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"Alexandria is more than a tutor; she is a mentor and a friend who has had a profound impact on my life. If you're looking for a tutor who goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, I wholeheartedly recommend her."

ESL, English, geography, and university preparation student

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Academic History

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) London, UK

MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research) Expected Graduation October 2024

University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

MSc Human Geography (Urban Track) Graduation October 2024

University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angeles, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Geography with a Minor in History June 2021 GPA 3.9

Graduated with high school honours and honours at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).

About Me

In my approach to tutoring, I prioritise creating a personalised and dynamic learning experience that caters to the unique needs and learning styles of each student. I greatly value the Socratic method for its ability to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to this, I believe in employing a well-rounded set of techniques and methodologies to ensure comprehensive understanding and academic growth. I believe it is key to first get to know the student to better evaluate what type of learning style and methods should be used.

Recent tuition

I provide exam preparation for students preparing for their 11+, 13+, IGCSES, A-Levels, and SAT exams.   I have robust experience in tutoring students in the English language, writing, and vocabulary components of the SAT as well as the IELTS and TOEFL for university language requirements.

I also work as a university mentor and academic advisor. I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, helping them navigate the complex process of university applications. I have successfully assisted students in gaining admission to prestigious institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and Oxford. My experience is not limited to UK students, as I have worked with European, Asian, and American students applying to universities in the UK, US, and EU. This process has involved aiding students with their written statements, navigating the financial aid portion of the application, and organizing test prep and relevant dates. This broad exposure has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to guide students through the intricacies of different university systems.

Year 2 Maths

I worked with a year 2 student with ADHD, for six months. His mother felt that he needed extra help with multiplication, division, and particularly fractions. Our in-person session were both structured and dynamic meaning that we had a mix of multiplication and division drills so as to build a strong maths foundation while also doing fun math games that both allowed him a more stimulating activity while also still building on his maths skills. He showed drastic improvements with his maths feedback from his teacher.

11+ Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning

I have ongoing tuition with an eager student who is preparing for her exams. Our virtual sessions have been focused mainly on maths and non-verbal reasoning as he has been struggling with both of these areas. The aim of these sessions has been to help build his confidence so that she can attain the highest marks she is capable of while also maintaining a clear head during the exam. Therefore, in addition to concept review, we have been doing weekly mock test exams that mimic the test environment so that she can become more familiar with that type of setting.

11+ English & Maths

I worked with a student for nine months in preparation for his 11+ exam. Our sessions entailed practising past papers, remastering grammatical concepts, and building a strong maths foundation. A significant part of our time was spent on geometry as he found that to be the most challenging area of the exam so we practiced angles and segments worksheets. In addition to this, we heavily reviewed sentence structure, spelling, and how to break down a large passage of text. She passed the test was accepted by the school.

English as a Second Language, Year 4

I have been tutoring a year 4 student at King’s College Junior School, for two months in reading, maths, and spelling. She is an ESL student who has been struggling to adjust to the new school system and language. Working with her has been so rewarding as she has seen a steady improvement in her work. She has steadily improved on her quizzes and has already received positive feedback from her teacher.

13+ Preparation, Maths & English

I tutored a student for five months in preparation for his 13+ exam. When I first began working with him, he was greatly struggling with both English and Maths, and he was feeling very discouraged. Because of this, I ensured we maintained highly structured sessions in which we met twice a week to focus on foundational English and Maths concepts whilst also taking up a mentorship role. He significantly improved in both areas and particularly with statistics based word-problems. He is now at Harrow School.

GCSE (AQA) Geography

I have tutored a student at St. Edward’s for six months in preparation for his GCSE (AQA) geography exam. She came to me with many concerns regarding the physical geography and population topics. I dedicated most of our time to learning the various models that would be on the exam, but we also spent a great deal of time developing stronger exam and study techniques. Additionally, we reviewed and identified strong case studies so as to prepare for the written portion of the exam. She achieved a 9.

SAT Preparation

I have tutored a student for seven months in preparation for her SAT exam. When she first came to me, she had just taken the SAT and received a 1200. After our time together, she scored a 1500. Our sessions were highly structured; we went through every grammatical and writing concept so as to ensure she had a firm grasp on the key concepts. Additionally, I compiled a weekly vocabulary table for her. She is a Romanian student who was attending Colegio Nacional Gheorghe Șincai and was accepted into Yale, Amherst, and Duke.

SAT and University Application Preparation

I have tutored a student for nine months in preparation for his SAT exam as well as general university application prep. He came to me with a perfect math score but a very low score (500) in the Reading and Writing portion. We developed a study plan tailored to the areas he was struggling in and worked on creating stronger reading habits and grammar skills. For his university application prep, I helped him narrow down his lists of universities, compiled scholarships that he was eligible for, and helped him with his written statements. After our time together, I am pleased to report he received a perfect score of 1600. He was a student at Tonbridge School who was accepted to Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Princeton.

English Literature and English Composition, Undergraduate student

I tutored a student for one year in English Literature and English Composition while he was attending University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA). He came to me because he was greatly struggling with the reading portion of his courses and he was receiving on average a low B grade. We spent a significant portion of our time together developing strong and efficient reading comprehension strategies. Additionally, we worked on his essay structure.


I find great joy in horseback riding and hiking, especially with my dog Zoey. In addition to this, creativity is a big part of my life, as I enjoy painting and drawing as a means of self-expression. I’m also an avid reader and have been trying to make my way through the classics. On the academic front, I have a particular fascination with cultural geography, with a strong emphasis on the dynamics of urban cities. The intricate interplay between culture and urban environments continues to fascinate me.


“I had the privilege of being tutored by Alexandria for four years, and it was a transformative experience. I began with ESL classes and significantly struggled. Transitioning from the Indian school system to an American one was such a challenge but with Alexandria’s guidance, I not only conquered the language but exceeded my own expectations. She tutored me through my entire university experience, including classes like geography, history, and literature, and as a maths person, these subjects were not my strong areas. But, she helped me gain confidence in my own abilities and helped me ace all of these classes. She also played a crucial role in helping me navigate graduate school applications, especially the writing apps because I am not a naturally gifted writer, leading to my acceptance into the master’s program in electrical engineering at the University of California-Berkeley. Alexandria is more than a tutor; she is a mentor and a friend who has had a profound impact on my life. If you’re looking for a tutor who goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

ESL, English, geography, and university preparation student, University of California-Berkeley

“When I began my SAT prep with Alex, I scored around a 1350 on the English and writing section. In just six months, she helped me achieve a perfect 1600 on that section. She had so many resources and practice tests for me to take and helped me stay organised during that super stressful time. She not only demystified the SAT but also provided invaluable support throughout my university application process. She held mock interviews with me, helped me narrow down my top schools, and brainstormed writing topics with me. I highly recommend Alex to any high school student who is taking the SAT.”

English and Writing SAT and university preparation student, Harvard

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