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Alexander S

"No teacher had ever encouraged me to approach maths problems in such an intriguing and creative manner until Alexander came to help. I had struggled for years but within a matter of weeks I grew in confidence and moved up 2 sets! Our personalities clicked immediately, and I really enjoyed our lessons."

13+ Maths Student

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Academic History

2:1 University of Cambridge MA, Music

Royal Academy of Music, Diploma in Opera

Pre-Us (Winchester College): French D2, Latin D2, Music D1

AS Levels (Winchester College): Ancient Greek A*

GCSEs (Winchester College): French A*, Italian A*, Latin A*, Ancient Greek A*, English A*, Maths A, Music A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*

About Me

I am not a tutor who sees a student for an hour a week and that’s that. My role goes far beyond this and always involves some sort of mentoring aspect. Students are rarely keenly aware enough of their relative strengths and weaknesses or how they process and learn information best. It goes without question that I will tutor the subject in which they need help so that they can excel in all areas of that subject. The work that I do with my students, however, is by no means limited to that individual subject. The skills that they learn and the habits that they create help my students in all areas of their academic progress as well as general life skills and becoming more independent. I ensure that there is open and honest communication between all parties involved so that parents, students and schools are all aware of progress being made and which areas still might require extra attention. We will all work together as a team to make sure that the student is able to achieve their full potential and get the grades that they deserve.

Recent tuition

Schools I have prepared students for include St Paul’s Girls, Winchester, UCS Hampstead along with many more.

7+ Mentoring, Maths and English

I tutored Ted for 5 months in the lead up to his exams. When I first started working with Ted it was clear to me that he was naturally very clever. What was also obvious was that he was bored by the work that he was being made to do and he saw no reason as to why he should need to work hard to understand any new and difficult material or attain good grades. I ensured that I covered the English and Maths topics that he should have known inside out rigorously so that there were no hidden gaps that would cause problems in the future. While doing this I constantly threw up ‘real-world’ scenarios in which he might need to apply this new knowledge, and challenged him with difficult puzzles and riddles which really required him to focus and apply everything that he knew. I made sure that every lesson gave a meaning to what he was learning and stretched him so that he was never bored. After ensuring that his Maths and English were up to scratch, we started looking at past papers and exam technique. He sailed through the exams. I also worked closely with the parents and nanny to give Ted more responsibility at home. There is no way that he could be expected to take responsibility for his school work if he didn’t even need to put his own shoes on some mornings!

11+ Mentoring, Maths, English and Reasoning

I was approached to support Ella through her 11+ exams because she wasn’t achieving the marks required by her current school and they were going to pull her out of the exams. When I met her she was unconfident and lacking in focus. We worked thoroughly through the curriculum, building confidence at every stage and practising strategies for when anxiety and nerves took over and things became overwhelming. We broke down the verbal and non-verbal reasoning into manageable chunks and gave her fun puzzle exercises to do daily as warm-ups (including teaching her to solve a rubik’s cube, which she loved). As she saw her marks increasing, her momentum and confidence increased dramatically and soon she was making exponential progress.

13+ English, Maths, French and Latin

Omar was a student at the Hall School (my former prep school also) and was not placed in the top class in year 8. He hadn’t performed well in the end of year exams in the previous year, particularly in Maths, and this was having an impact on the schools that the teachers were allowing him to apply for. Omar needed a totally different approach to his subjects. He was naturally very bright but, now that the subjects were becoming harder, he couldn’t solely rely on his natural ability but really needed to understand what was being taught. Omar really didn’t think in a logical manner at all so he couldn’t keep up with the fast pace at which the Hall raced through topics, particularly in Maths. For Maths, English, French and Latin I made sure that I identified areas which required attention and then approached them in round about ways. I made a lot of use of games that increased his logical thinking ability as well as more physical methods for remembering declensions and vocab (such as associating movements with certain difficult phrases etc). Once we had made enough progress with each of his subjects I began introducing him to the specific Winchester past papers (which are much harder than standard Common Entrance) as well as giving him interview practice and advice on the different boarding houses. He got extremely good marks in his entrance papers and started his first year at Winchester.

16+ English

I worked with Zach for 6 months to prepare him for moving school. He was a brilliant student, but the school didn’t know how to help him in the correct way as he had high-functioning autism. He needed a much more tailored approach that allowed him to work through the material at his own pace and in ways that helped him thrive. He was a particularly gifted pianist so we discovered that he retained information best when he listened to a recording of his notes being read out loud. For spellings and set texts we set the information to silly songs that he had no problem remembering and were a lot of fun to create! Part of the school-moving process involved an interview which was causing Zach a lot of stress. I ensured that in every lesson I asked one or two interview-type questions to get him casually used to speaking about his hobbies and interests. We practised pleasantries and slowly built his confidence. He’s very happy at the new school who are taking much better care of him!

GCSE (AQA and Edexcel) Mentoring, English, French, Maths and Science

I helped Freddie during the second year of his GCSEs. In his mocks at the end of his first year of GCSEs he had received mostly 1s and 2s, so his parents were extremely worried about him. I was tasked with supporting him across all of his academic studies as a mentor and tutor. As a mentor I went through my standard process: getting the student to understand how he learns and processes information best (auditory, visual etc), working out where he works best (in his room, at the kitchen table, in a coffee shop) and what circumstances suit him best (working in 20/40/60min chunks and what he needs to do before to focus – exercise, mindfulness, yoga etc). I regularly liaised with the school in order to pinpoint exactly the areas in which he needed tutoring for each subject. I created a long-term, medium-term and short-term schedule with achievable goals so that he could visually see all the topics and subjects he had already covered as well as those which needed either learning or consolidating (or both). Freddie underwent a total transformation, he was completely on top of his GCSE subjects and would follow and complete daily and weekly schedules to the minute without any fuss.

SEN Pre-U and Cambridge University Entrance

Chloe had struggled in her first year of Pre-Us and, as a result had poor predicted grades and her school had not allowed her to apply for Cambridge University. The reasons why she had struggled were to do with anxiety and undiagnosed mild dyslexia and learning difficulties. Initially, I was brought on simply to help with her Music Pre-U. Together we worked on her composition as well as really honing a perfect essay format which she could use for whatever question might be thrown in her direction. After the very first session, I noticed that she was struggling with certain aspects of her academics more than was perhaps usual. So, over the course of our lessons, I conducted a series of informal tests while working on certain topics to ascertain whether she had any learning difficulties that could be diagnosed and with which she could receive specific help. After suggesting to the parents that Chloe sit some formal assessments and Chloe eventually receiving formal diagnoses, it was like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. Chloe got a very high mark in her Pre-U Music exam (D1) and this propelled her to want to continue her passion for his subject at university and she attained a place at one of the top colleges at Cambridge to study Music.

Hobbies and Interests

Classical music, theatre, art, yoga, mindfulness


13+ Maths student

“No teacher had ever encouraged me to approach maths problems in such an intriguing and creative manner until Alexander came to help. I had struggled for years but within a matter of weeks I grew in confidence and moved up 2 sets! Our personalities clicked immediately, and I really enjoyed our lessons.”

GCSE English student

“Alexander got me to learn spellings while brushing my teeth and standing on one leg and we studied the required literature in a whole host of unusual and fun ways. I always thought that being dyslexic meant that I could never be good at English. Alexander proved that’s not the case at all!”

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