Viv has surprised herself with her progress.

A2 English Literature & Oxbridge Entrance Exam Tuition

Zara wants to study Law at Cambridge and we’ve met frequently to help her find the right interview techniques and frame of mind to help with the nerves. We talk through difficult topics, surprise questions and take it in turns at playing the devil’s advocate with each other to keep us on our toes. Alongside this, we meet weekly for 1.5 hour sessions for her current studies of English Literature. She often finds that she’s not given enough support at school and so we firstly go through her school work, finding all the problem areas and increasing her understanding of the subject here. Secondly, we work through projects I have specially compiled to increase Zara’s awareness and understanding of English outside of her school studies.

A2 English Literature & Essay Structuring/ Revision Technique

I teach Kareena once or twice in hourly sessions every week. She is smart and quick and is waiting to hear back from Oxford about reading History with them in October. I have no doubt she’ll succeed with her application. We are currently studying each of Keats’ Odes in depth, we have made up revision sheets together and go through each of the poems discussing themes, techniques and various approaches of analysis of criticism. She is in her last year at Chiselhurst and Sidcup Grammar School and is currently predicted an A* in English.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a freelance arts and food journalist, as such I frequent the food and theatre scene with much joy. I’m creative and write plays and knit, sew and bake amongst many other things. I’m also outdoorsy and love walking, camping and nature generally.

Client Testimonials

“Amy has helped my son in so many different ways. She is a very experienced English tutor, who not only teaches very well, but is also fun and very effective. She is organised and always brings resources to her lessons. I absolutely recommend her for all ages/levels.”

Rania M

“Amy’s tutoring has brought a positive change in the way my child is analysing her work. Amy is focused, interested and knowledgeable. She brings fun to the table too! Highly recommended.”

Tulip T

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