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Alexander D

"Alex is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor in a variety of subjects. He has been an excellent support for my daughter. I have seen her confidence blossom. He has the amazing ability to explain very complex subjects very clearly. I am so pleased to have found Alex. I would highly recommend him as a tutor."

Anjum, A Level Chemistry, Biology and Maths

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  • Chemistry

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  • English Literature

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2019 – Imperial College London, Medicine, Bachelors of Medicine Bachelors of Surgery (expected pass)

2017 – Imperial College London, Neuroscience and Mental Health BSc, Second Class Honors (Upper division)

2013- The Weald School, A-Levels – 3As (Maths, Chemistry, Biology)

2012 – The Weald School, As Levels – 4 As (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature)

2011 – The Weald School – GCSEs – 9A*s (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English Literature, English Language, Geography, History, P.E.)

About Me

I am a 5th year Medical student at Imperial College London, having recently finished my 4th year reading Neuroscience and Mental Health, I attained a 2:1 Bachelor of Science. I’m now moving into my final two years of study before graduating as a Doctor. I have years of experience working with students at a variety of ability levels. Ranging from those looking to boost their confidence in a subject to those seeking top grades; I encourage a methodical, a genuine curiosity and enjoyment for the subject in all my students.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a sample of my recent tuition experience.

11+ preparation:

– I worked with a student in the run up to their exams for City of London, making sure that they were working at the levels required in their English, Maths and Abstract Reasoning. I am delighted to report that they passed their exams and gained a place.

– I have also worked with 2 separate students in preparation for their 11+ exams for King’s College Wimbledon. Both were successful in passing and are now happily settled at the school.

– I have helped a student in their application to Dulwich College through preparation for their 11+ exams, focusing on Maths and English.

13+ preparation:

– Support for a student with their Maths and English ability as they work towards exams for City of London school.

GCSE English Literature and Language:

– I have tutored several students working towards their English Literature and Language GCSE exams, primarily within the AQA exam board. There is a direct correlation between enjoyment and academic performance in a subject, this trend is rarely taken into consideration when teaching English in schools. Focusing on students forming their own opinions on certain texts and then challenging them to argue their point has allowed a much more genuine interest in those I have worked with.  All of my students have gone on to achieve their desired grade or above.

GCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology (OCR, AQA):

– Over the years I have supported many Year 10 and Year 11 students with their GCSE and iGCSE Sciences, helping them to combat the more challenging topics and fine tune their exam techniques. Some of my favourite moments in tutoring are when being able to show how initially complex and difficult to understand concepts can be broken down into different part and be made digestible. As Einstein said, no one really understands something until they can explain it in simple terms. Happily all of my students have gone on to ether secure or exceed their preferred grades.

– Many of my students choose to take these subjects on further to A-Level and later peruse a science related degree.GCSE Maths (Edexcel, AQA):

– I have enjoyed working over 15 tutees on Maths GCSE  and iGCSE over the years, helping them to develop a confidence and motivation for a subject that can at times be challenging. All have either reached or exceeded their target grade. Again, like with so many other subjects, the enjoyment factor is rarely incorporated into Maths. Once students start working on questions that are both achievable, interesting and challenging, this is when progress is at its best.

– One student in particular who was predicted all A’s at GCSE, who I tutored in Maths, as well as the sciences and English got 5 A*s in the subjects I was tutoring her in. She now intends to go on to apply for Veterinary Medicine at University.

– Although some may think it a bit early to be considering which course to study at University at this stage, often the path students take is influenced by what subjects they choose in their A-Levels, which are often chosen from subjects that they enjoyed at GCSE. With a high demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) jobs and degrees in the future, it is essential to get an interest in these subjects early on.

A-Level Biology:

– As a Biology specialist I have a passion for passing along my knowledge, and instilling in my students an interest and motivation for the subject. I am happy to say that all of my Biology students have been successful in their A-Level exams. I have a working knowledge of the syllabus at this level, and how best to help pupils prepare for the at times specific and demanding levels of exam technique required.

– One student, now studying Biomedical Sciences at St George’s, attained an A* in Biology after a prediction of an A. The key to her success was her hard work, especially when performing past papers. Each week we would set a past paper to perform for next week, which she would then attempt and mark herself. The following week she would bring along the paper and specifically ask about questions she found difficult to answer. This is where the tutoring process is most efficient since it allowed identification of the topics on the course that she found the most easy and highlighted the ones that needed more work.

– Another student, now studying Psychology at Bristol, was predicted a B and attained an A. The success here was being able to structure each session around which topics she found the most difficult rather than simply going through the syllabus bit by bit.

A-Level Chemistry:

– Chemistry A-Level is considered by many to be one of the most difficult subjects to undertake. This can be due to the vast amount of knowledge the syllabus has or the many different ways that the content may be applied in the exam. Similar revision techniques can be used here as with other subjects.

– As students mature, more is expected of them, as such, in A-Levels they are expected to demonstrate a more profound understanding of the course material. One previous student found the organic reactions particularly difficult. So we focused on remembering key terms and drawing out flow charts from scratch. Another, predicted an A went on to receive an A* and study Design Engineering at Imperial College London. The key to her success was not only doing all the past papers once but twice! There is a very specific method to answering exam questions, whether it is working out the concentration of an Acid in titration or describing the effect of increasing temperature on the rate of reaction. All of this needs to become second nature to the student in order to succeed.

– With several students over the years, all of them have attained or exceeded their target grade.

A-Level Maths:

– I have supported several students in this subject, mostly working on AQA and Edexcel exam boards. There are more resources than ever available to students to excel in their courses, one of my personal favourites include ExamSolutions, which goes beyond the standard difficulty that would be expected in the actual exams while providing helpful breakdown videos of the worked solutions of most Maths past papers on various exam boards. Another being MyMaths, which gives step by step presentations on all the key elements of the syllabus alongside questions as you go to check the students understanding. The best method by far however will be the old fashioned past papers, nevertheless a good variety of teaching materials helps to keep the students engaged.

– Topics students have found particular difficulty in the past include logarithmic equations, trigonometric identities and differential equations particularly difficult, after enough help and support they were able to easily do even the most difficult questions in these topics.

A-Level English:

– I have worked with students taking A-Level English literature, this included going through their coursework as well as exam preparation.

UKCAT/BMAT and Medical interview preparation:

– Preparation is crucial for a student to achieve and offer from their university of choice. I have helped students gain places at Oxford, Imperial College London, Bristol, St Andrews, St George’s and Newcastle in a range of courses. One student, now studying Medicine at St Andrews, needed help in understanding the realities of what a medical degree and life as a doctor entails. A common mistake for prospective students to make in the application process is to leave out the difficulties of a career in medicine. Through focusing on these her application showed that she knew what was in store for her while also getting across her enthusiasm for the degree.

– I also recently worked with a student in preparation for their UKCAT assessments and interviews as they applied to university. The student was successful in securing a place at Newcastle University.

-Another student, now studying Law at Oxford, needed help with her A-Level Maths as well as her application. It can be difficult for those in the process of applying to find the balance between school work and preparation for university application. By discussing the necessary steps to take leading up to the interview this allowed her to keep on top of her school work while also performing in her interview. Alongside time management we worked through various interview techniques that helped her application.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I am an avid Rugby player, previously at club and county level and now for my University’s first team. I also play the Guitar and Piano and perform with Imperial College Choir. My other university activities over the years have included Rowing, Water-polo and Judo. I also spent 2 years with the University of London Officer’s training corps as an Officer Cadet, which has inspired my application to be a reservist Medical Officer in the army upon graduation.

Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Jamie to achieve an A in his maths. He’s been through a tough few years and has always struggled academically (especially when applying himself to work) but you made him believe in himself and enjoy learning without being steamrollered or controlled. Also I think you helped him to believe in himself which has had a knock on effect on other subjects. He also did very well in English which is amazing!” Jennie S, Mother, (GCSE Maths)

“Alex is an enthusiastic and inspiring tutor for our son who has been preparing for the 11+. My son really looks forward to the lessons and comes back reassured about areas he was unclear on and enthusiastic about the discussions he has had. Alex provides constructive feedback and follow-up emails suggesting online tutorial sites that shore up the topics covered.” Samantha C, Mother, (11+ Maths and English)

“Alex was friendly yet professional and helped my son a great deal with his biology revision. I would definitely recommend” Alex. Merrian H, Mother, (GCSE Biology)

“Alex has been fantastic from the word go. Not only has my son’s skill level increased, so has his confidence. Alex is always on time, extremely trustworthy and very quick to respond to emails and texts. According to my son, he is the best tutor – ever! I have no reservations in recommending Alex as a maths tutor. Thanks for all the help.” Rossella D, Mother, (Common Entrance Maths)

“Oliver enjoys his time with Alex & is already finding maths a lot easier.” Emma P, Mother, (GCSE Maths)

“Excellent at helping my son understand the area’s where he struggles, my son said he helps him understand math better than any school teacher has done.” Lyndsay J, Mother, (GCSE Maths)

“Alex is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor in a variety of subjects. He has been an excellent support for my daughter. I have seen her confidence blossom. He has the amazing ability to explain very complex subjects very clearly. I am so pleased to have found Alex. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.” Anjum S, Mother, (A Level, Chemistry, Biology & Maths)

“My 15 year old son is finding Alex very helpful, knowledgeable and quick thinking. He is very keen to help explain anything, with good, clear explanations. Alex is a very genuine, nice guy.” James C, Father,  (GCSE English)

“Alex is very personable and in the few lessons my daughter has had so far my daughter feels he has helped a lot – will definitely keep him as a tutor until her summer exams.”  Charlotte  P, Mother, (A-Level Chemistry)

“Alex’s tutoring in Maths and Science has helped me to work through problems with a different, memorable approach. This fresh perceptive helps me to work more effectively. Thanks Alex!” Eva H, Student, (A-Level Biology)

“Alexander is an excellent tutor – he is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, approachable, challenging, organised and very well prepared. So many thanks Alexander for everything you have done for us. We would highly recommend Alexander – he is a first rate tutor.” Linda Y, Mother (GCSE Maths)

“Alex has been tutoring my son (in year 10 at school) for 5 months so far – in physics and chemistry. He has an enthusiastic and imaginative approach to the lessons he gives, which makes it much easier for my son to understand some of the concepts. Teachers at my son’s school have advised me that they have seen an improvement in his chemistry and physics – which is good news. I would be very happy to recommend him as a tutor.”  Helen B, Mother  (GCSE Chemistry)

“Alex has made Chemistry learning fun for my son, which is incredible. Alex draws diagrams and clear examples to bring the subject to life. He is an excellent tutor.” Shia M, Mother (GCSE Chemistry)



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