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"Amy is kind, caring, compassionate and patient. She is creative in nature and has helped my daughter with many creative projects. She regularly accompanies my daughter, and often her friends, to the cinema, theatre or other fun activities. I feel very relaxed leaving my children in her care."

Alla, Mentoring

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  • English

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Academic History

2009, Central School of Speech and Drama, London:  PGCE in Secondary Drama.

2003-2007, University of Glamorgan, Wales: MRes Discovering Drama in Education: The Experience of the Non-Drama Specialist of Drama in Education 2003-2007

2000-2003, University of Glamorgan, Wales: BA (HONS) Media Practice. Modules Studied Included:  Scriptwriting, TV Production, Radio Production, Film Studies, Photography and Desktop Publishing.

About Me

I have worked in education and childcare since 2004 and am a fully qualified teacher. Since 2009 I have worked as a tutor with students aged 3-70. My main subject specialism is English, I also offer support for Maths and 11+ Entrance Exams and have a student who was offered a place at all five of her chosen schools, including one scholarship offer. She chose to study at St Paul’s.

I am a reliable, focussed, responsible and fun individual committed to the social, emotional and educational well-being of all children and young people. I am able to put my students at ease and build positive relationships quickly with my calm and patient nature, which allows us to have fun. I have experience in variety of roles within primary and secondary education in both state and independent schools.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

SEN Experience

My SEN experience was whilst working as a teaching assistant at secondary school in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. My initial role was as one-to-one support for a Year 8 student on the autistic spectrum; accompanying to lessons so he felt comfortable in that environment, supporting with lessons, planning and delivering one-to-one work and liaising with outside agencies. In addition to this I would plan and deliver one-to-one and small group lessons in French and cooking for students in the SEN department. Here I also taught English as an Additional Language to a year 8 student.

I have taught younger students with additional needs whilst tutoring. Through this work I have found strategies which work for each particular student. These students have been aged 2-9 and most have EAL requirements. Sofia, 2, and Kirill, 3, both required English language teaching, which was undertaken through play and reading.

Reception English language.

Agaphea, a Russian child born late in the academic year, had limited English when I began working with her. After a few short months she has improved in general English immensely and we are focussing on phase 2 phonics currently.

Year 2 Phonics, Classroom and Homework support

Maya previously attended a bilingual school and upon entering the Falcon School for Girls in January, it was apparent she had not received the required level of phonics teaching. In order for her to continue with her classmates, I was employed as a governess to support her during English and maths lessons at school, assist with homework in the evenings and teach lessons at the weekend and during school holidays. Maya has improved immensely with her phonics, confidence, and reading already and we look forward to making further progress before the end of the year. In addition to the school work, we also have ‘discovery’ sessions where I teach something she is interested in, mostly historical facts.

Year 3, English and Maths support

Rocco is bilingual and, though fluent in English, has found it difficult to express himself verbally due to a lack of more expressive vocabulary. We have worked on this within his English work, which translates into his verbal communication and he is much happier and more confident. Now we have built up his confidence in English, we are beginning to look at areas of weakness within his maths, with a view to eventually taking the 11+.

Year 3, homework assistance and 11+

Dalal has started early preparation for the 11+. We work together to develop her literacy skills and challenge her mathematical knowledge with the homework’s she received plus extra work we undertake. With maths she is working at a higher level for her age.

Year 5, English and development

The child was late to develop so is slightly behind within their year but works hard to meet any challenges presented to him. Focus and attention is an area we are working on, as well as sustained periods of writing.

Year 6, English and Maths SATs support plus home-schooling Year 7

Jack and I worked very hard on vocabulary and organising his thoughts in creative writing. I am extremely proud of the hard work he put in as he gained several sub-levels since the beginning of the school year and was extremely successful in his SATs exams. In September 2018 Jack was home-schooled due to family changes and I created an entertaining and interesting curriculum for him.

Year 7, English and Homework support (Russia and London)

I worked with Ksenia after school in Russia to improve her English language. In September 2017 she joined her cousin’s family in London and attended ISL London. We continued the English work here and also spent time together informally to acquire natural conversation. Ultimately, Ksenia’s parents felt they would prefer her with them in Russia and she left at the end of the school year.

11+ Maths and English

I have just started working with this student and so I have assessed them to see what we need to concentrate on for his exams. We will be working through the 11+ syllabus in preparation for his exams at Emanuel and ArtsEd.

11+ and Year 7 and 8 Creative Writing and General Support

I first worked with Nastya in Barnaul, Russia. She attended Russian school but had lessons with me to work towards the 11+. Once she had moved to London she took a place at GEMS Hampshire for Year 6. Nastya successfully gained places at all 5 of the schools applied and accepted a place at St Paul’s Girls. We now work together on her creative writing and general studies/knowledge and she recently completed work on women who changed the world – I believe it is important to learn about female role models, especially when attending an all-girls school.

Year 10, English (Russia and London)

I also worked with Ksenia’s older brother in Russia. His English was more advanced and so we worked mostly on reading, writing and grammar.

GCSE Experience

My GCSE experience has been through drama teaching, both in my teacher training and as a supply teacher at Sydenham School and teacher at Doha College. I also teach one of my Year 8 students at a GCSE level as she has a passion for the subject.

Adult EFL, Russia and London

Whilst working with Ksenia’s family I also taught English to her grandmother. She was a very keen learner and we worked on all elements of language, particularly pronunciation.

I worked with Kirill’s parents to develop their English skills for business.

Hobbies and Interests 

I am a very creative person and enjoy undertaking personal creative projects such as making fascinators and fancy dress costumes. I have a keen interest in music and films; particularly the films of Tim Burton for their very distinctive style. Attending the theatre is essential as a drama teacher and I enjoy watching productions both on and off the West End.

As a very active individual, I regularly attend the gym and Boxing classes specifically, in order to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I regularly babysit for families in my local area and enjoy craft projects and reading with the children. Further to this, I enjoy reading, playing board games, quizzes and socialising.

Client Testimonials

“Amy is kind, caring, compassionate and patient. She is creative in nature and has helped my daughter with many creative projects. She regularly accompanies my daughter, and often her friends, to the cinema, theatre or other fun activities. I feel very relaxed leaving my children in her care.”

Alla R

“In summary, she was excellent! Responsible, punctual and professional?. She did everything we asked and more.”

Mrs A

  • Qualified Teacher

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