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"With Alice's help my son became interested in French and his grades quickly improved (from a C to an A*). She engaged with him through fun and interesting lessons which resulted in him joining the advanced French class!"

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Academic History

Cambridge University – MPhil in Latin American studies – Scholar of the CLAS Abbey-Santander grant

King’s College London – BA Hispanics Studies (First Class Honours) – Student of the Year Award

Université de Paris 1 Panthéon La Sorbonne – DEUG Arts du spectacle option cinéma

Lycée International de Saint Germain en-Laye – Science Baccalauréat with international option (Spanish, Advanced Maths & Fine Arts)

University of East London – MSc Psychology (First Class Honours) : Thesis 90% (A systematic Review of the neural correlates of psychotherapy in depression)

Module results: Cognitive Psychology 1st, Psychobiology 1st, Statistical Analysis 1st, Individual Differences 1st, Social Psychology 1st, Chips (Ethics) 1st

About Me

I am a dynamic trilingual English/Spanish/French professional tutor with over 5000 hours of teaching experience, a Masters degree from Cambridge and a passion for arts, science and travel. I specialise in providing tuition for students in  7+, Maths, English, Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning ,13+, French (GCSE, IB and A-Level), Spanish (GCSE and IGCSE, IB and A-Level), Psychology (IB and A-Level), and English Literature (GCSE, IB and A-Level). I also provide Maths and English support for students at prep school who have ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia.

I find teaching extremely rewarding and particularly enjoy designing learning strategies to help students reach their full potential. By identifying the student’s difficulties and explaining targeted exam techniques, I can really make a difference and increase the pupil’s chances. I believe the knowledge, understanding and skills I have acquired over the years make me an effective teacher and I always strive to create a safe environment in which students can grow and learn the value of hard work, dedication and integrity. All that being said, I also think lessons should be fun and exams should be approached like a game one is trying beat in order to relieve some of the pressure.

I am well presented and mannered, with both an enthusiastic and calm demeanour during lessons. I am fully invested into my students and their future, and as such I make it known to them that I am always available to provide academic or professional advice and mentoring. Understanding and managing rules, gaining a good work method and ethic, and the ability to formulate and structure one’s arguments and analyse one’s thoughts, are key life skills that a teacher should impart. I hope to inspire my students and provide them with a healthy attitude to learning, dealing with challenges, and the skills to one day inspire and lead others.

In my spare time, I study Psychology in order to expand my knowledge of the human mind and gain qualifications to one day help others professionally in all aspects of life as a Clinical Psychologist. I have travelled extensively, resided in many countries and, being of Colombian/French/Belgian heritage, have experienced the benefits of a multicultural learning environment, as well as the challenges of adapting to different cultures and managing communication gaps. This has provided me with both the persistence and open-mindedness required to be a great teacher.

Recent Tuition

Please find a snapshot of my recent tuition below.

SEN Dyslexia

This very brave young girl had really severe dyslexia, which required her to work incredibly hard at a very young age and made her experience of school often challenging. Under the supervision of the Dyslexia Teaching Centre, I spent the summer with her teaching her literacy and she went up two reading levels. We did this through multisensory work with sight words, high frequency words and phonics but also by turning writing and reading into a requirement and tool to play her favourite games. She still makes mistakes but she is no longer afraid to and she knows she has the tools to decipher any word.

Common Entrance 11+

This dedicated student was struggling to obtain results despite her best efforts. She really wanted to get into St Paul’s but she was crumbling under the workload, mostly because she lacked in structure and method. Isabel needed to integrate new strategies in her study plan and exam technique, and for that she needed to fully understand the expectations of the examiners.

Year 3 – Dyspraxia and ADHD

This wonderfully imaginative 7 year old found Maths challenging. I used a creative approach to work with her. She had grown quite anxious about Maths but was fond of storytelling, therefore I designed learning strategies where she would have to solve mathematical problems in order to progress to the next stage and games in which the advancement of her pawn depended on additions or multiplications. She has struggled but moved past every new obstacle this year whilst also developing her storytelling skills and spelling.

Common Entrance 13+

This student had one month to improve his performance one grade in order to meet the requirements of Wellington College. We devised strategies to minimise risk in answering questions and targeted our revision to the key factors of assessment. He is now enjoying school.

Year 8 French

This student is witty and energetic and had some trouble dedicating herself to academic tasks and engaging with language. Together we worked to build her confidence so that she would feel free to try and fail when creating sentences and once she was comfortable making mistakes she learned really quickly. Following this she became more interested in accuracy and hence grammar, and soon started speaking in class regularly and worrying she would be moving to a higher set and have to do more work!

GCSE French

This student is bright but lacked structure and motivation in his school work and as a result had fallen behind in French and was predicted a C. After five months of working together he got an A* in both his reading comprehension and listening exams.

Homeschooling and Dyslexia

This particular GCSE student was really struggling and it was incredibly rewarding to be given the opportunity to design learning strategies tailored to her needs and skills. She had missed many months of school and wanted to get back on track in order to rejoin her classmates in school. She needed to revise the previous year’s entire curriculum whilst acquiring new knowledge of this academic year, however she lacked a structural understanding of language and found it hard to learn visually. One to one lessons were perfect for this student who had a musical ear and an auditory memory, each lesson aimed to incorporate one grammatical point as well as a set of vocabulary, which progressed from basic to intermediate over that day. She was able to rejoin her school before the end of the academic year.

A-Level Psychology

This student was failing her AS due in part to the lack of support from her teachers who were now pressuring to improve her score or drop the module. Together we worked tirelessly for two months to break down the curriculum into small digestible snippets of information, devise revision strategy to quickly memorise the vast quantity of information and detail required by this topic, adopt the language and writing style for the exam. We were in touch almost every day to answer questions and provide tips and pep talks! She found confidence in herself once more, and thus found the strength for this colossal undertaking which resulted in more than a passing grade.

AS-Level Spanish

This student was used to being an A* student but like many others she found the sudden increase in standards of linguistic accuracy to be a challenge at AS-Level and intended to drop Spanish at A-Level. Academically talented students can often do well at GCSE without having to engage with the most complex and essential aspects of grammar or developing a good technique for language acquisition. Once she understood the strategy and method, she caught up very quickly. She did so well in her exams that she changed her mind and chose to continue Spanish at A-Level after all.

IB Literature, History, Spanish and French

Covering all four subjects in both Higher and Standard Level. Although the French and Spanish aspects of the IB are relatively similar to their A level equivalents the Literature and History elements of the IB remind me very much of the French equivalent that I studied growing up.

Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer at Victim support every week, providing a sympathetic ear to those who have been through difficult experiences. I have a keen interest for film, literature, contemporary art, theatre, creative writing, singing, and cycling.

I speak French, Spanish and English and have travelled and hiked extensively through Latin America, Europe and some parts of Africa.

Client Testimonials

“With Alice’s help my son became interested in French and his grades quickly improved (from a C to an A*). She engaged with him through fun and interesting lessons which resulted in him joining the advanced French class!”

Parent of GCSE French student

“We really liked Alice’s style and approach, it has helped him especially to concentrate on exam techniques. We hope she will be available in the future.”

Parent of GCSE Spanish student

“I got an A* in reading!! I am very grateful for the amount in which you have helped me and I am happy to say I got into my dream school which is all I wanted.”

GCSE student

“I would highly recommend Alice, she is a dedicated and enthusiastic language tutor. Her tuition has been extremely helpful and encouraging to both of my daughters with their AS and A2 French”

Parent of A-Level French student

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